Midnight Serenades

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Billy has taken to waking up in the middle of the night and talking . . . LOUDLY! Last night it went on for nearly two hours and woke all of us up. Ricky stumbled into our bed after about 90 minutes of Billy’s jabbering. So much of what he says is “momma, momma, momma” and it is not me he is referring to. Hee hee. Kevin is the momma to Billy. Sorry, still smiling. It makes me laugh every time.

We went to a missionary homecoming at our previous ward today. There was a musical number performed by the piano, two violins and a cello. Ricky noticed them and said, “Look at those instruments!” We asked him what instruments they were and he told us, “A fiddle, a guitar, and a violin!” Does that mean we are teaching him well or not so good?!

Ricky loves typing. He begs to use our laptops to spell words and most of them he does without our help. In this picture he is typing “the mouse went up the clock”–we haven’t even talked about Hickory Dickory Dock in a long time, but he started sounding out the words to spell them.

Billy loves that he can wander freely at my mom’s house (she has no stairs, so we close the bathroom doors and let him loose). One day I heard him coming down the hall with something and this is what he found . . . a miniature wagon. Now he drags it around with a miniature Snoopy taking a ride!

Billy discovered the cat hole last week. It lets the cats get into the basement where the litter box is, but keeps the kids out. I guess he wanted to see what was on the other side.

Billy has a thing for phones, especially my sister’s cell phone. I think he swiped this from her purse and then lounged on his bean bag chair to make some calls. While she was watching him for me, and playing with her phone, the house line rang. My sister checked the caller ID and saw that SHE was calling, or rather Billy was!

Ricky has been enjoying his trains this week, but he gets very frustrated when Billy gets into them. To solve the problem at Grandmama’s house, the train is up on a table and Ricky and his 10 trains (which must all be on the track at once) love it there.

And the best Mother’s Day present EVER for someone not born with a vacuuming gene . . . The Roomba! It is a robotic vacuum that with just a push of a button vacuums all by itself (without falling down stairs) while I do more interesting things! It is much quieter than our normal vacuum and 2 of the 3 cats don’t mind it at all. They even let the thing bump into them! Thank you, thank you, Kevin!

Sometimes we just want to remember

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We heard a splash, splash, splash.

Kevin said, “What are you doing, Ricky?  We don’t hold cups in our armpits!”

Ricky said, “Oh, I forgot!”

And we laughed.

More Ricky says . . .

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Ricky’s learned a new song, or at least his version of a new song: “Rain rain go away, come back on Mother’s Day.”  Guess we taught him a little too much about Mother’s Day!

Kevin gave Ricky the choice to go potty now, or go potty now (nope, no typo, those were the choices).  Ricky finally conceded to go to the bathroom, but wanted Kevin to read him a story while he waited for Mother Nature, but Kevin told him to look at the pictures now and they would read the story before bed.  Ricky said, “Poppy, you have a choice.  Read it right now or right now.”  As my dad would say, the boy is getting too big for his britches, but oh the laughter he brings!

What being a mom is all about.

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And the caption reads . . .

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This bean bag chair doesn’t stand a chance!  I’ve got the best body splash (not body slam, thank you, Uncle Dan) this side of the Hooper Slough!!

I’ve seen what his arm can do.  Put the car down softly, Billy.  Put the car down softly!

Think like a cat, think like a cat, think like a cat . . .

Everybody is envious of my drooling abilities.  No, really, they are!

Momma, was I supposed to get this stuff on my fingers?  Take it off, please!

This slide is so cool.  I am so cool in this hat.  Cool . . . c-o-o-l.

The “Spaghetti Facial.”  It is the in thing with all the babies!  The orange glow stays with you days!

Who created these things and why did my parents willingly put me in here?!

Okay, maybe a swing isn’t such a bad thing.  Maybe I’ll even giggle.

Look, Poppy!  I can push this cool wheelbarrow all by myself.  I’m so proud of me!

Oh, yeah?  Billy might be able to push it around, but he can’t run with it like me!!!

Look past the cute baby to see the ingenious method of playing tether ball developed right in our own back yard.  I believe the rules include throwing the ball as hard as you can and then ducking and walking under it.  Amazing!

What did you say?

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