Yes, Ricky does talk!

November 30, 2006 on 1:50 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Perhaps it was not as early as some other children, our little Ricky is gabby now. We have to be careful what question we ask because he may just answer it! His Uncle Tim asked him the other day “Can you say piggy?” and Ricky very truthfully answered him, “yeah.” All day long, I get “yeahs” and “yeps” and I am thankful that he says those instead of no. In daily conversation he answers the affirmative with yeah or yep, but if asked about food (“do you want some milk?”), Ricky will still say “yes” which we worked on for so long. Why he has made the distinction or what the distinction really is, we don’t know. He has learned who Mickey Mouse is and can say “mouse” in his cute way. Also, many things are frogs to him. Ricky says “robot” (his way of saying ribbit) and often it is in a very low voice. I have caught him making his ribbit sound for frogs, lizards, Kermit the Frog, and rabbits so far. I guess if it is green or hops, it is a frog. One of the cartoons he watches over and over is about being a ghost and saying boo, so he has learned to say ghost and boo, but a day or two ago when we were watching Frosty the Snowman, he kept saying ghost and I couldn’t figure out why. Apparently, a white, floating ghost and a round, white snowman look pretty much the same to him! Now he tells me he wants to watch his ghost show and he is talking about Frosty. Well, most of the time!

12/02/2006  P.S. We were noticing yesterday that the way Ricky says “mouse” also sounds a lot like ghost.  So white and floating, round and white, and black or gray with big ears all equal an “ost” to him.

Ricky loves playing with boys

November 25, 2006 on 10:48 am | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Ricky gets excited whenever he sees other boys.  He just wants to run and play with them, whoever they are!  Yesterday, some of his cousins from his daddy’s side came to our house and Ricky was no wallflower.  He was wrestling and playing with them as though he was used to always having big boys around.  We had to remind HIM to be gentle a few times!  From left to right are Ethan 7, Ricky 2,  Grant 3, Jackson 5 months, and Jacob 9.


Still wants to mow the lawn

November 24, 2006 on 10:28 pm | In The Boys | By Kevin | No Comments | Add a comment

Yesterday, Ricky and I were out raking leaves and he decided that he would rather mow the lawn like we did in the summer.

Ricky's Newest Cousin

November 22, 2006 on 9:16 am | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Ricky got a new cousin Monday night. His name is Daniel Clark Olds and was born at 9:56 pm on November 20, 2006. He weighed in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and was measured at 19 inches. Both Mommy and Daddy are doing well and seem very excited about their new little boy. We don’t know if he’ll be called Danny Jr. or Sessford yet, so for now “the baby” works fine. Ricky hasn’t had a chance to meet his cousin yet due to a cold, but hopefully soon.


This is Daniel Clark Olds at just 22 hours old being held by his Grandma Olds.


Dan the Man and Little Danny Jr.


The happy new parents!

Changing Ricky's Site

November 19, 2006 on 11:33 pm | In The Boys | By Kevin | No Comments | Add a comment

We are changed Ricky’s site into a new version that allows us to post new content faster. All of the old pictures have been migrated over, however, the text that accompanied the pictures has not been moved over yet. You can look at the old site here if you want. We will be allowing comments by family and friends so feel free to register. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep up to date.

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