While the parents are away, the boys will play

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My sister-in-law Cathy passed along these great pictures of our kids playing.  They came up one day while Kevin and I were out of town last weekend.  The boys just adore their cousins, Danny and Cate.

Cathy said that Ricky was really sweet with Cate.

I guess this is a picture of “kissin’ cousins”

Billy loves slides and braves them all by himself.  It makes me nervous at the park, but this one at my mom’s is fairly safe!

And no trip to the backyard is complete without a swing ride!

One story about Ricky that my mom shared was that one afternoon he had gone into the bathroom to “clean up”and was gone a long time.  When she went to check on him, he wasn’t washing his hands, he was using hand soap and a lot of tissues to wash the bathroom counter!!  Ricky’s response?  “Don’t worry, Grandma.  I can throw the tissues away!”

Back on the farm

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Kevin’s work sponsored a family night at the same farm that I took the boys to last week.  We took advantage of the chance to go back and this time did the hayride.  I wasn’t expecting a nearly hour long ride, but the boys thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed picking a pumpkin from the huge pumpkin patch.  It was much more chilly this time, especially after the sun set.  Here are a few more pictures of the farm.

I’m not sure what Ricky was thinking about, but he got really quiet and thoughtful looking after we picked our pumpkins.

Here is Ricky choosing his pumpkin . . .

and all of our bounty . . .

and Billy taking a break as we carried these pumpkins to the car.

I mentioned this ghost plastic jug play house thing in the previous post about the farm and this time I remembered to take a picture of it.

We, of course, had to ride the Cow Train again and Ricky immediately went for one of the piggy cars.

Billy had a good ride on this tire bull.

And we had to talk to the animals again.  Ricky liked the pigs, I was fond of the llamas (which just look so much like a person in a costume), Kevin kept making the turkeys gobble, and Billy liked the goats best.

A Delayed 10th Anniversary Celebration

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In general, I try to keep this site dedicated to our boys but Kevin and I had a wonderful vacation this past weekend that I’d hate to not share.  As a present for our 10th wedding anniversary (which was in August), Kevin gave me a short cruise.  We couldn’t be gone from the boys for long so it was just a weekend cruise from Long Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico and back.  It was a wonderful time and we could not have done it without the generosity of my mom and sister in watching our boys!

Kevin and I didn’t take too many pictures, but here are a few.  Here is Kevin as we are about to board the ship.

We spent our morning in Mexico wandering the streets and window shopping.  Here we are before we boarded the boat for lunch.

After lunch we took a tour to see a blow hole.  The blow hole itself was neat, but the tourist trap flea market that you had to walk through to get to it was not so fun.

Here is the landscape shot with a humongus flag in the background.

We spent our Sunday lounging by the pool and just enjoying time together.  It really was a fun weekend and I love that Kevin did that for me.  We almost couldn’t go because there were restrictions about being pregnant–you had to be less than 24 weeks along and I was 23 weeks the day we left.

The boys didn’t miss us at all.  They had too much fun playing with Grandmama and Aunt Suzy–Ricky even cried that we were home!  Not exactly the warm welcome we were expecting, but once we pulled out the souvenirs, his attitude changed.  We brought the boys back some instruments and the house has been filled with music since then!

Billy just giggled and giggled when we came through the door.  I choose to think that means he missed us.

A visit to the farm

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Last week, my friend and I took our boys to a local farm that has built a sort of playground out of hay and corn.  Her boys are twins that are Ricky’s age and we all had a fabulous time.  We played and the boys ran and ran and then we had a picnic lunch (no ants but lots of wasps) before heading home.  It really was a fun morning.  And, Kevin’s work is sponsoring a night there this week, so the boys get to go back again!

There were slides and tunnels built into huge stacks of hay bales.

Ricky is the one in the hat on this see-saw.

They had a small maze built out of hay bales

and traditional corn mazes built into the corn field.  Ricky and his friends liked the kids’ maze best.  There were no actual forks in the maze, just a path through the corn and they ran around and around until they were so tired they nearly dropped.  In the entrance, through the maze, out the exit, and repeat.

Billy enjoyed the maze once or twice and then he was tired of it and ready for the corn box!  It was like a sandbox but filled with dried corn instead of sand.  He thought it was fun to dump the corn out by the handful.

One of the other attractions Ricky really enjoyed looked like a gigantic milk jug that was turned into a play house decorated like a ghost.  That isn’t a good description.  It was big and white and plastic with a door cut into it as well as a few window type holes.  It was painted with big black eyes and a mouth so it looked somewhat like a ghost.  Ricky enjoyed looking out the windows . . .

The windows were a little too tall for Billy, but he did find one to look out . . .

There was also a duck race game that the boys had fun with.  You had to pump the water pumps to pour the water into the troughs and the ducks raced along.

They also had a little train.  Billy really likes trains and Ricky thought it was fun riding in a cow and then a pig!

I’m sure I will take more pictures when we go with Kevin later this week–it is just too cute of a place and the boys are too cute playing there not to!

Go, Dog, Go!

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We recently introduced Ricky to the book “Go, Dog, Go” by P.D. Eastman.  It is a beginning reader book that I fondly remember from my own childhood and he loves that he can read most of the words all by himself (the few words he can’t actually read, he has memorized and tells the story to himself anyway).   As part of the late afternoon craziness around here, the boys have taken to racing around the island in the kitchen.  It keeps them occupied while I’m fixing dinner and sometimes the cats even join in!   Today, the race was on with an added flair–pumpkin face balloons!  The boys got the balloons at the grocery store this morning and they came with clips on the end of the strings, so, naturally, Billy’s was clipped to his bib (he is still drooling–but three of his 4 canine teeth have finally broken through) and Ricky’s to the back of his pants.  Then they ran, around and around and around and around, and both boys chanted “Go, dog, go!  Go, dog, go!” as they ran.  It was loud, but cuteness often makes me forget the volume.

Kevin unloaded the pictures from his cell phone today.  He doesn’t take very many with it, so he doesn’t unload it very often.  Some of the pictures date back to last Christmas!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Billy enjoying the Rock Band drums a couple of weeks ago.

Here are the boys sharing a cot on our vacation in Washington this summer.

The view of Puget Sound from the vacation house this summer.

We have our Stake Conferences at the Tabernacle next to the Ogden Temple.  This is a picture of Billy by the temple fountain last June.

And Ricky and his train, sometime last winter/spring.

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