Ah, the fudge!

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How could I have forgotten to mention the fudge!  I made a couple of batches of fudge for our Christmas party Sunday and there were plenty of leftovers.  I took them to my mom’s today to share (and get the vicious things out of my house).   Ricky thinks fudge is just okay and could take or leave it.  Billy thought it was very delicious and we learned tonight just how much he’ll take it!

We were gathered in my mom’s sunroom to open gifts and visit and the boys were left to wander and play.  They are used to my mom’s house and I trust them to stay out of trouble there.   Plus, I have a nasty cold and wasn’t feeling like leaving the comfy chair I’d found.  So, when Billy walked in with one piece of fudge and a napkin . . . it was really cute.  He wiped his mouth and came to sit by Kevin and I while he ate it and it was no big deal.  A little bit later when he came back with another piece, I wasn’t as amused and sent Kevin to clean him up.  A little bit later in comes Billy with a piece of fudge in both hands, taking alternating bites–one from his left hand, one from his right hand, one from his left hand . . . I took the pieces away, was annoyed, and Billy was once again cleaned up.  Not 5 minutes later, or so it seemed, here is Billy AGAIN with a piece of fudge in each hand!  At that point, I pulled myself out of my chair and found the easily reachable plate of fudge and put it far out of his grasp!

This is just Billy.  Two of his favorite phrases are “s’more” for “some more” (I believe we first heard this in regard to my fudge) and “one more” said with his little pointer finger pointing to the sky.  This one can be said about anything–food, turns on the slide, times circling a chair–and rarely actual means that he will only do it one more time.  It is often repeated multiple times.  So 6 pieces of fudge in less than an hour?  Typical Billy.

Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads

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T’was the night before Christmas and all it took to finally get a 4 year old to bed was to tell him that Santa couldn’t come until he was sound asleep.  We also informed him that he had to stay in that room until his clock turned green (his alarm clock is silent but glows green at 7 am) so he wouldn’t catch Santa.   As he headed to his bed, I told him to dream of sugar plums and he giggled and giggled his way to his bed.

Here is Ricky ready for bed (complete with Santa hat and last year’s somewhat fitting pjs).



We had the video camera running this morning when the boys were opening gifts, but we did snap a few pictures.  Ricky finally got the long awaited Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Santa totally scored–it was a huge hit!


We gave the boys these very fun “wiggle cars” (they propel themselves by wiggling the steering wheel side to side) and Billy thinks they are fabulous!


Billy was overwhelmed by the day (and not really thrilled to have been woken up at 7 am) but he still managed a big smile.


Grandmama came over for breakfast and gifts this morning.  After she braved our snow storm and headed home, the boys played and played until we made them take baths (not usually something we have to “make” them do–they usually go willingly).  Then Billy and I took a nap.  While we were sleeping, Kevin and Ricky read the Christmas story from the Bible.  Kevin, who loves asking Ricky thinking questions, asked “What was Jesus’ last name?”  He expected Ricky to say “Christ,” naturally.  Ricky is rarely predictable though.  His very quick response was, “King of the Jews.”  Well, okay then, son.

We spent the late afternoon and evening with Grandmama and some of my family (the storm kept a few away).  The boys were very spoiled and we are very grateful for everyone’s generosity.  As always, Uncle Tim watched carefully as we opened his gift.  Here he is with his womenfolk.


The snow storm had really picked up by the time we went home.  Ricky thinks all the snow is great and can’t wait to build Frosty tomorrow.  I’m thankful Kevin has tomorrow off so he can be the one to go out and help Ricky!

Here are the boys in their new Christmas jammies and showing off a few of their favorite toys.



It was a great Christmas!  The boys are sound asleep and ready for a day of play tomorrow!  Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when you have little ones to share it with!  (And homemade flannel pjs are supposed to start big–they always shrink later.  At least that’s the story I’m sticking to!)




On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . .

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“a pirate treasure in a pear tree.”  This evening for family night, we sang Christmas songs.  One of Ricky’s favorites is “The 12 Days of Christmas.”  He and Billy danced and stomped around while Kevin and I sang, but we would pause and let Ricky finish off each verse with what was given on the first day.  I’m pretty sure our true love gave us a pirate treasure instead of some silly old partridge!

We were singing the Christmas songs from a book and one of the songs was “We Three Kings.”  Kevin explained to Ricky that another name for those kings was the wise men.  Ricky took that as his cue to start singing, “The wise man built his house upon the rock.  The wise man built his house upon the rock . . .”  We never did end up singing “We Three Kings.”

Last night we hosted our 3rd Annual Family Christmas Party.  Ricky gets so excited when family comes to our house that for a few moments he loses all control and runs screaming his delight.  Then he settles down and just enjoys all the attention and love.  Both boys especially love when Cousin Danny comes to play.

Aunt Suzy has to work on Christmas Day, and since we aren’t certain we’ll see her, she shared gifts last night.  Ricky had to close his eyes before she brought the present out . . .


And it was worth it to get a new baby jaguar (or leopard–makes no difference to him, or to Billy who just calls it a “roar”)


Here is Billy getting some of that uncle and cousin love (sorry about the face, Skyler) . . . please note the elephant Billy is holding.


Noting the elephant was important because of this picture.  Billy decided that he was supposed to ride the elephant down the slide, over and over and over . . .


Here is a quick guitar lesson from Uncle Tony.


And Billy.  Oh that boy.  He decided to climb the cat house/tower.  This isn’t a big deal and makes for a cute picture, but just moments later when he was trying to get down, Billy got stuck.  It took Grandmama a good minute to un-stuck him!


Aunt Suzy gave all the adults emergency preparedness toilets.  They are pretty cool to have on hand should we ever need them (a bucket with a seat and all the accompanying supplies inside).  They made for a few choice Kodak Moments!  Ricky saw what it was and asked if he could use it!  I explained that we only get to use it if our house toilets aren’t working and he asked when that would be.  I had Kevin hide it in the garage so we don’t get surprised by him one day!



After all the excitement, the boys went to bed willingly, but Billy didn’t sleep well.  He might have had an ear ache (he does have a bit of a runny nose).  Anyway, I rocked him back to sleep and I guess my lap was cold or Billy needed some additional comfort because Hunter just couldn’t resist.  And then Kevin couldn’t resist taking a few “ahhhh” pictures.



(oh and that belly has just 7 weeks left–but who’s counting)

Where are you going tomorrow?

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Ricky asks me this many times  every day.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom and I really don’t go that many places during the week.  The question gets old really fast!  I have been gone more since getting my new assignment for my church and I think he is sensitive to that.

Ricky is just sensitive all around.  If Kevin and I disagree too loudly, he’ll step right in to remind us to be nice.  Then there are times like tonight . . . We hosted a family soiree, part of which was a white elephant gift exchange.  The first gift I opened was a mug decorated like a s’more.  Apparently, Ricky really like it because a little bit later when I traded it for a painting my brother had done, Ricky started to cry!  “Momma, I wanted you to have that mug.”  It actually took Kevin receiving a giant Jazz foam finger as his gift for Ricky to totally calm down about it.  Even then, his last words to me before bed were, “Next time can you get a fun mug like that?”

Another sweet thing he did started as a conversation with Kevin because the batteries in his (Ricky’s) electric toothbrush are dying.  Kevin mentioned that maybe for Christmas Ricky could get some new batteries for it.  Ricky was a bit concerned, “But, Poppy, I want a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Christmas.”  Kevin explained that he could have both and assumed the conversation was over.  That same day, Kevin took the morning off work so that he could help with Ricky’s preschool Christmas party (Ricky’s teacher was stunned that a dad would take time off work to help out).   Part of the party included going around the class and the kids sharing what they wanted for Christmas.  When Miss Cherie asked Ricky what he wanted, he paused and then said thoughtfully, “Some batteries for my toothbrush.”  His teacher was very taken aback by that since he has made his wish for a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse very well known!  I wish I could have seen her face.  I guess Kevin just started laughing!

My mom finds some of the best deals!  The lady across the street was moving and my mom went to say good-bye and the lady gave her a toddler playground toy.  It was dirty, but in perfect shape and has been a sanity saver in my home!  I cleaned it up and brought into our family room for the boys to climb all over and exert their endless energy!


Ricky’s favorite part is the telescope.  He HAD to look at the moon out the window the first night we had it (actually, the first morning, since the window faces west and the moon is only out that window in the mornings right now but I digress . . . )


This is Billy learning the hard way that if he doesn’t sit right, he can (and will) fall out of the swing.  There were no tears shed in the making of this picture.


He figured it out and is now a pro.


And Billy is still working on understanding what the telescope is all about.


Not only is their energy never-ending, so are their displays of affection to each other . . .


Our home is full of love . . .


2 Quick Billy-isms

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What does it sound like when Billy mimics Ricky’s rendition of “Frosty the Snowman?”    Fwosty . . . No . . . Man . . . Happy . . . Uh . . . Fwosty . . . No . . . Man . . . Happy . . . (gotta get that on tape)

What does Billy do when Ricky is away at school?   Gets his (Ricky’s) toothbrush out of the drawer and scrubs the face of my old baby doll while singing the ABCs —  A B C D E F G H I mumble mumble mumble  A B C D E F G H I mumble mumble mumble  (we sing the ABCs to help Ricky know how long to brush his teeth).

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