Ricky makes me laugh

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Ricky is very smart (of course, I am totally biased). He now easily counts to 10 and is working on the teens. It sounds somewhat like this ” . . . ten, eee, twelve, ee-teen, ee-teen, ee-teen . . .” Also, somehow he has picked up the ABC song. I must admit, I haven’t sung it too him very much in the past, so the other day when I did sing it to him, I was startled when I stopped after F to clear my throat and he picked right up with G. And, as with most children’s renditions, “L Mmm P” is a dang cute part of the song. I now try to sing the ABC’s to him more often, but to add variety, I’ll sing the ABC’s and then Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and back again. Last night, we were walking along and Ricky started singing, “tinkle tinkle, ittle tar, ext ime won’t you ing wit me” (translation: Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star. Next time won’t you sing with me.)

Billy is very lucky to have such a good big brother. Yesterday, Billy was in his bassinette and Ricky was playing in his room. I was busy and not able to get to Billy when he started fussing, so Ricky ran in to Billy and shoved the pacifier into his mouth then ran back to his room. A moment later, Billy spit it out and started fussing again and Ricky came running in again. This happened two or three more times and then Billy started fussing with the pacifier still in his mouth. When Ricky came running in and saw the pacifier there, he was quite taken back and not sure what to do–so he pulled it out and put it back in!

Kevin was playing a video game with his nephews Sunday and it became much trickier to play when he was holding both of his boys!


Melissa thinks both of her new baby cousins are cute and was very sweet with them this weekend. She couldn’t leave Grandma’s house until she’d held them both. (Billy on the top, Danny on the bottom) Doesn’t she have a beautiful smile? Hee hee hee


Everyday Ricky has nap time. He does not have to necessarily sleep, but he does spend a couple of hours in his room playing quietly if he doesn’t sleep. Today he only had 10 more minutes before he could come out when I could no longer hear him talking. When I went to check on him, this is what I found. Isn’t he cute?


We like Saturdays

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Today Ricky finally got sand in his sandbox.  We got the box last summer before we moved, so it never got sand.  Although, if you ask Ricky, it isn’t sand–it is dirt.  Either way, he quite likes playing in it.


Billy is still a little too small for sandbox fun, so he just hung out today and tried on a new hat!



Funny Evening

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For dinner last night we had special pancakes. My mom and I have some molds which we used that are shaped like teddy bears and boys and girls. We thought Ricky would really like these special pancakes — we had no idea just how much! He climbed into his chair and saw the teddy bear on his plate and said “Kiki.” Not thinking anything odd, we blessed the food and I cut an arm off of Ricky’s bear for him to eat. Oh, the big crocodile tears that fell. When he finally could speak, Ricky held the pancake up to Kevin and said “fix it.” Maybe he was so upset because he thought the pancake was a small Ricky and I hacked his arm off or maybe something else, but he bit the head off of a different pancake, so . . . Once the tears were all gone, we had a good chuckle about the broken pancake.

The other funny thing happened on our drive home from Mom’s house. We take country roads and have braked for cats, dogs, skunks, raccoons, horses, cows, and even a porcupine. Last night, Kevin had to brake for a very low flying owl that did not want to get out of our way. It was a smaller, white owl that must enjoy riding the currents of passing cars.

Billy had a good one month old day–he slept and ate to his heart’s content. I captured him waking up hungry from one of his naps . . .







4 weeks or 1 month?

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Our baby is a month old today!  It doesn’t seem real that we’ve had him that long, but he is getting so big already.


Billy is a noisy little thing.  He doesn’t cry a lot, but he does make a lot of grunts, moans, squeaks, and purring sounds.


His chicken legs are getting a little bit more plump and he is starting to get a little bum.  I’m sure the mega cheeks (on his face) won’t be far behind.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Ricky is a great helper with his baby brother. He puts dirty diapers in the trash and fetches blankets and pacifiers. When he touches the baby’s pacifier, Ricky is very careful to only touch the little handle part and he only uses his pointer finger and thumb. It almost looks like he thinks the pacifier has cooties or something. Apparently we’ve been around our dogs too much, because when Ricky is proud of himself he’ll say “I did it! Good boy!” And, Ricky loves to sing. Theme songs to his favorite cartoons are his usual choice, but he’s recently learned that “um-kin” (“Where is Thumbkin?”) and “tinkle, tinkle” (“Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”) are pretty fun, too.

It is always amazing what a 2 year old finds to entertain himself. A couple of Sundays ago, he found Billy’s bib, a shoe box, and his rocking horse. I think he’s a cowboy, but I’m not sure what kind!


Ricky looks like he is caged, and depending on what he’s been up to, he may have deserved it! But even caged he looks cute.


Ricky loves our cats so much, that he pretends to be one sometimes. I think he actually kicked a cat out of their bed so that he could lay in it.


For Christmas, Ricky got this really fun car track and he just loves to play with it. The toy is at Grandmama’s and often as soon as we walk in the door, he says “cars” and runs to the room to play.


Enter yawning Billy. He sleeps a lot still, but when he is awake, his eyes are now bigger and easier to see. When he was first born, his eyebrow area was so swollen, it looked like he could hardly open his eyes.


Here Billy is just hanging out. Then we noticed his left foot . . .

I guess his feet and legs were too long for this footie sleeper!

Billy enjoys his pacifier, but he would much rather suck on his thumb. He just has a hard time finding it still. When he does, though, it is dang cute!


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