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Big Words

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Ricky loves words.  He wants to know what everything says and is reading books to himself almost constantly.  His preschool teacher’s only complaint is that during quiet reading time, he tells the stories out loud!   I am always amazed at things he picks up!  We were driving and Ricky said to me, “Look at that contrail!”  I must admit, I had no idea what he was talking about!  (In case anyone else is as clueless as me, a contrail is that visible trail left by airplanes.)  Kevin likes to teach Ricky words and their meanings, but doesn’t always clue me in to what he’s teaching.   The other day Ricky found some broken pieces of an old lamp shade that had been missed by the vacuum.  He asked Kevin about them and Kevin told him that they were fragments.  Not two minutes later, here comes Billy this time “fragme, fragme!”

Oh, I forgot to mention this one from the other day.   We are driving along (we really don’t spend that much time in the car, but he talks non-stop from the moment he gets into his carseat until he gets out) and Ricky says to me, “Momma, what does Poppy call really big spiders?”  I figured he was actually asking me, so I said something along the lines of “I don’t know.  We’ll have to ask him when he gets home.”  And what does my boy say to me?  “Momma, they are tarantulas.”   Does it seem wrong to anyone else that my 4 year old knows words with 4 syllables?

100 Years of Magic

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Tonight I took my mom and Ricky to see Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic.  I know I am pregnant and my hormones are out of whack, but I surprised myself when I got teary eyed moments after the show started.  It wasn’t watching Chip and Dale chase Goofy around, it was the smile that broke out on Ricky’s face when Mickey Mouse finally came through that curtain!  Nothing matches that smile.  His first time seeing Mickey in person and it was magical for him.   Ricky was perfect through the entire 2 hours of show and was thrilled to see some of his favorites so close (we were on row 14):  Mickey and Donald, Woody and Buzz, Pinnochio, Nemo and Dori.

Don’t mind the popcorn in his mouth–he was excited!

And here are just a few scenes from the show–for Kevin’s sake since he stayed home with Billy!

It was actually a good thing that we had planned on leaving Billy home with Kevin because he’s come down with a nasty cold.  I tried to get a picture of how puffy his eyes are, this picture shows it fairly well.

I guess we need to have a lesson on the appropriate way to use a camera.

Falling Leaves and Funny Faces

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We had a great leaf raking day last week–except it was stinkin’ cold!  We had invited Ricky’s friends over to help, knowing that very few leaves would remain in a pile.  The boys had a great time and didn’t seem to mind the chilly air at all.

My friend, Shanae, was brutal with those leaves!

Billy has discovered the fun of saying “cheese” for pictures!

Who says Spaghetti-O’s taste better in your mouth and not on your face?

Have you ever noticed how long Ricky’s tongue is?

Billy has fallen in love with this car pillow and when Kevin went in to get him one morning, this is what he found.

He repeated the performance after we took him out of the crib.

Give them ears and they will hear

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Last Sunday I was made the new Young Womens’ President in our ward (I head up the group in charge of the girls 12-18 years old in our congregation).  We have a large group (near 40 girls) and it will consume a lot of my time, but I’m very excited about it!  Anyway, I was gone three nights last week at training meetings and events and then this morning I held a meeting at our home for the other women with whom I will be working.  So Ricky has heard a lot of “Momma has a meeting” in the last 7 days.  Tonight, Ricky had his own “meeting.”  He used an old (non-working) telephone that we got from Grandmama’s house to call his preschool class and then told me that those boys came over to have this meeting.  I’m not even sure what they discussed, because the “meeting” was held down in the toy room.  It probably included details of how to avoid falling asleep at nap time and ways to finagle even more fruit snacks out of the pantry every day!

This old phone brought up some interesting questions and observations as well.  It is the phone I used through my teen years that has a coil cord about 20 feet long so it would reach from the laundry room phone jack into my bedroom!  Several of the buttons no longer work, so there was no heartache in giving it to the boys.  However, one of Ricky’s first questions to Kevin was “Poppy, where is the talk button?”  to which Kevin showed him the hang-up button and tried to explain that concept to him.  A little later he came to me and asked, “Momma, how come this phone doesn’t have a screen?”   Telling him it was just a really, really old phone seemed to satisfy that one!

My children did not come with off buttons.  I’m not sure who to call to see about fixing that, but some days I’d really like that number–even if they can just install a mute button it would be nice.  Ricky has a favorite little book called “Little Miss Chatterbox” and I think he tries to out do her!  His little brother is not far behind.  Billy’s new favorite word is “Hey” which is used completely in excess!  Hey, look at that cat.  Hey, where is my hat.  Hey, Poppy where are you.  Hey, I like cars.  Of course, we interprete the second half of all those sentences since all Billy says is “Hey!”  Another favorite is “wait.”   Billy really likes this word because it creates a reaction since we pause to see what it is he wants us to wait for.

Billy’s final canine tooth is just about through and we are hoping that will stop the drooling!  He soaks 3 bibs a day (which he calls “bubs”) easily.  Strings of drool run from his chin to his chest almost constantly.  As a kid, I despised drool in my baby neices and nephews.  I can’t say I love it now, but I do find it funny.  Ricky bumped Billy today and Kevin told him to kiss his brother better.  Ricky looked at Billy’s face and said, “Poppy, he’s too drooly!”

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