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Here are just a few things the boys have been doing lately. We have so much snow. I’m just surprised that there haven’t been any snow days this year . . . even the morning we woke up to 8 inches and it was still snowing. At least my boys aren’t in school yet, so we just hang out at home and avoid going out whenever possible. Grandmama took Ricky out for a sled ride the other day. They tried to get Duchess to ride along, but she preferred walking in the packed path behind the sleigh (since the snow is deeper than she is tall, she didn’t sink into the snow on the path).



I like dressing the boys alike–it makes for easy dressing decisions in the morning and they just look so cute! Here they are in an outfit they got for Christmas. For now, Ricky thinks it is fun to match Billy. However, Ricky does NOT like looking at cameras these days, so I went for both of them looking away (a photographer’s technique–or maybe it is just less hassle taking pictures this way).



Ricky enjoys watching “Go, Diego, Go” and Diego’s sidekick is Baby Jaguar. So when Ricky realized he had this stuffed jaguar toy, he dragged it around everywhere, showing “Baby Jaguar” the ropes. Here Baby Jaguar is “getting him.” Uncle Tony attached the cat to Ricky’s shirt and it wouldn’t come off. After a few minutes, I think Ricky was actually getting nervous about the situation.

baby-jaguar.jpg baby-jaguar-two.jpg

There is no holding Billy back now. He’s a mover and his favorite method of transportation is cruising along furniture, walls, my legs . . . Nothing is safe from him either. He loves my measuring cups, anything with buttons, and he’s even learned how to flush the toilet! Here he got into a box of homemade pillowcases and spread them across the floor.


"Close your eyes, I have a surprise for you!"

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Ricky says this to me several times a day–he also says it to Kevin, my mom, my visiting teachers, my sister . . . anyone he encounters throughout the day.  Then “Open your eyes!!”  Ricky pulls out from behind his back whatever the toy of the moment is . . . a baby jaguar toy, a truck, a rock, his socks.  The catch to Ricky’s little game, is that he doesn’t actually GIVE you the surprise.  He just expects you to look at it (don’t even try touching it) and get excited about it.  However, if you play the game back, Ricky fully expects to KEEP the surprise you have for him.  A bit of a double standard, but so cute . . . the first 50 times a day!

He crawls!!

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Billy has finally decided to take the leap and officially crawls! It is slow and calculated, but he is on his hands and knees. He also got tooth number 4 yesterday. Two on top and two on bottom. Short and sweet.

Snow and more snow

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We’ve gotten a lot of snow the last couple of weeks. During Billy’s nap this morning, Ricky and I headed out. It wasn’t good snowman snow, although we tried.







Kevin got these headphone/noise reducer thingies recently. He uses them when he uses his chain saw for our firewood. Ricky thinks he hears music through them, so Ricky puts them on and starts singing and dancing!



Both boys adore the cats. Billy is fascinated with their tails and whiskers. Hunter has loved Billy from the start–sleeping with him, licking his head, etc.–and he loves to share my lap with Billy. Yesterday, I had the camera nearby. It is a little fuzzy, but you can see the love . . .


Ricky spoiled us in many ways and one of those was by never really putting things into his mouth. Well, Billy is breaking us in big time! Everything from old Cheerios to tiny pieces of lint get popped right in that mouth. Here it is the fate of a fish finger puppet.


A few more

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With Kevin off work for a week, Ricky got really bad at calling us by the wrong names.  I get “Pop-momma . . .” all day, but I love hearing Kevin be “Moppy.”

Ricky advanced into the Sunbeam class at church this last Sunday.  It was such a big change that I don’t think he had a chance to miss the toys in the Nursery.  We were a bit nervous about how he’d do, since sitting still is not his forte, but his teacher (a master of tact) said he knew just what to do once they started singing time and that he really enjoyed the songs.  He has been singing a few new songs this week, so he must have been paying attention at least a little bit.  Heaven help us!

Grandmama has a Santa face for the Mr. Potato Head that lives there, but my boys found other uses for the beard . . .




Billy is still mastering those eating skills.


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