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Ricky took a late nap today and Kevin and I needed to wake him up.  We were in his room bugging him and talking to him, trying to get him up, when he said, “Be quiet.  Ricky’s sleeping!”  I think our laughing finally did the trick . . . he got up shortly after that.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails

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My boys are just that, all boy. Well, Ricky does play with a pink elephant and has been known to find interest in doll houses, but otherwise they are all boy. Although, there are the times that Ricky insists that he’s a cat, so maybe they are often all boy. Speaking of Ricky’s animal fetish, last night I had to cut his French Toast into bone shapes using a cookie cutter to get him to eat them. He is one funny kid.

He plays and plays and plays and then gets sleepy. This is Ricky being sleepy on the way to see Kevin for lunch. You can tell from his grin that he isn’t really sleeping, but it was cute anyway. I snapped it while stopped at a stop light.


Even though Ricky thinks he is a cat, he isn’t always nice to them. Grandmama’s cat Spot did this to Ricky’s face and it bled and bled. I don’t blame the cat though. From what Ricky tells us, he was sitting on her when it happened. It is fun that he can actually tell us what happened now. It turned a beautiful shade of yellow and with that and some monster mosquito bites, he was looking awfully abused.


We got to see Cousin Danny again on Sunday and Ricky just loves him. He will talk about him sometimes during the week, asking where he is and loves to see pictures of him.


Ricky knows what cameras are and loves taking pictures with a disposable one we have sitting around (who knows what the pictures will look like when we finally develop them). He also understands posing for the camera. Ricky set Max, Penny and himself up to say “cheese.” I had to take the picture.


Our days of being able to put Billy down and find him where we left him are over. Billy rolls! So far it is just from his back to his tummy, but it is the beginning. And, naturally, he gets stuck on his tummy and then gets really mad! Billy is a good eater and quite likes prunes and peas–two foods Ricky STILL turns his nose up at. Since Billy doesn’t care for a bottle, I am introducing him to sippy cups. As the water flows into his mouth, he gets a big grin and lets it all dribble out. It is a work in progress. He loves standing and this Exersaucer has been a blessing!


Finally, the count is now two. Billy’s second little tooth broke through this morning!


Our Baby is Growing Up

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Tuesday was Billy’s 1/2 Birthday–he’s 6 months old! He weighed in at 18 pounds, 7 ounces and was 26 1/2 inches long. Billy is getting pretty good at sitting up without support (but it is best not to move too far from catching range)


. . . and Tuesday his first tooth popped through! I left this picture big so you can actually see his tooth–just click on it to see it full size.


Billy is very aware of his feet–he’s very ticklish and almost seems tormented by socks and these little sandals I made him. If he doesn’t pull them off, he plays with them constantly.


His second bottom tooth is ready to pop through and his top ones aren’t far behind, so the drool continues and so does the hand chewing.


Billy took his first trip to BYU this week. On Monday we went shopping and saw his Uncle Dan, Aunt Cathy, and cousin Danny. We like to shop the Education Week Bookstore and get new BYU shirts for the year. Here’s Billy’s:


Ricky enjoyed riding around campus and getting a chocolate drink in the Wilk.


Ricky loves his baby brother and Billy loves him. I can’t put Billy down in the playpen at Grandmama’s and turn around without finding this . . .


Ricky’s sleeping habits have been odd the last few weeks. At Grandmama’s, he climbs into the playpen with his pillow, even though he clearly doesn’t fit anymore. At home, he insists on the floor. Each evening when we go up to bed, we wonder where he will have settled down. One night it was in the hallway under the swamp cooler with his pillow, blanket, and Max.


Ricky still regularly insists on being a kitty. Just this morning he was sitting in the line of cats, waiting to be fed a kitty treat, meowing at me. Here he is playing with what he thinks is a cat ball (although the cat would have to be as big as him to get the thing in their mouth).


And, as a final note, for anyone familiar with the song “Life is a Highway” originally sung by Tom Cochrane, then by Chris LeDoux, and most recently by Rascal Flatts for the movie Cars, Ricky sings this song. Correction, he sings a line from the song over and over. Actually, he sings what he THINKS is a line from the song over and over. The original lyrics for this line go “Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long. If you’re goin’ my way, I wanna drive it all night long.” What I hear all day is “I am a driveway, I am a driveway, I wanna drive it all night long. I am a driveway, I am a driveway, I’m gonna ride it all night long.”

Sing, Sing A Song

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“Rock a bye baby in the tree top.  When the straw house another straw house . . .”  Ricky loves to sing and has no problem changing the words to his songs.  We’ve been reading a lot of the Three Pigs lately and so yesterday as we were driving around, Ricky noticed that we have a lot of houses made of sticks (homes under construction) and houses made of bricks around town.  Then I showed him that we have houses made of straw, too (hay stacks).  So, on our way home from Grandmama’s last night, Billy was fussing and Ricky was singing to him, when we passed a hay stack.   The song came out like the line above.  It then changed to  the tune of Oh, My Darling Clementine and went “Straw houses, straw houses, brick houses, too . . .”  Kevin and I were having a good time chuckling at our little singer.

We finally got the picture

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I mentioned this picture after our trip to California.  It is of Kevin and I riding the Silver Bullet Roller Coaster.  In Kevin’s defense, it was his first time riding a foot dangling coaster and he was probably somewhat dehydrated and not feeling his best.  That aside, I loved the ride and laugh every time I see this picture.  Doesn’t he look old?  🙂   I love you, dear!


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