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A recent addition to Billy’s vocabulary is his version of yes–“th-ure.”  Of course his ‘sure’ must be said in a low, smoker’s voice to be most effective.  “Billy, do you want to go outside?”  Th-ure.  “Billy, do you want milk?”  Th-ure.  “Billy, do you want to pick up the bathroom trash can and spread tissues and q-tips all over the house and then put the empty can on your head?”  No answer, because he’s already in the process.  “Trash” is another favorite word.  Billy loves to throw things into the trash can, be they trash or not, and he thinks there are great treasures to be found amongst the kitchen trash!

The faith of a child is a subject they often discuss at church with cute stories of little ones praying for things.  I’ve always thought the stories were cute, but usually forgot them shortly afterwards.  Today I got choked up over Ricky’s blessing on the food and I won’t forget it any time soon!  I like to think we are a somewhat spiritual family–I’ve met those who are much more and those who are much less.  We do pray together every night and attend church and a few other things in an effort to teach the boys about our beliefs, and, as a parent, we hope something is getting through.  Ricky’s meal blessings are usually verbatim and are often sung, so today when he was “thankful for the food” I expected the usual to follow.  Instead, he surprised me with “please bless me to get better and please bless me so I don’t have to be sick anymore.”  It is the first time I’ve heard him pray for himself and it was SOOOO sweet!  Ricky has an awful cough that is so bad he can’t keep much food down, plus he has a low-grade fever.  It’s going on a few days now and apparently he is sick of being sick!  He said our family prayer tonight and prayed for himself again, but he also prayed for something that’s “been in the garage a long, long time.”   That part was much more typical.


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Have I ever mentioned that Billy is loud?  His volume settings are off and really, really loud.  He’s been this way from the beginning–his bassinet next to the bed kept me awake because he made such loud moans and coos in his sleep.  Now his middle of the night calls for Kevin (pardon me while I chuckle) are so loud, I’m sure the neighbors can hear his “Pa-ba!  PA-BA!!”

Today at church, Billy showed off his loudness.  His word of choice was “ta-da” which he says to just about everything.  He picks up a toy, “ta-da.”  He hides a toy, “ta-da.”  He opens a book, “ta-da.”  You get the picture.  There are a lot of kids at our church, so it isn’t silent, but his exclamations made people chuckle several pews away.

Billy says a lot of words now and each day adds new ones.   He’s picked up “why?” and “what?” from his brother.  Anything that you can place on your head is a “hat.”  Most of the time, he’ll warn you before chucking a toy at you with an “atch!”   “Bye-bye” often accompanies his hand wave and when he makes a choice he’ll say “dis one” or “at one.”  My favorite (and least favorite) is “No” which has many meanings:  no, yes, perhaps, not right now, stop licking my head, Ricky come follow me, get me out of my crib, back off puppy, more milk, etc.   Kevin has a really hard time resisting two of Billy’s newish words:  “eese” (please) and “mmm’s”  (M&Ms).

We haven’t talked to Ricky about his new upcoming sibling yet.  There are many reasons.  One is that it is still a very long time until February and he would be asking me every day if it was time for the new baby yet.  It is hard for adults to wait, but so much harder for a little one.  We’ll break the news post-Christmas, I think.  Anyway, that doesn’t stop people from asking him questions about it.  Today, he was asked if he wanted a baby brother or a baby sister.  Ricky’s response was “um, I want a NEW baby brother.”   I’m pretty sure he would trade Billy in for a different model if he could (Billy already knows exactly what to do to rile Ricky up and does it all with a grin)!  Of course, when Ricky was asked last month if he wanted a new baby, his answer was “No.  I want a baby dinosaur” so at least we are moving in the right direction.

On a totally off topic note, have you seen the Sonic Drive-In commercials?  The ones with the husband and wife?  For some reason, which I don’t see so much, most of my family sees Kevin in that husband.  Since the husband isn’t exactly the brightest star, this provides much entertainment–especially each time a new commercial comes out.  Again, I don’t see it so much–other than the guy has dark hair and is balding–but I have been wrong before!  One day while watching TV, the commercial came on and Ricky looked up from his toys and told me that Poppy was on TV!

Broadening His Vocabulary

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I went through the drive-thru yesterday getting us Happy Meals for our picnic lunch with Kevin (by the way, McD’s has Batman or Wizard of Oz toys here right now).  Anyway, the worker handed me my meals and said, “Here you go, Ma’am.”  I thanked him and drove away.  Ricky asked, “Momma?  Why did that guy call you a man?”  I processed his question a moment, realized the mistake and we had a little discussion about what a “ma’am” is.  This was quickly understood, I thought, since I compared it to me frequently calling him “sir.”

Today I taught him a new game.  Billy was napping and I took the opportunity to teach Ricky “Old Maid.”  He caught on and did really well (although he isn’t so good at not showing me his cards as he spread them out on the floor to find his matches).  When Kevin came home from work, Ricky excitedly told him that he learned a new game.  Kevin, naturally, asked what and Ricky proudly told him that he and Momma learned how to play “Old Ma’am.”

The first day of preschool, FINALLY

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The “finally” in the title isn’t a reference to me wanting to get rid of my boy, but to the fact that we were finally able to have a successful first day!  No fault of Ricky’s . . . last year was a bad teacher and last week was, well, mother’s error.  He calls his teacher Ms. Cherie and he had a great time, but he had a big concern.  Ricky told me, almost immediately, that Ms. Cherie forgot to go to the fire station!  I am assuming that she mentioned that later this month they get to visit the fire station for a field trip and Ricky’s understanding of days, weeks, and such is not the best.

He had another concern that he found important enough that we had to pray about it tonight. We had to pray our gratitude that Ms. Cherie got a new shirt!  He interrupted Kevin’s prayer three times to make sure that we thanked Heavenly Father for her new black shirt, which was not the blue one she wore last time.  This one I am assuming is based on her wearing a blue shirt at the back to school night a couple of weeks ago and a black one today?  Not really sure.

Billy and I weren’t exactly sure what to do with ourselves.  After dropping Ricky off and driving away, Billy called for “Keykey!  Keykey!” for the next half mile or so.  The house was really quiet (Billy was unusually quiet–he is normally really loud) and I almost felt lonely.   My little boy is growing up!  (and as my brother likes to remind me . . . he’ll be graduating high school in 13 1/2 years!  Of course, that’s when I remind him that he could be a grandpa in the next couple of years . . . but that is for another post!)

A lot of pictures

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I guess I haven’t unloaded my camera in a while.  Here is a plethora of pictures for your enjoyment.

This is my old sit-n-spin.  Billy has no problems spinning himself!

Ricky learned to pedal this summer and Billy is not satisfied with his push cars when he could hitch a ride with his brother!

It is really hard to go anywhere this way.

One Sunday in August, we went to Lehi for Baby Cate’s baby blessing.  Here are all the grandkids that were there.

Ricky loves his uncles.  Here’s a good kiss for Uncle Tim.

Both boys love corn on the cob, but Billy is especially fond of it.  We watch him better now–no cob eating!

While the boys don’t always get along, they are getting better at sharing and playing together!

I painted over Labor Day weekend and to reach my ceiling, I rented this scaffolding.  The boys thought it was a great indoors jungle gym!

My mom has this tiny wagon and Billy is obsessed with wagons.  He finds every toy wagon we own and brings them to me so excited.  He climbed in this one and wanted to go for a ride.

Ricky’s imagination is always active!  He showed up in our front room one day this week and introduced me to Plunger Man!

I was taking pictures of Plunger Man and Billy showed up with this little clock–or camera, which he thought it was.  “Eeese!” he said over and over.

Friday night we took the boys to a Clearfield High football game.  It is my old school and my mom is in charge of ticket sales there.  The boys had a great time–although their fun was more climbing on the railing than watching the game!