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Billy is starting to make sounds that resemble words and it is lots of fun.  He is good at “Momma” and “Dada” except he thinks Kevin is momma and I’m the dada.  We’ll fix that shortly!  Billy can say “key” for kitty, “daw” for dog, and “roar” in a low rumbly voice (this is what a lion says).  He waves “bye-bye” really well and his way of saying “all gone” is to put up both hands and wave them.   Billy isn’t walking yet, but as soon as he is brave enough, he will take off running.

Ricky is learning how to sound out words and knows a few words by sight.  He knows cat and dog and Ricky and Billy, and a few others.  Vowels are still tricky, but he amazes us everyday.  We were sorting through some boxes and Ricky came over and read the label on one box.  He said, “b-o-o-k-s.  Book.”  The stinker!  I wish I could take the credit, but he’s picked this up  on his own.  Thanks, PBS!

Here comes Peter Cottontail

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We had a nice, yet quiet Easter. With part of my family out of town, we just did Easter by ourselves yesterday. Ricky was very excited about the Easter Bunny coming and had been letting me know for weeks that the Easter Bunny would be bringing him a basket with eggs and a train in it. So no one was surprised that he and Billy had new train cars in their Easter baskets! After church and dinner (complete with made-from-scratch carrot cake with cream cheese and pecan frosting, thank you very much) we went out back and let the boys hunt down some eggs. Billy was more interested in the dirt pit (hopefully it will be grass again soon–stupid septic tank) than the eggs, which just left Ricky all the more fun. We are still lucky in that Ricky isn’t a candy eater, so his fun was just finding the eggs–most of which had last Easter’s candy still in them! And unless I get ambitious (not likely) that candy will be stored in the eggs again until next year! Daisy did manage to get herself some of the candy before Ricky got all the eggs!

Ricky is very cute at singing “Here comes Peter Cottontail” and since we don’t ever remember the rest of the words, he has a great time making them up! Here are a few shots from our day.brothers2.jpg





Poor, poor Daisy. It is hard to be so loved!





This egg is flying! Billy has a great arm and he shows if off, frequently. When he gets mad, watch out!




Our boys love cats. Maggie questions whether or not this is a good thing.


And here they are making music with their boxes of Whoppers. Who needs to eat the candy when it makes such excellent instruments!


A La Carte

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Billy has learned to give kisses!  If he is in the mood and you make the kissy sounds at him, he’ll lean his little open mouth at your lips.  It is very sweet, yet can be very slobbery!

I got this bean bag for Ricky some time ago and with all the baby paraphernalia around, it’s been living in storage.  I pulled it out a week or so ago and Billy thinks it is delightful!  He crawls over to it and leans back, sometimes hitting it, sometimes landing on the floor.  Billy loves playing with these cat toys (feathers on a stick) and our cats love that he loves playing with them–they pounce all around him which just makes him giggle!



And another top ranked toy–the remote controls!


We had a fun St. Patrick’s Day.  Trying to teach Ricky about some of these holidays is a little harder than I thought it would be, but he had fun hearing about leprechauns and eating green food (pudding is on his okay list) and even catching Poppy without green on and pinching him!  Don’t we all look great in green?


We call this position “free spankings.”  Billy thinks it is funny (you should hear his giggle)!


We are having some warm weather and the mud is dried so we have headed outside.  Both boys think that it is the best thing ever!  Ricky is exploring and Billy just crawls and crawls heading in no particular direction!  Here is Ricky after he discovered “Bambi’s momma” in Grandmama’s backyard!


Billy will most likely not be a roller coaster enthusiast.  I’ve discussed his dislike for shopping carts and his stroller, but this week we saw it with the swing.  He was not happy about being put in it . . .


and he was less happy about it moving . . .


and then he went to his happy place and accepted his fate that he was stuck in the swing for a while.


Ricky often doesn’t want anything to do with feeding Billy, but he decided he wanted to help the other day.   Billy didn’t mind.


His aim was pretty good, too.


Shopping Carts?

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Billy is the sweetest thing! He is also very quirky! Last week, we had a warm day so into the stroller the boys went so we could take a walk. Billy screamed the entire 20+ minutes of the walk. It was his first time in that particular stroller, so I assumed that was all it was. Today I begin to think otherwise. We went to Target and as soon as he was put in that shopping cart, Billy started kicking and crying and trying to hide his head in his lap and cling to me to get him out of there NOW! Of course, since I am a cruel mom, I left him in and he calmed down after a minute. But as soon as we headed outside to the car, he felt the fresh air and started all over again! Not exactly sure what is up with that, and when I’m not in the middle of it, it is pretty funny (heck, Suzy was with us and laughing as it was happening).

Billy is just very sensitive. We were there to visit the portrait studio for his one year pictures (which are all dang cute) and
as soon as we set him down to take the pictures, he screamed and cried and just held on to me for dear life. This made for a really cute crying picture, but very frustrating when you want him smiling. We finally gave him a cell phone to play with and he calmed down enough to get some adorable pictures–can’t wait to get them in!

He isn’t walking yet–he actually gets mad when I try to make him stand without holding on (he whines and immediately falls to his knees). But Billy is getting close. I catch him looking at a toy and not holding on several times a day. Billy loves his pacifier and has them stashed all over the house (Kevin went on a hunt over the weekend and rounded up 9 of them, which I think is all that we ever bought). For naps and bedtime, he is happiest with one in his mouth and one in each hand. As I type, he’s found one who knows where and it is dangling from his lips. The best is when he spits it out. The force behind that spit is impressive. But Billy is a spitter. If he doesn’t want to eat something, he just starts spitting at you. If he is mad, he spits that pacifier out or spits at his bottle to let you know that they are NOT what he is interested in.  Again, frustrating but so cute you really don’t mind.

And for anyone interested–he is fully weaned and has been for 2 1/2 weeks! Can you hear the angels singing?

Spring Showers?

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My sister has spent a lot of time playing with the boys this last week (she’s in-between jobs right now) and they LOVE it!!  Ricky especially loves her “rain storms” which include thunder sound effects and then the dumping of balls on his head.  Billy is pretty surprised by the falling balls each time!






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