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In Ricky speak that time is “Seven, Oh, another Oh, four, eye.” That is what he loudly told us the other morning when we were trying to sleep in after a tough night with Billy (he’s teething again) and Kevin having a cold. And when Kevin tried telling him that it was still time to be asleep, Ricky told him, “No, Poppy. The clouds are awake!” And that was that, after all, who can stay in bed when the clouds are awake?

The many faces of Billy

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All taken within 3 minutes (and he took the sock off himself):


sock-off-2.jpg   sock-off-3.jpg

sock-off-4.jpg   sock-off-5.jpg


Billy is so proud of himself when he figures out how to do a real clap!


Ricky is very excited about Billy being able to “play” with him now.


Sometimes it is tricky to get Billy’s shirts off . . .


and Ricky thinks it is funny  . . .


and tries to copy him!


Finally, a sneak peak at the puppy to be come Halloween.



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I’m cheating. My friend Tawnie tagged me in this “6 things about you” game and instead of talking about the deep dark recesses of myself, I’ll divulge some info about my boys! (Trust me, it would probably be easier to tell about myself).

The rules:
A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. Ricky hates the scary parts of movies. It doesn’t even have to be really scary. He will charge out of the tv room and hide in the laundry room or in his bedroom until he thinks the scene is over. For example, when the monster/fish with the light on its head chases Nemo or when Monstro the Whale swallows Pinocchio.

2. Billy smiles whenever our cat Hunter licks his head (which seems to be an awful lot). It used to make him cry when he was just little, probably because it was so rough on his bald head, now he just smiles and looks around to find the cat.

3. Ricky memorizes things very quickly. Whether he will reguritate them when you want is a different story. He learned the signs at our sign language class really fast this summer and it only takes one, maybe two, times of reading a story before you can pause and he’ll fill in the missing word for you. When we read “Green Eggs and Ham” he can do all of Sam’s lines and he gets them almost perfect.

4. Billy is a very picky drinker. He only likes Mother’s Milk straight from the source and water, preferably in a sippy cup but he will take a few swigs from a bottle. Mother’s Milk in a cup or a bottle immediately gets the stiff lips, as do juice and formula. (any suggestions on this one would be appreciated).

5. One story is never enough for Ricky. Once you start, you’d better be prepared for a minimum of three. And if you try telling him that you will only read 3 stories, he’ll start upping the ante. “No, just 5 stories.”

6. Both boys adore their dad. I guess I’m just a regular fixture because they light up as soon as Kevin comes home and he had better not delay picking Billy up! But on this same note, both boys are sensitive to Kevin’s facial hair. Even 5 o’clock shadow makes their cheeks get red spots–these spots only last 30 minutes or so, but they get them every time.

So there are a few tidbits about my boys. I guess I’m supposed to tag others, but I stink at that, so if you read this and want to put something about you on your blog . . . I would love to read it!

Never turn your back on the ocean . . .

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or on Ricky while he is finger painting!



We went up Ogden Canyon for some family pictures on Tuesday. We’re hoping the photographer was able to get something good with Ricky’s camera aversion. We took a couple with our camera to tide me over until we get the shots from the photographer,



And I just love this picture, so I’m putting it on again (blogger’s prerogative).


Good nights again!

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I may be jinxing myself but Billy slept through the night the last two nights!  Billy had spent about a week waking up twice a night so this has been heaven.  He is now a good roller–front to back, back to tummy, and on slippery floors, he scoots backwards like a pro.  Billy is funny though, he doesn’t roll over in bed or even kick off his blankets.  I guess it is funny to us because we still can’t keep blankets on Ricky.

Speaking of bed, Ricky loves to imitate Billy and be with him.  The other morning, Billy woke up from his nap and Ricky got to him before I did.  I found two boys squealing and kicking their legs when I got there.


Billy still won’t take milk from a bottle or sippy cup, but he does enjoy his water that way.  He’s even gotten pretty good at holding his own cup and the other day he was holding his bottle–too cute.



Taking pictures is a challenge.  Billy likes the flash, so he stares at the camera, but Ricky, who says “cheese” and has lots of smiles, often refuses to look any where near the camera.



We had a visit from Cousin Danny on Sunday.  Ricky just loves his now crawling cousin.


I’m sure Dan and Kevin never expected to have their picture taken together so much!


And then there is Billy’s face!  He is very expressive and very good at squinting his eyes and raising his right eyebrow.




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