A Joke by Ricky

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What did the banana say to the microwave?

Nothing.  Bananas don’t talk!

Ha ha ha ha

Happy Billy Birthday!!

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We celebrated Billy’s birthday Saturday and Sunday.  I haven’t been feeling well, so this will not be my most eloquent post.

I decorated his door for his special day, however  I could not get him to stand in front of it alone for a picture.  He kept closing or opening the door on me, so I had Ricky pose with him.


We had two cakes for him, one for Saturday night (his actual birthday) when it was just our little family and my mom and then my sister-in-law Cathy made the cake for our big family party on Sunday.  I clumped a bunch of cupcakes together and made a hammer out of sprinkles, since Billy loves hammers.


And Cathy was much more creative and made these adorable train and track cupcakes.


Here are some pictures from our Saturday celebration.  Ricky helped blow out the candles.


Hats were optional and Billy wasn’t so sure about his, so to get this picture, Kevin quickly set it down while I snapped the shot.  The hat was then chucked almost immediately by Billy.  Billy’s birthday dinner was take-out from Artic Circle.  The boy loves French Fries and usually likes corn/hot dogs and he will drink their fry sauce right out of the cup like milk (it totally disgusts me).



Billy completely understood the concept of opening the gifts and Ricky was excited about opening them all day.  I made the comment that we’d open gifts when Grandmama got here and the second she arrived, Ricky grabbed a present and ran off to find Billy.  Kevin found both of them a few minutes later in Rusty’s room tearing into the wrapping paper!   Billy couldn’t wait to get to this big one!


Here he is enjoying some of his gifts and sharing them with Ricky.




And Ricky running off to hide the new toys that he wanted to make his own!


Cathy brought this cute train conductors hat on Sunday to go with the cupcakes.


For some reason, Billy wasn’t picking the cupcake up to eat it.  He was bending over and licking the frosting off.  My brother got the best shot, but these weren’t bad.




Billy got to share his new toys with Cousin Danny at the family party.


Uncle Tony got the responsibility of taking the new presents out of their packaging.  He was able to attack the twisty ties and plastic straps and he did a great job.  Billy was ready to play.


And isn’t Baby Cate cute with this hat on?


Kevin was chastised for taking this picture . . .


I can’t believe my little one is now two!


Ricky and Grandmama had fun looking at an “I Spy” book together the other day.


And a couple of (not so good) Rusty shots.  He looks like a shepherd in a Christmas Nativity in the first one and the sun is glaring so nicely off his face in the second!



Tent Time

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A recent conversation with Billy while we had a toy tent set up in our family room (most conversations with him go something like this):

Billy, what are you doing?  “Tent”

I know you are in the tent, what are you doing in there?  “Toys”

Okay, what toys are you playing with?  “Oh, ‘tato head.”

Snow Days & Hodge Podge

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We got a lot of snow in the last few days.  This table had no snow on it before this last weekend.


Kevin had Monday off and the boys went outside to play for the first time in weeks.  They were having so much fun that Kevin could not get them to come inside for almost two hours!  Even with frozen fingers and bright red cheeks, they weren’t thrilled about coming in.



Ricky has been very interested in tents and camping.  He made himself this tent and read himself stories with his flashlight Monday night, then he informed us that he was going to sleep there that night.  We informed him that he was wrong!


Ricky just loves Rusty (Billy calls him “Usty” in his low, smoker’s voice).  On Valentine’s Day, he found some stickers, made a Valentine for Rusty, and then proudly presented it to his baby brother.


Kevin went looking for the missing DVD remote yesterday and it resulted in a vacuuming extravaganza.  The boys had to get involved.



Rusty and I just hung out and watched them vacuum.


We needed a diversion this morning so I tossed the boys in the tub and pulled out “the bubble generator.”  This thing puts out a thousand bubbles per minute!  Ricky and Billy couldn’t have been more pleased!



The Photo Shoot

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Oh, my goodness!   Thank you, Cathy, for introducing us to Candis!  I love the pictures she did of Rusty and the boys.  Here are a few of my most favorite:









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