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Our house has been full of germs for the last week and a half. Enough said.


Just before Thanksgiving, Billy got his first hair cut (trim really). Those newborn hairs had just gotten too long. He wiggled and squirmed and I was glad it didn’t have to be a great hair cut!







We celebrated Cousin Danny’s first birthday that Sunday. Ricky loved pushing Danny on his new car.


Aunt Kym taught Billy how to break the pickle (swat the fingers apart and then get tickled). Billy gives you a sheepish look before he hits your hands and nose dives into his lap giggling before you even tickle him.


Billy adores Kevin!


We spent the night before and the day of Thanksgiving at Tim and Kym’s home in Cottonwood Heights. The whole fam came for dinner and games and it was a great holiday.



Ricky playing blocks with Uncle Tony.


With cousins, Shaelynn and Talon.


Ricky has learned how to spell truck. He takes magnet letters and spells it perfectly (okay, so the letters may be turned backwards, but they are in the right order).


Tonight we were singing “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” while fixing dinner. When we got to the line, “Santa came to say . . .” Ricky let loose, “Ho ho ho ho. Ho ho ho ho hoho hoho. Ho hoho ho ho hoho ho hoho.” On and on he went and I just had to patiently wait for Santa to be done before the song could go on. Eventually, it was time to finish the song! He cracks us up . . . and he has regained ALL of his energy after being sick on and off for a week and a half. Too bad I haven’t!

Sleepless Nights

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I don’t know if it is because they miss their father or if Billy’s teething (I swear those top teeth will never break through) or growth spurts or what, but I do not have good sleepers this week.  Tuesday night, Billy was up every 2 hours and Ricky was up twice.  So, since we were all a bit tired, yesterday was interesting.  To top it off, neither boy took a good afternoon nap.  We went over to Grandmama’s for dinner and Ricky was singing along with the cd of Primary songs that I had playing.  Mom wasn’t home yet, but I let Ricky in and went back to get Billy, telling Ricky to take off his shoes and jacket.  By the time I got back into the house, Ricky looked like this . . . ricky-sleeping.jpg

So Ricky took a little nap before dinner.  There was a not so little drool puddle on the arm of the chair when I woke him up!  And while he slept, Billy played nicely in his play pen, creating a not little drool puddle on his shirt!


FYI, last night was a little better . . . after Billy woke up at 11:45 and screamed for an hour, he slept much better.  I miss having a tag team partner at times like that.

Everybody misses Kevin

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Yesterday afternoon, I was rocking Billy (and internet surfing) and he fell asleep on my lap (nothing unusual there).  Ricky was watching a cartoon and came and sat on my feet which I had propped on the ottoman (nothing too unusual there either).  Then our cat Maggie hopped onto my lap (she’s done this a lot lately–I think she likes the warmth when it is cold outside).  Shortly after Maggie, Hunter, another cat, hopped on (he’s been sitting on Kevin’s lap lately).   And, Linus, our incredibly scaredy cat, jumped up for a few moments (he didn’t stay long–Hunter bit his ear).  Everybody must be missing Kevin!  I didn’t get a picture with Linus, but here are the rest . . .



The High Chair

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Out of convenience, Ricky has still been using his high chair until today (the thing was made for big kids–it fits him perfect now, but for the first year he had to sit on two phone books to reach above the tray). Anyway, today I gave the high chair to Billy. Ricky now gets a booster and seemed to accept the change, although when I called him for lunch, he went to the high chair.

Aunt Suzy stopped by today. I woke Ricky up from his nap and brought him down to say hello. When Suzy tried to say hello, Ricky started snoring. I’m not sure where he would have learned to fake snore to show that he was still sleeping–wink, wink. Aunt Suzy found it very funny!



And here is Billy sending a Hi wave to his Poppy (sorry it is a little big).



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Kevin left today for a business conference in San Francisco and Ricky doesn’t have a real grasp of the phrase “going on a trip.” His only real exposure to a trip is a cartoon about going to Mars (thank you, Backyardigans) and a 50 year old book about Bobby Bear taking a rocket trip. So when Kevin told Ricky that he was going on a trip, Ricky found his toy rocket and kept talking about riding the rocket with Poppy. Kevin had to explain that he was going on an airplane, not a rocket. Just before Kevin left today, Ricky told me that he wanted to go on the airplane with Poppy to Mars. After we dropped Kev off, Ricky cried about his Poppy going to Mars without him! So sad and so cute at the same time!

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