"I comin'!"

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Ricky seems to love Billy. He lets me know “baby crying” and then says “I comin’ baby.” Ricky just loves all boys. We ate lunch at a McDonald’s play center last week and you could hear Ricky calling “Come on, boy” to the other boys playing there too. This particular play center had a very long tunnel slide and Ricky seemed to have no fear going down head first. A couple of months ago, when he had his first experience with a tunnel slide, the other boys were going head first and now Ricky thinks that is how you go down that type of slide. He doesn’t go down traditional slides head first, just the tunnel kind.

Billy is starting to smile! We have to work to get them still, but they are worth it. Sometimes the beginnings of a giggle comes with the smile. Today he was sleeping, smiling, and Billy gave me a little laugh. He just gets more and more cute every day.

I was doing some weeding outside one day and Ricky was off playing in the dirt. Billy was hanging out on the grass practicing his sleeping cowboy pose–hat over head and all.

Ricky climbs over and jumps on anything he can. My legs are one of his favorite things to climb over. Yesterday, he decided to create his own Lazy Boy recliner out of my propped up legs. After 20 minutes of him sitting there, I began to feel like I had 100 pounds on my legs instead of 31 pounds.

Ricky has found the fun of doctor toys. He especially likes using the reflex hammer.

I bought a play mat for Billy. I opened it, set it up, placed Billy on the little pillow, and seconds later, Ricky ran to get his pillow from his room and plopped himself right next to Billy. It came with some stuffed bugs and Billy has barely had a chance to look at them because Ricky loves them so much. There is a butterfly, a bee, a ladybug teether, and a stuffed lady bug, although Ricky calls it a ” ay-hopper” (grasshopper).



It is a good thing Duchess only weighs about 6 pounds! I was taking pictures of Duchess rubbing herself on Billy’s hand so he would “pet” her when she decided to stand on him.


Kevin looks too cute with his littlest boy!


A two year old can get comfortable anywhere!


A two month old can, too!


"Pants, pants!"

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When we hear “pants, pants” at our house, it does not mean that someone is running around in their unmentionables. Here it means that Ricky is looking at or playing with ants. The little buggers have found their way to our cat food off the garage and thanks to “Blue’s Clues” (Ricky’s favorite show of the week), he knows all about them . . . except that he should not pick them up, bring them to Momma, and put them on her arms, legs, and face!! Why don’t they ever teach that on those kids shows?

On the Billy front, he is starting to smile!  It is the sweetest thing and shows off his dimples so well.  You know a smile is cute when a tired Daddy, who has just changed a messy diaper at 3 am, tells the sleepy Momma “he is so cute!”

Visiting with Grandpa and Grandma Pendleton

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We took a drive around Antelope Island and saw some Bambi (antelope) and cows (buffalo).



We had a good time visiting with Grandpa and Grandma.




Billy's Blessing and Easter

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Yesterday was a busy day. We blessed Billy and celebrated Easter. Ricky was about as wired as we’ve ever seen him and when he finally crashed last night, he slept hard too. Kevin did a nice job with the blessing and Billy just went right to sleep with all the men bouncing him. Uncle Tim was holding Ricky when it came time to go to the front and Ricky ran right up to the front with all the grown up men! He just wanted to help, too.
After sacrament meeting, the whole mob came to our house for an Easter dinner. The weather had been perfect the previous days and was supposed to be good on Sunday, too, until the weather forecast Saturday night. Sunday was still sunny, but chilly. With jackets and sweaters, the backyard wasn’t completely unpleasant. We had an egg hunt for the little ones and there was a lot of visiting and family time. While Ricky was running all over the backyard playing, Billy just slept through the whole day and let anyone and everyone hold him. I was so busy, however, that I almost forgot to get a picture of him in his blessing outfit.

I did forget to take a picture of our whole family. With Ricky on the run, it wasn’t worth it to gather him for this shot.


And, I didn’t even think to get him posed in his Easter outfit. So here is Ricky swinging in the backyard with his cousin Jackson. Shorts seemed appropriate when the forecast was for the 70s.

The Easter Bunny came to visit and left treats for Ricky and Billy and Cousin Danny who spent Saturday night at our house. Ricky really liked finding the Easter Eggs, once he woke up enough to realize what he was supposed to do.

“Blue’s Clue” is Ricky’s current fascination. He watches the show in a dazed state, completely unaware of anything going on around him. As soon as an episode is over, he says “again” and he could watch the show, literally, for hours. And, thanks to the show, he now finds clues everywhere. This morning, he took me into his room and showed me a stain on his carpet (someday we WILL replace all the carpets in this house) and told me that it was a clue. A clue to what, I still don’t know.

What's in a title?

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We’ve watched a lot of basketball the last couple of weeks and Billy is ready to play.  Okay, maybe not play, but help us choose better for our NCAA brackets!


Ricky likes choo-choo trains.  The other day he took all his cars and trucks and trains, lined them up on the family room floor and moved them across the room saying over and over “choo-choo, all aboard, choo-choo.”  His love of trains extends even to our bar stools.  Yesterday they were lined up in a train and Ricky did not approve of Kevin moving one so that he could sit and eat his breakfast.

We don’t stress nap time for Ricky as much when we are at Grandma’s house.  Yesterday, Ricky made it through all of General Conference just fine, but turn on Dumbo in the evening and this is what we found.  We aren’t sure if he just fell onto the couch asleep or how he got into this position.


So far, it is easy to explain Billy’s sleeping positions.  He looks so happy to be sleeping.