Anybody see my chocolate chips?

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When we adopted our cats, I didn’t realize that they came with sticky fingers! In 2 1/2 years, we have managed to keep track of all of Ricky’s socks, but in the last 2 1/2 months, several have gone missing. The other night, one was flung onto my face while I was sleeping (a not-so-pleasant feeling). These cats just can’t resist his socks or my hair elastics or Mr. Potato Head parts or q-tips or Christmas tree ornaments, etc.! Last night, after Ricky was in bed, the cats all got an energy burst and were flying all around the house. After about an hour of their cat playing, Kevin noticed that Hunter was on our bar and munching on something. The only thing I could think of that I left out were some red and green chocolate chips I had been dividing. Yup, after Kevin chased him off the counter, I smelled his breath . . . . chocolate. If that wasn’t proof enough, there were red chips mixed in with the green ones!


This is Linus trying to share the cat bed with Hunter. Hunter is very patient with the little one.

Random Ricky

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The days of Ricky not saying “no” are over. However, he says it so cute, I generally don’t mind it at all. Ricky says it almost in a high pitch voice and multiple times in a row. The other day, Maggie the kitten was playing with a ball and Ricky did not approve and took the ball away saying, “No, no, nigh, nigh! No, no!” (Nigh, nigh is his word for cat–it is the way he makes the meow sound). A few new words he’s added this week are amen, honey, and snow.

Ricky has learned to love blankets and pillows. At Grandmama’s the other day, Kevin went looking for him and Ricky was sacked out on the couch, watching tv while laying on a pillow and he had pulled the afghan over himself. We find him like this frequently. Last night, when Kevin put him to bed, Ricky put Max (the stuffed gray cat) on the pillow and pulled the blanket up to Max’s chin.

A fan of most things sweet (I can’t get him to eat my homemade cookies though–he prefers store bought ones), Ricky gave this really big doughnut a try last night. He wasn’t able to finish the whole thing and those eyes are glued to the tv which was playing “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

This is the Christmas tree in our family room. Ricky just loves the lights. He’s been very good about leaving the tree alone. I wish I could say the same for our cats! I guess the dangling glass balls are too much of a temptation for them. It is really cute to see them swatting at the tree, though.

At Grandmama’s house, there is a small play pen/crib thing that Ricky has played and slept in since he was just little. He has pretty much outgrown it now, but he still takes naps there on Sunday afternoons and, like tonight, he climbed in just to play with some toys. Ricky easily climbs in and out. Now that he can turn on the light switches in every room, he will wander off to the back room on his own, turn on the light, climb in the play pen, and sit there playing with toys just being good. He likes his personal time!

Tonight, his toy of choice was legos. And check out those rosey cheeks! He tends to get them often and for what seems to be no good reason.


Meeting Cousin Danny

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On Friday night, we drove down to Lehi so Kevin and Ricky could meet little Danny.  Ricky was very good with the baby, although he was not overly interested and we had to use almost drastic measures to get him to talk to Danny (see the second picture).

Kevin looked good practicing to be a new father again . . .


. . .  and then he sat on Ricky to try and get him to stay still and talk to the baby!

Two very sweet little boys!  Danny is not quite 3 weeks old yet and Ricky is almost 2 1/2.

Ricky with Santa

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We had our ward Christmas Party on Tuesday.  When you live out in the sticks, Santa comes to parties wearing green bib overalls and flannels shirts, apparently.  There was a long line of children to sit on Santa’s lap and Ricky and his dad were almost at the very end of that line.  Ricky was happy and squirmy the whole wait in line, but as soon as he was put on Santa’s lap, he focused straight ahead and didn’t move.  It was as if he was in his “happy place” and nothing was going to make him realize that he was sitting on this old man’s lap.  We were just happy that he didn’t cry or make a fuss.  As soon as Santa said that he could get down, Ricky returned to his smiley self.

Yes, Ricky does talk!

November 30, 2006 on 1:50 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Perhaps it was not as early as some other children, our little Ricky is gabby now. We have to be careful what question we ask because he may just answer it! His Uncle Tim asked him the other day “Can you say piggy?” and Ricky very truthfully answered him, “yeah.” All day long, I get “yeahs” and “yeps” and I am thankful that he says those instead of no. In daily conversation he answers the affirmative with yeah or yep, but if asked about food (“do you want some milk?”), Ricky will still say “yes” which we worked on for so long. Why he has made the distinction or what the distinction really is, we don’t know. He has learned who Mickey Mouse is and can say “mouse” in his cute way. Also, many things are frogs to him. Ricky says “robot” (his way of saying ribbit) and often it is in a very low voice. I have caught him making his ribbit sound for frogs, lizards, Kermit the Frog, and rabbits so far. I guess if it is green or hops, it is a frog. One of the cartoons he watches over and over is about being a ghost and saying boo, so he has learned to say ghost and boo, but a day or two ago when we were watching Frosty the Snowman, he kept saying ghost and I couldn’t figure out why. Apparently, a white, floating ghost and a round, white snowman look pretty much the same to him! Now he tells me he wants to watch his ghost show and he is talking about Frosty. Well, most of the time!

12/02/2006  P.S. We were noticing yesterday that the way Ricky says “mouse” also sounds a lot like ghost.  So white and floating, round and white, and black or gray with big ears all equal an “ost” to him.

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