Wanna see some more pictures of Billy?

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Here are a few more pictures of our sweet new baby. He is still very sleepy and quite easy, so we are really enjoying him! Ricky seems to really like him and tries to kiss his brother’s head often. He doesn’t call him Billy yet (none of us really do, though), but he does say “baby” very cute. If Billy sneezes or even moves, Ricky will laugh and say “baby funny.”

Today all my family came over for dinner. It is always fun for Ricky because he just seems to enjoy my siblings so much. Now that Billy has joined the family, or perhaps just because Little Danny is getting bigger, Ricky calls Little Danny “boy” instead of “baby.” He is only 3 months old, so it is funny that he is now a boy and not a baby.


Here is Billy in his car seat on the way home from the hospital.


Billy loves his pacifier and here he lost it.


Now, with the pacifier back, he is happy again.


Uncle Tim thought our room was too bright!


Ricky seems to enjoy Billy, but he does like to share Momma’s lap.


We think Billy is awfully cute!


Here is Aunt Cathy with Billy. He’s so small!


With a warm baby sleeping on you, it is very hard to stay awake!


Melissa and Stephanie with their two youngest cousins, Billy and Danny.


These are the three little boys. Don’t mind Ricky’s sad face–he wanted his chocolate milk, not another picture.


Look how little his foot and hand are!


New mommies are sleepy, not pretty.


Sleeping babies are just too cute!

And then there were two . . .

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Ricky’s little brother was born on February 21, 2007 at 3:52pm. He weighed 7 pounds 12 ounces, and was 20 1/2 inches long. We named him William Howard after his two grandpas, and we will call him Billy. Here he is just a few minutes old.

Brand New

Mom is very happy to have Billy join our family.

Meets Mommy

Within an hour Billy had already found his thumb and was quite content.

Found his thumb

Here he is all cleaned up about 4 hours later.

All Cleaned Up

The next morning, Ricky met his new brother. Ricky really liked the new baby and liked the way he smelled (he kept putting his face really close to Billy’s and smelling him). Here is Daddy with his two sons.

Dad with Sons

Ricky couldn’t get enough of the baby and climbed up on to Mom’s lap to keep being with him.

Mom with Sons

Mom and her two sons.

Mom with Sons

Here’s the whole family together.

The whole family

His last days as an only child

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I will admit that it has been very difficult for me the last few weeks to think about having a second baby. Not that I’m not excited or anything, but it is thinking about Ricky that makes me a little sad. He’s had our full attention for 31 1/2 months and it is hard to think that now he’ll have to share that attention. But then I remember how good it will be for him to have someone to play with and that helps. Today we went to the playground at Artic Circle and there were no other kids there when we arrived. Ricky held up his hands and said “where kids go?” He played for a while and just as I was ready to leave, a play group arrived and Ricky got so excited to have other kids to play with! He bounced with each step and was so excited that he went down the tunnel slide (which he insists on going down head first) so fast that he popped out the bottom and landed on his head. Luckily it was padded at the bottom and with all his excitement, Ricky didn’t even notice, just got up and went again. So a little brother will be a good thing for this boy!


Yesterday we got another good snow and Kevin happened to have the day off. He and Ricky went out and played and played. This is the snowman they made together. This picture was taken before Ricky made Kevin put ears on it. All good snowmen need ears, right?


Here is Ricky walking back among our grapes. He loves to play in our backyard and snow just makes it that much better.


The previous owners left this dog house for us, but our dogs won’t go near it. Ricky, on the other hand, thinks it is a great place to explore.

Here are our big, ol’ mutts!


After all that snow playing, you would think that Ricky would go down easily for his nap. He did fall asleep more quickly than usual, but he still objected. When we checked on him a while later, he had gotten out of bed and decided the rocking chair in his room was a better place. Isn’t he cute when he drools?


Today, Ricky did NOT want to take his nap. It was a fight, but I know how much happier he is when he gets that nap, so I don’t give in easily. He knows that he has to stay in his room, but playing is permitted. After a couple of hours, he finally stopped talking so I went to check on him. This is what I found–good thing that Kevin will be home soon to clean up! You may notice that Ricky is using Max as a pillow. He does this a lot, either as a pillow or the cat is on his head blocking the light. This is most funny when it is nighttime and there is no light, but Ricky still has Max over his face.


Ricky may look slow, but . . .

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The only pictures we’ve taken of Ricky the last few weeks make him look like he is mellow. Well, he is definitely two and not always mellow. He has learned to say that he is “two” and hold up two fingers. Counting is a fun new game. He is really good for one and two and usually three, but sometimes his counting is more like “one, two, nine.” He loves to chase Maggie the cat around and we are trying to teach him not to pull her tail. Ricky comes up with new words and surprises us every day with what he can say. Uncle Tim seemed quite surprised when Ricky pointed and said “doorbell” on Sunday and then “ding dong.” He is very much a boy when it comes to throwing balls, balloons, Max, and other toys–things seem to be flying around the house all day. Sunday we had some rain and Ricky took Kevin to the coat closet to get an “umbrella” (a word we didn’t even know he knew) and Ricky held the umbrella just like a grown-up when we took a walk in the rain. Our little boy is getting so big and we are excited, and a bit anxious, to see what kind of big brother he will be.


Ricky has made the transition to his toddler bed and usually falls asleep in it, but I caught him for his nap one day last week on the floor using Max as a pillow. He isn’t getting as much sleep as he was in his crib though because as soon as he wakes up now, he is out of bed and talking to the cats, his stuffed animals, or to us. Before he would just play in his crib and often fall back to sleep, not any more.


Kevin thought this was too cute. I am doing some work on my computer and Ricky is watching a movie on a portable DVD player, but it looks like we are both laptop addicts. (Notice that we even have our ankles crossed alike) We just need one of Kevin working on his at the same time and the family picture would be complete.


I do not approve of this picture, too much tummy is revealed. This is a typical nighttime scene–Ricky having a last drink while watching his own movie (the one I made of his second year). We do this every night, although sometimes we read books instead of watching his movie, before saying prayers and Kevin taking him to bed and reading his bedtime story (or stories, depending on the night).