More of Billy turning One!

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On Billy’s birthday, my mom came over and we had a few more cupcakes and opened a few more gifts. Now that it is over, when Ricky thinks he’s done enough sharing (especially of Billy’s toys), he will tell me, “It’s not Billy’s birthday any more!”

Another candle


More yummy cake


A mischievous grin


A full tummy


Billy actually got into opening his gifts–with both hands!billy-present-1.jpg

Books always score big with Billy (and Ricky, too).


He thought this present was great (a Little People house)


Ricky thinks so, too!


Saturday was Ricky’s first Primary activity. They did a mini-Olympics and this is Ricky at the beginning doing the opening parade with flags. Ricky was so excited to go to a “party with 100 friends.” There were only 40 or so kids, but Ricky thought 100 sounded better!


And to help combat our cabin fever, I put together for the boys this mini-ball pit. Ricky likes to just sit in it and play with his toys and thinks Billy should sit in it all the time. Billy, on the other hand thinks it is just okay.


And this is Billy’s favorite form of communication–pointing and grunting!


We are Family

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I tried to get a picture of Billy with everyone in my family on Sunday–for his birthday soiree–but I missed a shot of him with his poppy. Here he is celebrating his almost first birthday with everyone–he did get a bit tired of the picture taking, which explains his face in a few of these. And, I didn’t think to take the pictures until we’d already stripped him down to his undershirt for the cake eating event. So pardon the underwear!

with-gma.jpg with-girls.jpg with-diane.jpg with-dan-and-danny.jpg with-cathy.jpg with-boys.jpg with-john.jpg with-kym.jpg with-momma.jpg with-suzy.jpg with-tim.jpg with-tony.jpg  with-ricky.jpg 

"We have a problem here"

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Last night, we were at my mom’s to celebrate my birthday and my mom left the room to go get something.  Ricky, kick in the pants that he is, suddenly stands up and says, “oh-oh, we have a problem here.”  Kevin and I thought he’d had an accident or something so we asked what was wrong and to that Ricky replied, “Grandma is missing!”  We laughed and laughed about that one.

Sunday we had a family birthday party to celebrate Billy’s upcoming birthday.  It was fun having everyone over and Ricky and Billy had fun playing with everyone, especially Cousin Danny.  Here are a few “Kodak Moments” from our soiree:







These two are from last Sunday.



Caution: Splash Zone

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The boys absolutely love taking baths and taking them together makes it that much more fun! At times the splashing gets so out of hand that the shower curtain just has to be closed. Actually, they are really good together and the scary splashing only happens when we give our permission. Here are a few carefully taken shots. You can actually see Billy’s two front teeth in a couple of them.






The snow hasn’t stopped although the forecast calls for hot weather this weekend: 39 or even 40 degrees! Break out the swimsuits! These are the icicles outside our kitchen doors. They were about down to the doorknob when Kevin took this picture.

Billy had his first fight . . . with a Little Person. And he won. He did come out with this little shiner though. This is the best picture we could get of it–they always look better in person. Details? Billy was standing up against Kevin’s leg, let go, lost his balance, and face planted onto a Little Person (Fisher Price toy person). I think it was two different ones, he had a bruise above his eye the first day too. Billy has somewhat dark circles under his eyes anyway, so look close at his left eye and you can see the bruise a little.


And just because I love monkey lips . . .


"H . . . E . . . N spells Chicken!"

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Also, according to Ricky, “D . . . O . . . G spells puppy.” He has a toy with three letter words followed by a picture of that word and he’s catching on to the dog not a puppy one, but he lets me know that it is a picture of a chicken and not a hen.

Billy now has tooth number 5 (three on top and two on bottom). This one came down so fast we were caught off guard–the others have taken so long. He is a great eater and loves to feed himself. Drinking is another story. He likes using a cup, but the liquid (only water is allowed–his rule, not ours) just rolls right out of his open mouth and down his chin. Endearing, but frustrating for those of us who would like to be finished with the whole breastfeeding thing. This morning, I reused a bib on him for breakfast. He’d used it yesterday and it didn’t look too dirty. The bib is the kind with a pocket on the bottom to catch crumbs. Well, I was loading the dishwasher and letting him play with his cup when I realized he was chewing something. I watched him and he was digging into that pocket and pulling out leftovers! Cheerios, nasty banana chunks, hard clumps of cheese! Gross, but he was perfectly content.










With all the snow we’ve had, I keep Billy in the house as much as possible. I hate having my babies sick and so he experiences the snow by watching out the doors by his play pen. He talks to the dogs (which is why that window isn’t very clear–nose smudges) and really loves to watch Kevin and Ricky playing outside. He cheers them on and babbles about what they are doing.



Ricky has been somewhat hesitant to lie on his back in the snow, but Kevin finally got him to do a snow angel this weekend. Once he started, Ricky loved it and made several. Then he had to come inside and tell me all about it.


This is as brown-eyed as my boys get . . .



He’s always had a great tongue!


Ricky earned a remote control car (part of our potty training efforts) and we don’t let him play with it a whole lot. It just has one button that moves the car forward or backwards depending on how much he presses it or how long he presses it or just completely random as far as I am concerned. The thing turns and spins as it pleases too. Ricky adores this about the car. He squeals and runs and jumps and pretends that the car is going to get him. Here are a few shots from his last racing session.


Next is a jump so “The King” doesn’t get his toes.


The random steering adds to the number of times we have to pull the thing out from under the couch. And the car drives the cats a bit crazy too!


And here Ricky is running away from the car . . .


Usually Ricky isn’t interested in anything having to do with Billy’s food. He finds the stuff repulsive and does not hide his distaste. Even now that Billy is eating mostly table food, Ricky still isn’t really interested. But he wanted to help feed Billy the other day, so we grabbed the camera for it. After two or three spoonfuls, Ricky was done and went on his merry way. He didn’t do so bad–got Billy’s mouth each time!


I don’t know that Billy actually saw anything through Ricky’s “noculars” but he had fun trying.