Introducing the Toddler Bed

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So, potty training has been put on hold for a little bit, but we went ahead and made the switch to the toddler bed this weekend. It went surprisingly well. No, he does not stay in his room, so to insure his safety and our sanity, we put a baby gate in the doorway of his room. We can see and hear him, he can see out, but he stays in there. Ricky has not complained about the change at all. Of course, out of the two night-times and two naps he’s taken so far, twice he fell asleep on his blocks, once on a pile of stuffed animals, and, amazingly, once in his bed. Here is a look at him and his room from one of his naps.


And, because he isn’t going right to sleep at his bed times, Ricky has been a little more sleepy this weekend than usual. Last night he and his daddy were watching Dumbo. Well, you can see how closely they were watching . . .


Talking Ricky

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Kevin said it best the other day, “We’ve reached new ground and will never turn back, will we?” For almost 2 1/2 years, Ricky only used a handful of words, now he talks pretty much non-stop for us. He still goes mute around other people, so the WHOLE world hasn’t changed for us! Today he got to play with a bunch of kids while I did some Relief Society things and when we went to leave, I told him to say “thank you” to the hostess. If you read his lips and were really close you might have caught his “ae you.” A couple of days ago, Ricky and I stopped at Uncle Tony’s shop to say hello and as we parked Ricky said, “Cony’s house,” but as soon as we walked into the shop, nothing.

“Kitty” is still one of his favorite words (and things to play with), but finally cats “meow” rather than say “nigh nigh.” Ricky even calls his stuffed cats, Max and Penny, by their true names rather than just random sounds. We had Maggie fixed a couple of weeks ago and every chance he gets, he’ll point to her belly and say “owie.” This is also his favorite part of the book “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” Ricky likes to count the monkeys and when they fall off their bed, he is quick to point out their “owies” (thank Poppy for teaching him that–it makes the story/song much more interesting). Ricky’s counting isn’t quite right, but very cute. Everything sounds like “one, one, one, nine.” He enjoys doing the countdown for rocket ships and it sounds the same.

And, one last thought for today, I finished Ricky’s second year video (which was supposed to be done for Christmas–I’m a little late) and he loves to watch this one even more than he likes his first year video. On the video, we caught 1 1/2 year old Ricky pointing to his different body parts and as that part plays, Ricky points to those body parts right along with himself. At other parts, we have Ricky repeating certain words and we usually cannot hear video Ricky saying them because real Ricky is saying them loud and clear. We enjoy watching the video and it is sweet that Ricky enjoys it so much too!

More Random Ricky Thoughts

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Last night I went with Ricky to the pool.  Kevin was there helping the scouts with a merit badge and we decided to join him.  There is absolutely no fear in Ricky when it comes to water.  It took an hour for Kevin to finish up and during that time, Ricky jumped and dunked his head and kicked and climbed up my stomach and tried to fling himself over my shoulder and splashed and splashed and splashed.   He then played with Kevin another 30 minutes or so before we left while I recovered by the side.  It was so much fun and he enjoyed himself so much, that my exhaustion was well worth it.


We had some more snow last week and Ricky and his dad played outside at Grandmama’s house.  Ricky doesn’t mind the cold weather or the cold metal slide!

snow-2.jpg snow-3.jpg

Now that we use our wood burning stove so often, it is easier to burn old receipts and other papers than to shred them.  One night Kevin was burning some of these and Ricky got the bug to pretend it was all confetti.  He filled his arms with old receipts and threw them into the air over and over.  Ricky thought it was great fun, but Kevin got frustrated as he kept trying to make piles before Ricky was finished.




Ricky enjoys watching tv and recently I put a small TV/VCR in our kitchen.  He knows how to work that machine almost better than I do and starts videos often for himself.  Ricky also has a thing for putting his feet up.  While eating in his high chair, he’ll stretch his toes until he can grip the edge of the table just so he can put them up.  Kevin caught him reclining at the table, watching a Care Bears movie (one of his current crazes), with his feet up and ankles crossed.  What can I say, the boy likes to relax!


And, just because we find it so cute, here is Hunter.  He often sits in the dining room with his head and front paws through the railing so he can watch what we are doing down in the family room.


Snow Day

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We had our first real snowfall today and it is good packing snow.  Ricky and I went out and made his first real snowman before his nap and he just loved it!  He wasn’t very interested in the actual building of the snowman, but he loved packing snow onto the finished man.  Ours had a hat and scarf, two sticks for arms, and a carrot for the nose.  We had to run a quick errand and when we came back, Trouble and Daisy had knocked the head off, eaten the nose, and ripped the pompom off the hat.  Ricky saw it and said “Ah-oh.”  So we rebuilt and Ricky went back to packing snow onto the snowman’s chest.

All the trees looked really pretty covered with snow.


Ricky’s cheeks got rosy, but he loved being outside and stomping in the snow.


Here is our first snowman getting packed with more snow by Ricky.


It was a Happy Holidays for us.

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Christmas was very fun with Ricky this year. Santa brought him some fun things and the family was very generous with him. The first thing he saw and clung to was a Little People Airplane from Santa. Each time he saw something new that interested him, he would say “Whoa, whaz that?” Santa also brought him a chalkboard that Ricky loves to draw on and Kevin cringes every time the chalk squeaks. We spent the day with my family at Grandmama’s house. New Year’s weekend Great Aunt Nancy came to visit for Cousin Danny’s baby blessing. We spent Sunday in Lehi with all the family for the blessing. Ricky enjoyed playing with Danny’s cousin Chris who is just a little younger. The two ran and ran in the reception center where we had the luncheon. Ricky didn’t get a nap on Sunday until the drive home around 5 or 6, so we let him stay up until midnight with us. He enjoyed swiping the snacks from the table just as much as we did!


Ricky doesn’t always wake up easily! He still sleeps in his crib and we haven’t moved him to his toddler bed because he hasn’t tried to climb out of the crib yet. He’s content in there and we are content to have him there. We will need to move him in a few months when the new baby needs the crib, but until then, why mess with something that is going so well.


Ricky really likes trains right now. This one was just Christmas decor but will probably be added to his toy box instead of put away with the rest of the Christmas stuff. He enjoys putting a toy elephant in it (as well as anything else that catches his fancy) and pretending it is Casey Jones from “Dumbo.”


Ricky still adores the cats and Maggie is the one who plays with him best. On this particular morning, we caught Ricky sitting in the cat bed while he played with her using one of the cats’ toys.


Here is Ricky with a few of his toys on Christmas morning. He liked the toys, but wasn’t so fond of his new hat!


We took Ricky to Ogden City’s Christmas Village one evening. The city puts up little houses with Christmas scenes and lots of Christmas lights. Ricky liked looking at all the lights, but mostly liked just being outside. It was a very cold night and had been very cold for several days, so he hadn’t been outside much.


Since the Village wasn’t crowded, we let him run around and around this lit up train. He thought that was the greatest!


Here is my family on Christmas, including the puppy, Duchess. Mom took the picture.


Here is our little family (and my growing belly). Ricky is only wearing his undershirt because he was about to help Uncle Tim do the dishes. He LOVES to help do the dishes. Of course, his help consists mostly of splashing and playing with the bubbles, but when he sees that the dishes are about to be done, he grabs a chair and pulls it over to the sink all by himself. This particular day, he got hold of a bowl and enjoyed dumping it on his face with it full of rinse water. We were all too busy laughing to actually stop him. There was a good puddle under his chair when the dishes were finished.


Ricky has finally found the joy of legos! He often builds towers that are even taller than he is.


His tower did just “crash,” as he calls it, but he isn’t really sad. Don’t you love his bed head? Some days I don’t have the heart to comb it down because it is so dang cute.


Here is Ricky giving Cousin Danny a kiss. Ricky still isn’t sure what to think of this baby, mostly he ignores him.