"Eight, nine, eight, nine, ten. Comin'!"

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Billy has a new favorite game.  He calls it “Seek,” the rest of us call it Hide and Seek.   He is a lucky boy who has a wonderful father that will play this for what seems like hours!  Billy counts and Kevin hides.  Ricky often joins in as well.   From my observation standpoint, Kevin could just hide in two alternating places and Billy wouldn’t notice.   They play something like this:  Billy and Kevin start in the same spot, Billy starts counting, Kevin goes off and hides.  When Billy thinks he’s counted long enough, he takes off to find Kevin and always starts at the place Kevin hid last.  If it seems to be taking too long, Kevin will quack to give Billy a hint.  Billy usually has two stances while he’s looking — hands turned up with a “where is he” look on his face or brow furrowed, hands in fists on his waist while he stomps around looking!    When Billy finally finds Kevin there is always the big grin and “Ah ha!!!” followed by Billy taking Kevin by the hand and returning to the starting place (which doesn’t actually have to be the same place every time, it is just where ever Billy chooses) saying “again” or “time,” meaning one more time.

Tonight they were playing at Grandmama’s after dinner and on one turn, Kevin hid in a closet.  Billy found him after a few quacks and then the next round, Billy took himself to the closet to count while Kevin hid!   When Ricky does join in, he will hold Billy’s hand as they walk around looking for Kevin and it melts the heart to see!   Billy’s counting is often just a random repetition of 8, 9, 10, but he can count to 10.  Well, almost.  Billy counts, “one, two, three, four, five, six, eight, nine, ten.”  For some reason, we’ve lost the seven.  Most often he stops after 5 or 6 anyway.  I am just amazed at all the things he can do and say and he won’t even be two for another month!

Until the last week or two, part of our bedtime routine was that I would rock Billy while he drank his nighttime milk and then Kevin would take him up to bed.  Ricky would then get a story or two, we’d pray (just the three of us) and then Ricky would go up to bed.  Well, one night, Billy was being slow and we had prayers with him still downstairs.  It has now become an integral part of his bedtime routine!  Kevin tried taking him to bed without praying one night and Billy cried until Ricky and Kevin came up and said a little prayer with him.  So, we make sure to pray together before putting Billy to bed now.   He kneels down next to Kevin, wiggles through the prayer and says “amen” right along with us.  Tonight, after the “amen,” Kevin picked him up to take upstairs and he wanted “disses.”  So, Ricky gave him a kiss on the forehead and then Billy said, “Icky, come on” and made the come signal with his hand.  Ricky hadn’t had his stories yet, so he stayed down with me, while Kevin took Billy upstairs.  Billy cried and called out until Ricky finally joined him in their room and they are now sleeping peacefully.  That little one just adores his big brother so much and wants to do everything with him.

Enough with the journal entries . . . Last weekend, Kevin and Ricky went to a Sibling Class held at the hospital where I will have the baby.  Ricky learned all about helping take care of a new baby brother, including diaper changes.  Here he is showing me his new skills on an old baby doll . . .




Here is Billy so reverently praying (yes, I know I shouldn’t take pictures during prayers, but look how cute . . .)


I generally avoid all shots that include a toilet in them, but this is a cute sight.  Kevin has begun potty training Billy and, since he likes to do all things like Ricky, Billy needs a story while he sits on his potty, too.


We have had rain the last few days and this afternoon it finally turned into big fluffy snowflakes.  It only took Billy a minute to discover the fun of catching them on your tongue.



What side of the bed do you wake up on?

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I don’t claim to always wake up on the right side of the bed, but I do generally wake up awake!   It took Kevin and I some time to get used to each other in the mornings.  He isn’t exactly cranky, but he is easier to talk to after breakfast and a shower.  I often wake up talking and don’t stop until I’ve shared every dream, all the thoughts I had while awake in the middle of the night, and my list of t0-dos for the day.  If I hadn’t seen my beautiful niece (my dear Melissa) struggle to wake up in the morning, I would have thought all kids wake up like me.  In the past, I’ve posted about Ricky’s early morning bathroom serenades (and Billy is shaping up to be no different), but waking up from nap time is different.  About half the time, Ricky wakes up from naps just like he does in the morning–ready to go and do.  The other half, he comes down looking asleep and sits staring or he wants to snuggle or sometimes he even cries.

Today, the end of naps came and I heard, through the trusty baby monitor, that Billy was the first awake.  He was happily singing and talking and since I was finishing a project, I left him alone.  I figured he’d wake Ricky up soon enough and then my peace would be over.   It was about 30 minutes before Billy decided it was time to wake Ricky up.  “Icky!  Icky!  Icky!”  I was on my computer and I transcribed the following conversation.  I could hear Billy calling to Ricky and bouncing in his crib and then I heard Ricky say,

“Oh, please, Billy.  Don’t bo-ing!
Billy, lay down and go to bed.
Billy, I said stop bouncing on the bed.
I keep saying it and saying, but Billy keeps bouncing.
I said don’t do it.
Yes, you’re a goose.  YOU’RE A GOOSE!
I’m grumpy, Billy!  I’m grumpy now!”

At this point, I was laughing, but went to save Ricky who by now was so frustrated with Billy that he was crying.  Poor guy woke up hard from his nap today!

Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming too!

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Not sure if everyone/anyone has heard of them, but our boys love to watch the Wonder Pets. It’s a cartoon on Nick Jr. where three school pets – a guinea pig, turtle, and duckling – save baby animals that are in trouble.

This Christmas, Billy got a stuffed Ming-Ming (duck) and Ricky got a stuffed Linny (Guinea Pig).  Billy has claimed them both as his own and his interest in the show has increased a hundred fold.  He has slowly been picking up the theme song more and more and sings it often. Of course, Ricky has enjoyed watching the show more often as well and also likes to sing the theme song, which just helps Billy learn more.

This morning, at about 2am, Billy woke me up and when I went into the room he held up his stuffed Wonder Pets and burst out in full song, “Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming, too! We’re Wonder Pets and we’ll help you!”  He was wide awake!  So much for just laying him back down again.  I brought him down to the couch to sleep for a few minutes.  When I thought he should be tired enough, I carried him back up stairs.  As I carried him up the stairs, he chanted, “Hup, 2, 3, 4!  Hup, 2, 3, 4!” – something I often say to get the boys to go up the stairs at night to get their pjs on.  He’s just too cute, even at 2 in the morning!

"Mean Ricky"

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I met “Mean Ricky” yesterday.  (This was his self titled name, not one I gave him.)  He’s been having a hard time sharing his toys with Billy and yesterday was no exception.  One of the many problems, which it is impossible to explain to a 4 year old, is that Billy is a big tease and Ricky is his prime target!  For example, Ricky doesn’t want to share his toys, so he picks them up and runs to another room to get away from Billy.  To Billy, this is bait.  He takes off laughing after his brother and chases him from room to room just trying to grab any of the precious treasures Ricky is trying so fiercely to protect.

So yesterday, after one of these lengthy sessions of keep away, “Mean Ricky” appeared.  He told me his name and then proceeded to stomp around the house, taking himself to his room more than once, all the while with his eyebrows down and a big frown on his face.  “I’m Mean Ricky and I’m mad.  I don’t want to share my toys with anyone!  I just want to be by myself” is what he kept saying and off he’d stomp to his room.  Billy was happily playing by himself in the toy room the whole time Mean Ricky was around (about 30 minutes or so).   I’m not sure what finally made Mean Ricky go away, but after a while, all 3 of us were playing trains and getting along fine.

Indoor Sandbox

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So the natives are getting restless.  Sure it is the January thaw and daytime temperatures really aren’t that bad, but our backyard is one big mud puddle and they are just getting over ear infections and Ricky has inherited his father’s cold.  Perhaps one other excuse for me keeping them indoors is that I am enjoying sitting these days and nothing in that mud puddle even romotely resembles my Lazy Boy.  Anyway, today to help them with their need to be active, I pulled out the indoor sandbox.  (Technically, this also helps with food storage rotation)  It is a big cake pan filled with old beans and macaroni.   They had a great time digging and driving cars through the beans and it satisified them for a good hour.  I did forget one thing though, that I had to correct early on.  When my boys play in the regular sandbox, the bathtub, the snow, anything with a bucket, they find great pleasure in dumping a bucket full of whatever they are playing in onto their brother’s head.  I caught Ricky mid-dump and watched a bit closer after that!



Tonight we needed an outing so Kevin and I took the boys’ to a Junior Varsity Basketball game at my old high school.  My mom is the head ticketmaster for these events and the boys love seeing her more than watching the game.  We had stopped for fast food so we could eat while we watched and at one point Kevin had Billy on his lap, a box of fries in his hand, and Ricky standing in front of him talking.  Somehow, Kevin saw a stray ball about to get Ricky in the head and using his Dad Powers, deflected the ball with the box of fries!  The shower of fries was beautiful!


At these events, when you buy your ticket, you get your hand stamped so you can come and go as you please.  With my mom in charge, she likes to stamp the boys’ hands twice for fun.  Billy kept calling them his “stickers” and pointing to them on his hands.


Here’s Ricky showing off his “stickers” too.


And both boys are in dire need of haircuts!  This makes for excellent bed head on Billy.  You can see it in some of these pictures.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I wet it down and comb it, once its there, the bed head stays until his next time sleeping.  I’d cut his hair myself but he HATES it, so I may break down and take him to my stylist tomorrow.  Ricky is just waiting for Grandmama to have time take him on their regular date to the barber.  His isn’t long enough for the really good bed head yet . . .

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