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Ricky spent yesterday with Grandmama.  They visited the barber and did some errands.  Part of the fun was eating the free hot dogs and soda at RC Willey Furniture Store.  Ricky enjoyed the hot dog (surprise, surprise), but he didn’t finish all of his soda.  The reason?  He told Grandmama, “It’s too polka dotty.”

We’ve been painting and updating light fixtures this weekend.  Kevin was trying to determine which breaker worked which lights, so he turned on all the lights and went to the circuit box and had Ricky tell him which lights went off.  This morning, we were awakened by all the lights being turned on and Ricky running up and down the stairs.  He didn’t know what exactly Kevin had done in the basement, but he was trying to figure out how to make the lights go off just like Poppy!

Before going to church, Billy messed his diaper.  Shortly after, both boys started saying “PU!  Stinky!”  It was adorable hearing Billy.  It was even more adorable to watch–he’d pinch his nose and then say it!

Ricky the Fish

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For the last two weeks our mornings were monopolized with swimming lessons. Both boys had classes at the same time, Ricky in the Preschool A class and Billy with me in the Parent/Child class. It was fun, but every morning was a bit crazy. After the very first class, one of the little boys in Ricky’s class pointed to him and said, “That’s Ricky the fish!” and his teacher whole-heartedly agreed. He did an excellent job of winning his teacher over by doing what she asked, not being the least bit afraid of the water, and performing for her. Ricky is a character and I don’t think he knows what shy means. One day he repeatedly sang for his teacher the Mickey Mouse Club song (“M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Mickey Mouse, donald duck” etc.). His teacher thought he was great and he adored the lessons. Fortunately, the pool is closed for maintenance this week. That made it easy for him to understand why we could not keep going back, otherwise, I’m sure I would have heard about it every day!

Billy thought the water was fun, but when his half hour was over, he was more than ready to get out. He didn’t care for his teacher very much and she caught on to that and kept her distance. Billy’s favorite part of the class was getting to jump into the water from the side like Humpty Dumpty. By the end, I finally got him to jump in without holding onto my fingers. He enjoys the water, but was not born with gills like his brother was.

These are some pictures my sister took one day when she came to watch the fun.

Ricky really enjoyed jumping into the pool. He is the blurry spot with red and orange trunks in these two pictures.

Billy got the hang of splashing and really enjoyed kicking his toes. On the other hand, I still never got used to getting water in my eyes or over the fear of losing a contact and driving home one-eyed!

And the floating. Ricky is getting good at it and floats during his baths in the evenings. Billy never really fell in love with the concept.

This is what I encountered after every swimming lesson–Ricky shivering! He would stand there in the designated pick-up spot and just shiver from top to bottom. I still don’t understand why he would not put his towel around him, but he never did. He would just hold it in front of him and tell me how cold he was until I finally wrapped him up. Goofy kid!

As part of the graduation from their classes, the boys got swim passes to come back to the pool. We’ll just make sure that Kevin is with us. His love of water and swimming pools far surpasses mine!

Funny side note:  Ricky has two sets of swimming trunks, the orange and red ones here and a blue pair.  Well, the blue pair are what he wore the first day and since I don’t have drawstrings on my swim attire, I never even thought to tie his.  My mom and Kevin both came that day to watch and, fortunately, Ricky needed to use the restroom part way through class.   Apparently, he was mooning everyone and this gave Kevin a chance to tie the drawstring.  Oops!  I guess it is a wonder they didn’t come completely off! My mom thought it was cute and funny and since Ricky has no concept of modesty, I’m sure he didn’t care!  I learned my lesson though and made sure they were snug every other time he wore them!

Family Photo Shoot

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We had a photographer take some pictures for us about a month ago and I got the cd with the images on it a week or so ago. I was mostly pleased. We did the pictures at a cute little (and I mean LITTLE) park and the boys were a little more focused on the playground and the stream that ran through the park than on the camera. But she did manage to get a few good shots. Here are a few of my favorites. (If you want to see it bigger, just click on the picture.)

I spy something round that opens doors . . .

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Billy has learned to open doors.  There are now very few places in the home he can’t take himself whenever he pleases.  It is cute when that little head peaks through a closed door at you and not so cute when he comes walking down the hall with half the contents of my pantry!

Ricky was playing “I spy with my little eye something . . .” with Aunt Suzy this week and her clues where something red, with numbers, that goes beep beep beep, and it warms up spaghetti-os.   Ricky thought for a moment after that last clue and said, hopefully, “Momma?”  (yes, our microwave is red and it looks cool!!)

And, it is amazing the things the Batcave has done for the boys.  Some of their most vicious fights, the easiest threats (share or the Batcave goes in my closet), hours of imaginative play.  One of the cutest is the singing.  Billy does it as loud as possible, “Na na na na BAAAMANN!”  Really, it is loud!

Corn cob is healthy for us, right?

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I wonder how long our boys will last before getting glasses.  The family genes don’t look promising.  The other day, Billy gave us a glimpse of how cute he’ll be in glasses someday!

I introduced Ricky to the Chinese Finger Trap and I’m not so sure how thankful he is about that!

And to the corn of the post.  We had corn on the cob with dinner tonight (thank you Aunt Suzy and Uncle John’s garden) and the boys both loved their pieces.  Kevin and I had a church meeting, so my mom came over to stay with the boys.  They were still eating when we left and before Grandmama could get Billy cleaned up, this is what he did to his corn.  Cob is healthy, right? (I put Ricky’s piece in the background, just for a comparison)

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