Snips and Snails

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Little boys never stop. They never stop singing, dancing, jumping, talking, screaming, eating, spitting, splashing, playing, throwing, wrestling, and tormenting each other . . . at least in this house! They do stop sleeping! Ricky is up at the crack of dawn.

Ricky’s current song of choice is “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad.” He belts it at the top of his lungs and misses half the words and it is SOOOO adorable! My mom took him to the barber Saturday (their monthly outing) and told me that he was sitting in the chair wearing the cape and belting out that song followed by “B-I-N-G-O.” I guess the barber thought it was so cute that he sang along with Ricky!

Ricky was given a pumpkin seed to plant as part of a Primary lesson a few weeks ago and he is so proud of the plant that has grown. He wanted a picture to show his teachers.

To get both boys to take afternoon naps, we initiated the “napping room” for Ricky. All it is is our guest room, but he is really good about napping in there which allows Billy to sleep in his crib in the boys’ bedroom. There is a double bed in the napping room and Ricky enjoys being able to sleep in any position that suits him!

We’ve been cheering on the Jazz . . . I love his little bum!

Billy loves putting things on his hands. He is often in his high chair while I’m fixing dinner and as soon as he sees my oven mitts, he starts grunting and pointing that he wants them! I hand them over and he’s got those fingers inside. Sometimes when I go to put socks on him, Billy sticks his hands in instead of his toes. He thinks it is so funny to have them on and I think it is funny watching him try to do things with them on!

Yesterday we went to the store with Billy (while Ricky was serenading the barber) and he was so sleepy by the time we were through! He usually falls asleep with a pacifier (a habit I’d love to break him of sooner than later), but he’d dropped it and this was the best substitute he could find.

Ricky has FINALLY decided to pedal. That boy can do so much, but he WON’T do it until he is ready–very frustrating for parents. Anyway, Kevin was working in the garage and pulled out the bigger trike that we originally bought him but was WAY too big at the time (could I use uppercase letters a LITTLE more in the paragraph). Ricky hopped on and rode around. Stinker. Billy wanted to ride too, so we took out his rocket and he scooted himself all around as well. There was the occasional crash, but everyone survived.

Happy Birthday to my dad!

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Today would have been my dad’s 70th birthday so I was making a cake.  Ricky was very disturbed by this.  He has been obsessing about his birthday lately and always asking me whose birthday is next and then next and then next until we get to his.  I’ve left my dad out of this list, so when I am suddenly throwing a birthday in, Ricky was NOT happy.  He started arguing with me (a current trend and one I am trying to put a quick stop to) that the next birthday was his cousin Andrew’s (whose is on Thursday) and no one could possibly have a birthday before then.  It actually was pretty funny how concerned he was about this cake.  Once I let him lick the beaters from my mixer, he quickly forgot that we were having a birthday not on his list.  (my apologies to Kevin’s family–I know that today is also cousin Grant’s birthday, but for confusions sake, we only talk about the ones we celebrate here with cake and candles)

I had never realized how often it is necessary to turn your back on your child–just so you can laugh without them knowing it.  This week Ricky was drawing with these marker/crayons that are very vibrant in color and very easy to color with.  I was doing dishes or fixing dinner or something and not fully paying attention to what Ricky was doing.  The next time I looked over at him, I had to quickly turn my back.  I almost had tears.  That boy had bright blue not only on his nose and as a mustache, but up each nostril as well.  I don’t know what he was doing, but just knowing that it wasn’t going to wash off very easily was more than I could stand.

This has turned a bit too bloggy, so I’m done.  We spent a lot of time outside last Monday when we had a day of 80 degree weather.  Kevin finally put together the wagon the boys got for Christmas from their grandparents.  For all of Billy’s distaste for strollers and shopping carts, he LOVED the wagon!  He laughed and giggled and smiled and had the best time riding around our backyard.




Billy is a food thrower.  The scene in “Tootsie” often comes to my mind at meal time.   It is funny to watch, not so funny to clean up.  But, if you give the boy a twinkie, very little of it ends up on the floor!


Friday I took the boys to Lehi to visit Uncle Dan, Aunt Cathy and Cousin Danny.  We had a good time playing outside with Danny’s other cousins, Jarrett and Chris–or as Ricky calls them “that boy in the yellow shirt” and “that boy in the red shirt.”  Don’t mind the stick in the first picture–5 little boys running around a back yard makes for interesting adventures.



And, for all of you who have been just dying of curiosity . . . our family room ceiling is exactly one Kevin and one Ricky tall.


Tooth Count now 9 with 10 and 11 approaching

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Billy’s top molars have broken through and those bottom ones are not far behind.  He still only has three bottom front teeth and we are beginning to question whether or not he’ll ever get that fourth one.  I don’t have my fourth bottom front tooth, but never thought it was something I’d pass on.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  (Thanks to a good dentist and orthodontist, no one would ever know that I was missing that particular tooth)  I am eagerly awaiting those teeth to be finished so that he will start sleeping well again.  Kevin handles most of the night time wakings, because I’m incredibly lucky, but they even disturb his naps and that just makes for one cranky baby by bed time.

Billy is getting good at calling Kevin and I “Da” and “Ma.”  What I find so interesting about this is that we refer to Kevin as “Poppy.”  Why?  Long story, but the short is that when Ricky was born, I just couldn’t call my husband daddy, but Poppy was okay.  If you ask Billy, “Where’s Poppy?” he will call out, “Daaaa!”  Ricky did the same thing.  It is very curious to me, since we rarely refer to Kev as daddy.    Now Ricky will say, “That’s my daddy.  His name is Poppy.”

Last night I ran into the teacher of the preschool that wouldn’t let Ricky stay last fall (thought I was past all the bad feelings–guess I was wrong).  She asked if I’d ever gotten Ricky into a preschool and I told her that I’d chosen to just keep him home and her reply was “That was probably the right decision.”  While I know she was right, it has been the best thing to have Ricky home, I didn’t like HER saying it.  My little boy that wasn’t good enough for their preschool (based on one 2-hour class, mind you) has taught himself how to sound out words and is starting to read at 3 1/2.  The other night, he was looking as a book and we hear “grrrrr-uuu-mmm-py.  Grumpy.”  And it wasn’t even a picture of the dwarf, it was about a grumpy animal.   He loves figuring out words and points out words to me every where we go.   Not good enough for her preschool, my foot.

Monday was a beautiful weather day and Kevin took the day off of work.  We were all outside most of the day.  At one point Ricky fell on the rocks and, of course, I had him in shorts (it did get up to 80).  Both knees got scraped up pretty good.  After that, if he was thinking about his knees, he would walk with his legs partially bent and his back hunched over because “my knees have owies.”  All he needed was a cane and he was a picture perfect old man.  Two minutes later he’d be running again until we asked about his knees and then the old man returned.  It was pretty funny.

Billy Walks!!

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Yesterday our little boy took his first steps!  And not just one or two, he took off and walked 9 or 10 steps across the room!  I just LOVE these first wobbly steps!  He’s been ready for a while and finally got brave enough.  Give him a week and he’ll be running, I’m sure!





Sunday Cousin Danny came up to visit and my boys just adore him!  It is fun to see them all interact and play.  For some reason, Ricky is much more patient about sharing toys with Danny than he is Billy.  And Billy just wanted to do everything Danny did.



Billy is getting really good at doing stairs.  I am almost brave enough to let him go down them without me hovering within reach.  But he’s figured out the turn-around-and-slide-down-on-your-belly.


My boys get SOOOO excited when Kevin comes home!  Billy shrieks and yells until Kevin picks him up and Ricky usually runs for a hug.


Has Spring Sprung?

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Some days are warm enough to play outside and others aren’t. That’s the fun of Spring! Kevin added some dirt to the sand box and let the boys have at it the other day. Both loved it!

dirt-1.jpg dirt-3.jpg


Ricky has been very concerned about my “owie” and here he is showing off his healthy elbows for the camera.


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