Thomas the Tank Engine

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On Memorial Day, we took the boys and Grandmama to Heber City and rode Thomas the Tank Engine train.  While I find the children’s show incredibly boring, Ricky had a great time with the trains.  He even surprised us by being able to recognize numbers!  Kevin just randomly asked Ricky what number was on the side of the train and Ricky said “five” and was right.  Kevin tried it again and Ricky answered correctly again.  He is such a smart kid and so much fun, especially when he’s had his nap!  He got a train shaped lunch box while we were there and he lays on the floor pushing it around saying “choo choo” over and over and tells me all about the train’s horn.  But this bag has improved his klepto abilities.  Last night, Kevin and Ricky were doing their nightly thing and Ricky opened his bag to show all the things he had swiped from Grandma’s house–toys, containers, plastic fruit!

Here is Ricky posing by the train posters.



The boys both got tattoos while we were there.  Billy slept through getting his.


Billy seemed to enjoy the train ride, but he is pretty easy still.


There was a petting zoo at the train yard–not exactly sure what the connection is there, but Ricky liked it.


We had some pictures taken of the boys at Sears Portraits Studio on Friday and they had this stuffed lamb as a prop.  Ricky attached himself to it and even took it out to the lobby and taught it how to play with the bead maze.  For some reason, though, the photographer wouldn’t use the lamb as a prop for any of Ricky’s pictures.


Ricky has a toddler sized cot at Grandmama’s for taking naps.  On Sundays, he is usually tired enough to put himself down for a nap.  This was one of those times.


And then there was Billy.  He is getting bigger and bigger.  He is a good little thing, if only he would sleep through the night!  Any suggestions are welcomed!  Billy is also a noisy thing.  He will get going and coo and gurgle for 20 straight minutes!  I’m sure he will be saying “Momma” much earlier than Ricky’s 2 1/2 years.



What a day!

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Kevin, who laughed about my day, thought it was noteworthy, so here we go. It started nicely with both boys behaving well and nothing really out of the ordinary, then we went to a Relief Society meeting. While there, Ricky was bitten twice by his little friend, each time coming for me to kiss his owie better. Shortly before the meeting ended, I stopped Ricky from climbing on the back of a sofa and noticed strange marks on the cushion. Then I saw that his toe was bloody. I apologized to my friend and cleaned up his toe, letting him down again. Then I noticed more blood on my pant leg. Well, in short, I was applying pressure to a toe on one foot when the wound was actually on the opposite foot bleeding all over my jeans. When the meeting was finally over, Ricky headed out the door before me. He headed to a big rock pile in the yard. Not concerned, I brought Billy out, set him on the lawn, and went to grab Ricky. Just before I got to him, he took off to the backyard, behind the house, into the next door neighbors’ yard, and straight to their playhouse (it was a good haul since their yards are on one acre lots). Watching him run with the tissue I’d wrapped around his toe, made him look like he had toilet paper trailing behind his shoe.

I finally rounded him up and got him into the car and prepared us to come home. Four failed attempts at starting the car later, I hitched a ride home with my friend, Shanae. The car has done this before, just grinding and not starting, but then starting right up a little bit later. It was lunch and nap time, so we just left the car there. Once I got home, Ricky was tired and hungry, so I left Billy in his car seat and got Ricky settled in his high chair with some food. Then I turned to Billy, who was whimpering, I assumed he was just hungry. No. I picked him up and he had exploded out of his diaper all over himself and the car seat. With a sigh, I headed up to the bathroom to clean him up. Just after unsnapping the poopy clothes, the power went out. At 1 pm, this isn’t usually a problem, but the only room in our home without a window is that bathroom and I have a baby covered with poop sitting on the counter. I just shook my head and as carefully as I could, removed the clothes and just started wiping Billy all over with wet wipes, hoping I was removing the doodie. Many wipes later, I had a fresh diaper on and a new onesie and the lights came back on (out for a total of 5 minutes, what are the chances!). I went down to Ricky who had been very good to this point and still had food on his plate, so I began feeding Billy. Ricky finished before his brother and, being tired and clumsy, dumped the remnants of his lunch on the floor. Another sigh.

Ricky went down easily for his nap and I got Billy settled down. Just as things were calming down for me, although I was still in my blood stained jeans, my visiting teachers stopped by. I almost laughed out loud when they asked if they could help with anything! It was just one of those days. Oh, and yeah, the car started up with no problems when Kevin and I went to get it after he came home from work. It doesn’t stop there . . . other fun, fun happenings: my laptop computer is dying a painful death, I rocked over Ricky’s fingers while I was in our banana chair, Billy was sad all afternoon (sleeping, but making sad faces and noises like he was having a bad dream), and Ricky, again tired and clumsy before bedtime, fell down a few stairs. Some days are just like that, huh.

They call me Momma

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Mixing up names is not just a parent trait, or an Uncle Dan one either, Ricky has the disease, too.  Pretty much daily, Kevin gets called “Momma.”  I find it incredibly funny, Kevin just corrects the boy.  For some reason, he never calls me by the wrong name though.





Ricky has finally discovered that his stuffed animals and toys can be his friends.  Max the cat is still his comfort toy, but others are his companions.  Last week it was a pink elephant, this week a small green Dumbo toy and a Blue puppy.  His toy must do everything with him, including walking along on its own (it is very slow moving when Ricky is hunched over so his stuffed animal’s feet can move along the ground).  We have used it to our advantage.  If we ask Dumbo to eat, Ricky will eat.  If we ask Blue to go to the potty, Ricky goes along.  When the pink elephant helped give Billy a bath, he got a bit soaked, but Ricky didn’t mind a soggy elephant.

We got a tower for our cats’ amusement last weekend.  Ricky helped me put it together and tried to put himself into the cat house.  When he didn’t fit, he turned it into a home for stuffed animals.  It not only gives the cats some exercise, but is an indoor jungle gym for Ricky, too.  Billy slept through the whole thing in his swing.


This week Ricky noticed that the pieces of his Little People play things link together to form a big fence.  One evening, after being put to bed, he pulled the pieces out, made a big circle, and fell asleep inside his fenced area.  He was a little big and the circle was broken, but you get the basic idea.


On Mother’s Day, we had dinner at my mom’s house and all the family was there.  We had angel food cake and strawberries for dessert and Uncle Tim shared with Cousin Danny.


Kevin watched the boys last night while I went to a church meeting.  I guess Billy didn’t like the show that was on . . .


Billy just keeps getting bigger and more alert.  He loves making eye contact and sucking on his fingers.  At this point, he is almost a pound heavier than Ricky was at the same age.



Boys will be boys

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Now that the weather is warm, Ricky is outside almost as much as I’ll let him. Since we have a secure backyard, I’m trying to be brave and let him play outside alone, but I still worry, so yesterday, I was sitting near our sliding glass doors while he played outside. Ricky was using a bucket to move the water from the dogs’ dish to various parts of the yard . . . a planter, his wagon, the sandbox. Then I heard him start laughing. It is an uncontrollable giggle and it is very contagious! Usually, it involves one of our pets (For instance, when I stepped out of the bathroom during his bath and heard the giggle, I quickly went to see what cat he had pulled into the tub. Maggie was not actually in the tub, but was quite wet from Ricky flinging water out of the tub at her with his bucket). After the giggling started outside, I could see Ricky running back and forth from the watering dish to where Trouble (our 100 pound, Husky/Shepherd mix) was sitting. The poor, patient dog was getting bucketful after bucketful of water dumped on his head and his back. Daisy, our other dog, ran from the water buckets, but Trouble just took it.

Ricky still enjoys Billy, although he loves one on one time with either of his parents. He particularly likes to be read stories. At night, after Kevin has gone through the nighttime routine and is leaving the bedroom, I can hear Ricky calling after him, “Tories, tories!” because he can never hear enough.

Billy is growing more and more. Kevin often comes home from work and tells me that he has grown more that day. His smile comes more and more easily and he is starting to grab at objects. I had him in his bouncy chair yesterday which has a couple of rings that link together hanging from it. I noticed the last link was missing and looked and looked for it. I finally found it around Billy’s wrist! I guess he got a good grip, slipped it off, and somehow got a bracelet!


Billy is almost ready to join Ricky in their bedroom. He only wakes us up once during the night for a 3 am snack. Once he sleeps through the night, he and Ricky will be roommates. When Billy is in his playpen in the family room, Ricky often climbs in with him, so once they share a room, I’m anticipating the morning when I find Ricky in the crib. Billy already has to share his sleeping accommodations with our big orange cat. At that 3 am feeding, more often than not, there is Hunter, curled around Billy’s feet.

Yes, Ricky is playing with a pink elephant in this picture.  It is an old stuffed animal of mine and the only elephant we currently have.  Today it is wearing one of Billy’s shirts and a pair of his shorts.  Ricky’s phases come and go quickly and are hard for me to even keep up with!  This week is elephants and dragons, next week, who knows.

The following picture shows what our Ricky likes to do, especially when he gets sleepy. We were visiting Grandmama and he decided to climb into Duchess’s crate. It isn’t very big and we weren’t exactly sure how he got in or how he was planning to get back out, but he had no problems. He enjoys little “houses.” The space in our entertainment center under the tv is where we keep a basket of his toys and Ricky often pulls the basket out and climbs into the space telling me that he’s at “Ricky’s house.”


When you take a few too many pictures of an 11 week old with the flash in his eyes, you get a picture like this one. Isn’t he cute?



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Having two is awfully fun. Billy is getting more and more responsive and Ricky appreciates that. Whenever Ricky catches Billy on the play mat, he has to crawl under the toy arch and lay next to him. Last night, while they were laying there, Ricky took a toy butterfly and had it flying down to Billy’s nose and then up in the sky. Billy loves to look at Ricky and gives him the best smiles. On Monday, I finally braved doing an errand with both boys in tow. We went to Sam’s Club and put Billy in the cart basket in his car seat and Ricky in the cart seat. This didn’t leave much room for groceries, but we didn’t need much anyway. Occasionally, I would put something on Billy’s feet, like a loaf of bread or some bananas, and Ricky did NOT approve. He would tell me “no, no, Momma” and then reach back and pick the item up off of his brother’s feet. The other sweet thing Ricky does is give Billy “5.” He picks up Billy’s hand (which is usually clenched in a fist) and smacks it against his own hand saying “gimme 5.”





Ricky never enjoyed me singing to him as a baby and it has only been the last 6 months or so that he has enjoyed singing with me. We sing lots of songs together and Ricky sings to himself a lot. While he is playing cars or looking at books, if you listen closely you might catch a recognizable line or two of a song. During Sacrament Meeting this last Sunday, there was a quiet moment that was broken by “Old McDonald farm, E I E I Oooooo!” It didn’t really sink in that it was my son singing until heads, even several pews away, turned and smiled at us. I guess I need to work on Primary songs if he is going to burst out into song at church.


There is no explanation for these shots.  This is pretty typical Ricky.