Stake Lagoon Day

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It was our Stake’s turn to have the discounted day at Lagoon this last Thursday. Grandmama was nice enough to watch Billy so that we could take Ricky down for a couple of hours. We were cheap, I’ll admit it, and just got the free entrance pass and only rode the rides that were free. It was hot, but it really wasn’t crowded. Ricky loved the Merry-Go-Round and I don’t know if he was more excited to be riding a zebra or that Kevin was riding a chicken!


We got ice cream in Pioneer Village to help with the heat. Luckily, the bench we chose to sit on and eat our treat was near a restroom for the post-cone-clean-up.


Since Ricky is in love with trains, we sat in the very first seat on the train ride. The first time the whistle sounded, Ricky jumped and then proceeded to stare at the engine with a look that said, “I thought I liked you.” But as the engineer rang the bell and the train ride got going, Ricky forgave it.


Our final stop of the evening was the big fountain by the entrance. Ricky was born for water and we let him have at it. I was amazed as I saw other children, even teens, hesitate before going into the middle of this thing, but my almost 3 year old ran in with no fear, again and again and again. He was shivering and drenched by the time we pulled him away to head home.


This is a little video of Ricky’s fun in the fountain. fountain-2.mpg

On the ride home, Ricky and I were reciting one of his books. It is a Winnie the Pooh alphabet book with each letter standing for something. I will say “A is for . . .” and Ricky says “apple.” It is a fun way to go through the alphabet and kill 3 or 4 minutes. Anyway, I’m going along and say “R is for . . .” and Ricky tells me “Rabbit” and then I said “T is for . . .” and he just looked confused. I was quite surprised because he loves Tigger and usually has no problems. Kevin and I tried giving him hints like “t-i-double-g-er” and doing the Tigger laugh, but Ricky didn’t say anything. Finally, when I was ready to just move on, Ricky quietly said, “S.” Kevin busted up laughing. I, in my infinite wisdom, had unknowingly skipped the letter S and my little boy not only knew it, but refused to play the game unless we played it correctly. He is just too smart for my own good!

Billy had his 4 month check on Friday. The doctor pronounced him healthy and well. I compared his measurements to Ricky’s when he was a baby and Billy is about the same size now as Ricky was at 6 months. He is 16 pounds 7 ounces and 26 3/4 inches long. If I thought I got a lot of fat baby stories when people saw Ricky, I’m doomed for more with this one. Billy is such a sweetheart though and still enjoys a good snuggle. He is a noisy toad though. This morning, Ricky woke Kevin up a little before 7 and Kevin asked him what was wrong. Ricky’s answer? Billy! When Kevin checked on the baby, he was just kicking and squealing and making his usual ruckus, which apparently was enough to wake Ricky up.


Bumbo Billy

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I stumbled onto this infant seat when I was surfing the Internet one day. It is called a Bumbo Seat and is designed to help little ones sit up unassisted (once they can support their own head). Since Billy loves to sit upright and often tries to pull himself up when I have him reclining, I thought I would give it a try. As you can tell by the picture, he looks adorable sitting in it. He does tire after being in it 5 or 10 minutes, but we only got it in the mail yesterday and it will take a while for him to get used to it. I had Billy in it so he could watch Ricky get his teeth brushed and his hair combed this morning and Billy just loved the new view. I think it will be a big hit. Ricky likes it to. How he fits amazes me, but he climbs in and out and carries it around the house and puts his stuffed cat, Max, in it as well.


A good Father's Day

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We had a good Father’s Day.  We spent the day with all of my family at my Mom’s.  It is always fun to be with the fam!

Here are the 7 cousins, Skyler, Andrew, Ricky, Steph, Danny, Melissa, and Billy, ages ranging from almost 17 years to almost 4 months.


Ricky adores his big cousins.  Even when they tickle him mercilessly!


And, he adores the little boys, too.  Ricky just can’t get enough of “kids.”


Uncle Tim set the precedent that on Father’s Day, your children become your slaves.  From feet rubs to moving their father’s jaw up and down for them when it is time to chew.  (Tim has very patient girls)  So, on Sunday, after the ceremonial feet cleansing, the girls kissed their dad.


Then Ricky had to “practice” the foot rub on Uncle Tim.  With how ticklish Kevin’s feet are, I question whether it would ever be a good thing for the boys to rub his feet!  Plus, I’m not so sure what Ricky thought about touching Uncle Tim’s piggies.


We found out on Sunday, that by this time next month, the boys will have a new Aunt.  Tim and Kym are getting married.  Isn’t her ring pretty?  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture of more than her hand.


When Uncle Dan and Aunt Cathy were getting ready to go, Ricky found Danny in the car seat and started playing peekaboo with him.  It was so cute that we just stood around and watched for 5 minutes.  Ricky would duck behind the seat canopy and then pop in front of Danny.  That would make Danny giggle which would make Ricky giggle and do it again.


It was such a busy day with so many people to love him, that Billy zonked out early.  He retaliated though, by being wide awake at 3 am.  Sunday night was a crazy one for us.  Ricky woke up with an horrible ear ache and just as he settled down, Billy woke up.  There wasn’t a lot of sleep happening here that night.  I took Ricky to the doctor and he has an ear infection.  I wouldn’t have slept well with one of those either.


I thought about my own dad quite a bit on Father’s Day, missing him and such.  As I watched some video with Dad in it, I had to smile about Kevin and his boys.  He is a really devoted “poppy” and loves the boys so much.   Around here, those sleepless nights are a tag team effort and  it might be possible that Kevin has changed more diapers than I have.  So I think my boys are pretty lucky (not to mention dang cute).


Ricky says . . .

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“No, no, Hunter! Nice to Ricky. No, no.” When Ricky is tickling the cat and the cat paws Ricky’s head.

“Tank you, Momma!” When he sneezes and I say, “Bless you, Ricky.”

“Tinky, Momma, tinky.” When it is time to call Kevin to change Ricky’s pants (potty training is still a work in progress).

“No car, ban.” When I mistakenly say we are going to go get in the car and go somewhere. Ricky knows that we now ride in a van, not a car.

“Ricky tired.” When he’s had a busy day of playing and it is time for his nap or for bed.

Yesterday the work began on our new sewer line. Where I once had nice grass, I now have a bunch of dirt. The workers brought in a backhoe/digger to do the digging and Ricky got so excited. One of his shows is “Bob the Builder” and Bob’s digger is called “Scoops.” We had to watch “Scoops” dig and dig and when they filled in the hole, they brought in one of those small front loaders and Ricky was very excited to see “Baby Scoops.” Of course, I think his main goal the last two days is to find a way out to get into all that freshly dug dirt. When they had filled in the hole, Ricky asked me where the mountains had gone. I guess to someone only 3 feet tall, those big piles did look like mountains!

Last week we started a Mom and Me Sign Language Class. Mostly for fun and to support the daughter of a lady in our ward who is doing the class for free. It is very cute to see Ricky use the signs he’s learned so far. We know momma and poppy (dad), yes and no, please, eat and drink, boy and girl. He is pretty good at it, although most of the signs are only really close to being right.

And about Billy, we remember what it is like to sleep at night now.  He has figured out how to sleep for 6 – 8 hours straight at night and Kevin and I are thrilled about it!  Billy starts to get sleepy around 8 and may fall asleep then or closer to 9 and sleeps through until 4 or 5.  It truly is heaven!  He found his toes yesterday.  Billy loves to sit upright and as I was holding him on my lap he leaned forward far enough to grab onto those toes.  And judging from the look on his face, I think he startled himself when he wiggled his toes.  Billy is getting good at grabbing as well–toys, bibs, blankets, the magazine I was trying to read while holding him earlier today . . .  We have shared Eskimo Kisses (rubbing noses), saying num, num, num while we do it, since Ricky was a baby and now Ricky does it to Billy.  It really is precious to watch and it makes Billy break out into a great big grin!

Sears Portrait Session

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We went a couple of weeks ago and had some portraits done.  Here some of the


Being almost 3 and full of spunk, it was a challenge to get a great shot of Ricky.  Thank goodness for digital photography!   We did get some cute smiling shots, but this one shows how fun Ricky is.


He looks like he is about to fall over, but it is a cute face shot of Billy.


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