Hello, Baby Cate!

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The boys got a new cousin on Saturday. Catherine Eva, aka Cate, was born late June 21. She was 4 weeks early and weighed in at just 4 lbs 7 oz and 16 1/2 inches. We went down to see Baby Cate today. The boys couldn’t see her because she is in the special nursery, but they had fun playing in Aunt Cathy’s hospital room with their cars and eating graham crackers.

Aunt Cathy and Uncle Dan are very happy that Baby Cate is here and doing as well as she is. Aunt Cathy was pretty sick and she is doing much better now.

She is really, really small. That is Dan’s hand in the pictures with her.

And as a side note for Kevin’s family . . . Sunday, Dan came out of the nursery and saw a man standing there whose name he knew was David, but he didn’t know why he knew his name. This David saw Dan (so the story was told) and knew he was his brother Kevin’s brother-in-law but not his name. In the bed next to Baby Cate is a baby that was born 6 weeks early (born Friday) and is the daughter of Amber’s brother. So, next to my brother’s baby is the baby of Kevin’s brother’s wife’s brother. Follow? Small world, isn’t it? Especially since David and Amber are only in town for the week.

Splash Happy

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Today we put up a new pool for the boys.  Billy was not exactly sure this was a good idea, but after about half an hour of Kevin forcing him, Billy finally warmed up to it and started splashing and enjoying himself (have I mentioned that he’s stubborn?).   Ricky was in the pool before it was even inflated!

Have I mentioned Billy’s tendency to throw things?

Kevin had a great time playing with the boys–I put my feet in a little bit.

Billy was saying several things today that we totally understood!  He said “ball” and “hat” a lot and he clicked his tongue for a drink (he does this a lot).  Then, while he was playing in the pool, he kept throwing things or splashing and afterwards he would say “doh,” Homer Simpson fashion.   A little disconcerting, but dang cute!

I got a great deal on some sunglasses for the boys–now if they will just keep them on!

"Momma, I'm not buggin' you!"

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My sister, bless her soul, taught Ricky how to “bug” his older cousin this weekend.  Or how to tell his cousin to stop “buggin” him.  I’m not sure which.  Either way, she taught him the phrase and what it means.

When Ricky doesn’t obey or is mean to Billy or some such thing, he pays for his crime with a toy.  The toy lives in my closet until I think he’s ready to earn it back.  Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, as with all discipline techniques.   What often happens, is a day or two later, Ricky comes up and tells me something like, “Momma, I’m sorry I pushed Billy with my head” or “Momma, I can listen now” or “Momma, I’m not sitting on the cat anymore.”  I can tell he is up to something, so my reply is, “Okay, what do you want out of the closet?”  And he lets me know.

So, with that background, I was sitting on the couch, reading a book and Ricky climbed up, sat nicely next to me and smiled.  I knew something was up, so I just looked at him.  Finally, with a super sweet smile, Ricky said, “Momma, I’m not buggin’ you!”  I laughed and told him he was right, he wasn’t bugging me.  He then asked for a toy out of the closet!  I have never made him give me a toy for bugging me, so I’m not sure he really earned the toy, but he was so sweet about it, that I gave in.

June Bugs!

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The real June bugs have not shown their heads yet, but our boys think that they should be outside all the time, make funny sounds, and press their noses to screen doors whenever they get the chance. They are loving the warm weather and sunshine.

Billy is really good at picking things up. For instance, one day I was cleaning up some tinker toys and he just came right over and started putting them in the box with me. He does stuff like that all the time–if only this trend will continue!! There were a lot of packing peanuts around Kevin’s Father’s Day present and he kept picking them up and throwing them away. Strange thing to take pictures of, but Billy looked so cute I just had to.

We usually go to church in the afternoon, but we went to a 9 o’clock meeting Sunday and was Billy ever wired! Usually, he is in the “I should be taking a nap” mode, but Sunday he was just plain wiggly! I had to wake him up so we could be there on time and he didn’t get a chance to be active before the meeting started. I spent most of the time outside and in a foyer with him. At one point, he was spinning in circles and singing at the top of his lungs! Then he tripped and his face hit the ground. I assumed it was normal church type carpet, but his reaction told me otherwise. It was that really rough and scratchy indoor/outdoor stuff and he had a carpet burn down the whole side of his face. It wasn’t deep, so most of it is gone already, but his forehead still shows his injury.

Billy has figured out that presents were meant to be unwrapped. And Ricky is still learning what a secret is. We wrapped Kevin’s Father’s Day presents on Wednesday while Kevin was at work and as soon as he came home Ricky said, “Poppy, you get a drill and Billy and I get one, too!” This was repeated at least daily until the presents were unwrapped on Sunday. Kevin had asked for a new drill and while getting it for him, I found a great deal on some toy tools for the boys to give their dad. Sadly, it was not a surprise, but Ricky was so excited to have tools just like Kevin. Ricky almost brought Kevin to tears on our way home from church when I reminded him that it was finally Father’s Day. Ricky got excited and said, “Happy Fodder’s Day, Poppy!” without any prompting at all.

My oldest brother has tormented his daughters for years on special days. On days like his birthday and Father’s Day, he tells them that he shouldn’t even have to use his own muscles to move his jaw to chew his food–they should move it for him! Part of this also includes a foot massage. Ricky took an interest in this process, so my brother thought it was good to get the tradition going. With Kevin’s ticklish feet, I’m not sure how appreciated it was, but Billy had a great time splashing!

Billy eats great, but he is the messiest eater ever! At our family Father’s Day dinner, he was at the opposite end of the table, out of my line of vision. Every once in a while, someone would comment about him and I would bend to catch a glimpse now and then, not really worried at all. As we sat around visiting, I figured it had been a while since I looked at what he was doing, so I leaned back and was shocked at what I saw. Billy was eating sweet potatoes and carrots and apparently they make a fabulous deep conditioner. He must have dumped that bowl on his head and rubbed and rubbed it into his hair–yet no one pointed this out to me! Half of the table could easily see what he was up to . . . I think they were enjoying it! Billy got a bath in the sink shortly after that. This is nothing in comparison, but this is what he did with some spaghetti and a chocolate chip cookie the other day.

I love having pets. My sister took this picture and I thought it was cool. Our pets add a lot of character to our house and the boys adore them.

Free Spankings

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We believe in free spankings around our house.  If the rear is left open and available, you may be repeatedly swatted until you get it protected.  This is particularly fun when you pick unsuspecting boys up and flip them over your shoulder and walk around calling “Free spankings!!”  and everyone you walk past gets to swat the backside!   There is usually a lot of kicking and squealing and laughing to follow.  So this is a regular practice and Billy has totally picked up on it–to his delight and Ricky’s misery!   Just this morning, Ricky was crawling under the ottoman (who knows why nearly 4 year olds do what they do) and got about half way under when he and his toy got stuck.  Ricky started calling out for me to help him and I was in no hurry knowing he wasn’t truly stuck, just slightly stuck, and before I could help Ricky, there was Billy taking advantage of a great free spankings opportunity!    From under the ottoman you could hear the muffled, “Billy, stop it!  No free spankings!”  And I could clearly see the evil smile and hear the evil laughing from the outside.

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