Billy Boy

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Our baby is growing. Kevin thinks Billy grows an inch every day when he comes home from work. Billy is getting close to rolling over–he can do it easily with just a little nudge. He met squash this week and thinks it is great. It is a battle to keep his fingers out of his mouth while trying to put the food in but the challenge makes it more fun.



Billy has also started giving kisses, although I think he is just looking for a snack. He opens his mouth wide and rubs it back and forth on your chin, cheek, shoulder, whatever he can get. Here he is attacking Mom’s chin.


The more interactive Billy gets, the more Ricky likes him. We have to be careful, though, because Ricky has watched me help Billy practice rolling over and he thinks it is fun to flip Billy over. I caught him rolling Billy right off of an ottoman where Billy was napping earlier this week. “Boy-lly roll over,” he says. Kevin was feeding Billy with Ricky and I watching one night and Ricky insisted on putting his feet next to Billy’s. We have a hard enough time keeping his feet off the table anyway. If there is a way to stick his foot on the table, Ricky will find it.



Our Stake rented the local aquatic center for a night and we took Ricky for a swim (Billy stayed home with my mom). Ricky had a terrific time, but I’m afraid he was a bit of a bully. I was visiting with a friend and watching Ricky play in the wading pool and go down the froggy slide over and over. I realized that he seemed to be having a lot more turns than the other children, so I got up to see what was going on. Ricky had a look on his face that said, “Come on, people, get moving.” If the kids were being slow or just not moving as fast as he thought they should, he pushed his way past them and cut to the front of the line. I had to slow him down and talk about taking turns. For the last month, we’ve had scorching heat and no rain for like 7 weeks, so the evening we go swimming for free, it was chilly, cloudy, and sprinkling on us. After an hour, we took a protesting Ricky home. Shortly after we got home, it started to rain quite hard, so we had good timing. Here is a picture of Ricky’s protest about leaving the pool.


'Ew seen Kevin?

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Tonight Kevin went home teaching and after he had gone, Ricky came to me and said ” ‘Ew seen Kevin?” Once I hid my smile, I informed him that he should not call his poppy by name.

This weekend Kevin and Ricky had some quality time at home together, swimming in a little pool, mowing the lawn, and cleaning the garage. I took Billy and went with some of my family to a family reunion near Zions National Park. It was a reunion for my dad’s mom’s family, so there were very few there whom I had met before, but it was a lot of fun.

Ricky might be close to needing a haircut. This is his Sanjaya look . . .


Ricky and Maggie are good friends. After the way he tortures that cat, I don’t know why she keeps coming back, but she does like to watch him play.


The drive for the reunion was long, but very pretty. Billy was a good traveler but had an uncanny way of waking up hungry 10 minutes before our stop and when he is hungry, there is no consoling him. We only drove part way Friday night and we stayed in a motel in Panguitch owned by some Pakistanis. The room itself was completely adequate (4 beds so we all stayed in the same room), but I’m glad we arrived at night otherwise we may have been tempted to drive on. There was junk piled everywhere . . . well, everywhere that was hidden from the road. Dan tried to sleep in later so he was tortured with Billy and Duchess (Mom’s dog who joined us on the trip).


The reunion was very interesting and not very big. The common ancestor was my great-great grandfather so I wasn’t very closely related to most of the people there. These two gentlemen were very close to my dad–they are his cousins Bob and Jay. Bob is supposed to send me some stories of his and Dad’s rabble rouser days.


Billy was the only baby there and everyone commented on his cheeks. Apparently they are chubby, I hadn’t noticed . . .


After the reunion, we drove through Zions and did a little sightseeing before heading home. There were 7 of us in my van (Tony, Diane, and Skyler, Dan, Mom, Billy, and I).


Dan just has to have his Diet Coke and will go to most any extreme to get one.


I thought this arch was really amazing.


Dan is stricken with fear at the beauty of Zions (ugh, that is even more awful than I can handle, but I can’t think of a better caption for this photo).


Billy likes to be rocked to sleep each night. Sometimes it is just easier to leave him on my lap than get up and take him to bed (like tonight). Kevin was a little disturbed when he saw me working on my laptop with a totally limp baby sleeping on me. But he was snoring so sweetly!


Funny sayings

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Ricky keeps us on our toes with his words.   He is a copy cat, so we have to watch what we say.

“Scoops do that” is what Ricky says whenever we see a big pile of dirt or most any construction.  We have so much construction going on with Hooper’s conversion from septic tanks to sewer lines, that he sees backhoes and other diggers all the time.

“Boy-lly awake” is what he says whenever Billy is awake from a nap . . . or what he says when he thinks Billy should be woken up from a nap.  It is not one of my favorite things to hear!   Yesterday as we were driving, we got a blink by blink replay of what Billy was doing.  “Boy-lly awake.  Boy-lly asleep.  Boy-lly awake.  Boy-lly asleep.  Eyes open.  Eyes closed.”  Yeah, Billy wasn’t sleeping, just blinking.

“What” is what Ricky says when he either doesn’t hear what you’ve said or when he doesn’t understand what you’ve just said or what he says when he doesn’t like what you just said.  For instance, “Ricky, it is time to turn the tv off.”  What.  “Ricky, do you need to use the potty?”  What.  “Ricky, stop pulling the plants out of the fish tank.”  What.

And, today at church, it was time to sing a hymn and Kevin asked Ricky if he wanted to sing a song.  Ricky said yes and as soon as the organ started playing, he started belting out the alphabet at the top of his lungs.  Kevin thinks Ricky was following the harmony, I wouldn’t know, I was trying not to laugh louder than Ricky was singing.

(Billy is getting close to rolling over, but hasn’t quite gotten it yet.  He was great at church today and got a lot of compliments from people.  He was wearing little crocheted sandals that are a tiny bit too small, so his big toe sticks out.  The gentleman in the pew behind us must have been really bothered by that because about halfway through the meeting he reached up and tried to tuck the toe back inside.  It didn’t work!)

Tumbling Class

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Ricky has a weekly tumbling class that he adores. Yesterday I took my camera along to catch a few of his tumbling moments. While we were waiting for class to start, we were in the parents’ area and Ricky was just singing the ABCs over and over and over. Finally, one other kid, probably 5 said, “Stop singing that song! Mom, make him stop singing that song!” I guess the 10th time was a little too much, but he was being good, so I just let him keep going.

Ricky is in the Caterpillar Class–the youngest class they have. There are usually 3 students to the one teacher (yesterday there were only 2 kids) and since Ricky sometimes darts off to do something he finds more interesting, I stay on the floor and help him focus (his focus has improved greatly though since we started the classes). The class is learning all sorts of things from different kinds of front rolls, back rolls, cart wheels, handstands, trampoline jumps, and, Ricky’s favorite, flips and rope swinging into the pit.


Here is his teacher Vanessa helping him do a back bend–Ricky doesn’t like taking his head off the floor for back bends or hand stands. They also work on balancing and generally following instructions.


Here is Ricky on the small warm-up trampoline. He loves to jump, although he doesn’t have a lot of control with it yet. He just sorts of bounces all over, where ever the trampoline takes him is fine by him.


And the PIT . . . this is where Ricky is often taking off to when he loses his focus. It is a big pit full of foam squares and a trampoline base. He loves jumping in and getting buried in the foam. This picture is him crossing from one side to the other. His teacher says it is actually very difficult and Ricky was sweating when he finished.


Here is Ricky in the pit after doing a front roll off the edge. The goal is to someday be able to flip into the pit without touching the edge at all.


And, finally the rope. In the older classes, they climb the rope– in the little class, they swing on it. Usually, Ricky immediately drops off once he gets over the pit, but yesterday he held on for a couple of swings. He loves the rope, even though his face here looks contrary. I think he is just trying to hold on tight and is losing his grip.


Vacuum Ricky

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Ricky loves to help. Kevin was vacuuming the other night and Ricky stepped right in. Our vacuum has a retractable handle, so with it lowered, it was just the right size for Ricky.


He also makes it very hard to get mad at sometimes. If I tell him it is time for lunch or to get down, he very politely says, “No tank ew, Momma.” How can you argue with manners? Half the time he does what I tell him anyway.

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