The Greatest Show On Earth

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The Circus on Friday was very fun.  Ricky loved the animals and Billy slept through it like a champ!  Ricky had been hoping to see a seal with a ball on its nose, but seeing the elephants made him forget that he wasn’t seeing any seals.  Before the show, we were able to walk around the animal pens and see the tigers and zebras and horses and elephants.  At first Ricky was busy trying to find a way through the fence to get into the elephants’ pen, but then he enjoyed watching the elephants get cleaned up with a leaf blower for the show.  Kevin and I enjoyed the great big kitties (tigers) especially when they chewed on cardboard pieces and a big ball just like my mom’s cat, Spot.




It was a really windy day on Friday and you can tell by Ricky’s hair.



This is Ricky trying to find a way through the fence to get to those elephants.


After wandering through the pens, we went in for the pre-show.  We got to be on the floor and see some small acts.  Ricky got to pet a circus dog, see a clown, watch an elephant paint a picture, and a few other things.



   kiss.jpg   poppy1.jpg

Ricky seemed to really enjoy the show, although he was getting tired during a few of the less exciting acts.  He thought using binoculars was very cool (we were on the third row of the upper bowl seats).   Here are a few of my favorites:

These acrobats were amazing.  They could bend their bodies backwards so far that their rear ends were sitting on their heads!  Craziness!


The circus dogs were really fun!  These fluffy white dogs could jump rope while standing on their back legs!  This picture is a dog going down a slide backwards.


The elephants were huge!  Watching them was like seeing Dumbo in real life!

elephants-2.jpg    elephants.jpg

The tigers were my favorite though.  The trainer had one really riled up and it would roar and swat at him.  The trainer would say things to it like “No kisses for you” in a thick Eastern European accent (think Soup Nazi).  It made me laugh.


We will definitely take the boys back to the circus, but probably not for a few years.

Saturday was Kevin’s birthday and my mom and sister watched the boys while we went out to eat.   My mom shared that at one point she was using the bathroom and forgot to lock the door (she obviously doesn’t live with the threat of Ricky walking in on you).  Anyway, he opened the door and came in and she told him to go out and close the door, which he obediently did.  Well, moments later, she saw the door open a crack and this little hand slowly slide up the wall and click . . . flip her light switch off, then close the door again.   Ricky just loves light switches and has since even before he could reach them.  We visited Uncle Tim at his new house after the circus and it has switches every where (so many Tim isn’t even sure what they all do yet).  For the hour or so we were there, Ricky went around flipping them all on and off, over and over again.

Here is Ricky enjoying a birthday cupcake:



For those of you in warmer climates, it snowed on Kevin’s birthday!  It didn’t stick at our house, but we took a picture anyway.  Those white spots are the snow.


Could naptime be coming to an end?

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I still think Ricky needs naps, he’s much more pleasant and obedient at 6 pm if he gets one, but he seems to be thinking otherwise this week.  I still enforce quiet, bedroom time each afternoon.  Yesterday, he came out and told me that the clouds were awake so he could be awake.  Today he didn’t need to sleep because Maggie (our cat) wasn’t asleep.  He’s a character.

Tomorrow we are going to the Circus.  I’m very excited and I think Ricky will have a fantastic time (and will sleep in the car on the way home).  It is part of our celebration of Kevin’s birthday, which is Saturday.   Hopefully, we’ll get some fun pictures to share.

"I am Sam . . . Sam I am"

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Ricky enjoys stories, this is no secret, and he loves having the same story read over and over. Recently the book of choice has been “Green Eggs and Ham.” Last night, while Kevin was reading this book to him, Ricky started reciting Sam’s lines. He gets them pretty much word for word. Oh, and don’t even think about reading the lines for him! As I was told at nap time, “Momma, it’s Ricky’s turn!” (not ready for that preschool, hmph!)

We have had a great week. My friend Shelly and her 3 kids came and stayed with us and Ricky had more friends around than he knew what to do with. They live in Southern Colorado and the kids are ages 6, 5, and 3. We went to the Nature Center and she showed them Temple Square, but mostly the kids just played and played. Ricky was sad to see them go this morning, but I think he was also relieved to not have to share all of his toys any more!


Billy enjoyed the added attention as well. But it tuckered him out . . .


Billy won’t take a bottle (a great frustration for his momma) so we are working on the sippy cup. He LOVES it, at least with water in it. If he sees that cup before he finishes eating his meals, there is no getting him to eat–he has a one track mind.


He has been a noisy toad since birth, but now it is sounding a lot more like words. To Kevin’s delight, Billy sticks his chin out, closes his eyes, and repeats “da da da da da.” With those two little teeth hanging out, it is irresistible!


Billy weighed in at 19 lbs 2 oz at the doctor’s office last week.


A pirate says, "ARGH!"

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The boys and I went to a craft store yesterday and we walked past the Halloween decoration display. Ricky started talking about all the dinosaurs and I was completely confused, for there wasn’t a single dinosaur in the Halloween display. Then he said, “Momma, a pirate dinosaur!” Sure enough, there was a pirate SKELETON. Somewhere in his little head, he’s equaled dinosaur bones with all skeletons. No matter what I said, he was convinced that all those bones in the display were pirate dinosaurs!

Poppy, I AM a child of God!

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The title is what Ricky loudly proclaimed at church yesterday after singing “Popcorn popping on the ice cream tree” during the sacrament.

Last Monday was Hooper (pronounced with an “oo” sound like good, book, put, hooker–just for those of you who still question the way we say it) Tomato Days. We started the day at the baby contest where Billy looked beautiful, but the judges must have been paid off because he didn’t win anything. Of course, there were at least 2 dozen babies and only 5 prizes, but we still thought he was the most adorable. We had fun looking at the booths and teaching Ricky about carnival games and seeing a 315 pound pumpkin. Later was the dog race. Trouble came in a very close second in his race, but poor Daisy was a little confused and ran to the sidelines to be with Trouble rather than for the finish line!


How could this face not have won? He even flirted with the judges!


Here’s Ricky on the cute little train ride. It was a super hot day out and after the second time around, he was about to fall asleep.


The boys and I try to take Kevin lunch once a week and we picnic at this great little park right by Kevin’s office. Ricky does more playing than eating and we all have a good time.




Billy enjoys watching Ricky play. He still has only two teeth.


We had a horrible experience sending Ricky to preschool last week. He was fine–loved being with the kids and no problems leaving me, but the teacher was another story. I’ll sum up by saying she told me things about Ricky’s lagging development that made me unenroll him from the school and want to spit nails. She then arrived on my doorstep two days later incredibly apologetic and almost begging me to let Ricky come back. I told her I’d think about it for next year, but we’d just take care of ourselves this year. It did my heart good to see her acknowledge her mistake about my brilliant son! Anyway, here he is all ready for preschool (after the fact I find the face completely appropriate).


One of Billy’s favorite things to do is suck on his toes.


This weekend we had fun with Aunt Wendi and Aunt Sheri who came and stayed with us. Ricky loved playing with them and Billy liked watching them, as long as they weren’t touching him!


Uncle David, Aunt Amber and cousin Jackson came up Sunday and we had a really nice visit. Ricky skipped his nap and the more tired he got, the more he called Jackson “Cousin Danny” and Uncle David “Uncle Dan.”


My boys may not be perfect, but I think they are completely wonderful!


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