Rusty's Blessing Day

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In our church, little babies receive a blessing and get their names listed on the church records, similar yet totally different than a christening.  Today was Rusty’s special day.


The outfit is the same one we used for Ricky and Billy and that my mom used for my brother Dan (not quite 40 years ago).  Here is the goofy hat that came with it.


It was a special day with a lot of my family coming to celebrate with us at church and then a little luncheon afterwards at our home.


The weather did not cooperate though.  We woke up to blizzard type winds and snow!  Ricky was so excited about the day that we couldn’t get him to cooperate either and we ended up a few minutes late to church.  And, our church leaders, who knew we were blessing Rusty, didn’t have the paperwork or the microphone in place, so there were a few awkward moments, but the spirit was lovely and Kevin said some beautiful things.  Here is a glimpse of Rusty’s smile.


Here are a few moments from the day.  Tony conversing with Rusty.  Mom with 4 of her grandbabies.  Baby Cate in her gorgeous headband flower.




Rusty and Cate had some bonding moments today.  With the two of them being the closest in age among the grandkids here, I’m sure there will be some give and take — tractors, truck, and dollies.  Cate was letting Rusty know that she is bigger, for now.


She was whacking his head over and over and fairly hard!  We would have stopped her sooner if we hadn’t been laughing so much!  Then there had to be a “kiss it all better.”


Then I think the two were just done with each other and this photo shoot.


Billy is still feeling cruddy, so we made sure he took a good nap.  He missed most of the fun but Ricky did demonstrate his tongue abilities.  I’m so proud that he takes after me!



And, Cathy sought her revenge for me painting Baby Cate’s toenails.  Rusty wasn’t thrilled.


Aunt Wendi had to head home yesterday.  It was a nice visit and Billy was finally warming up.  Here is some actual physical contact — a high five.


Come back soon, Aunt Wendi!


Ricky came up from the playing in the toy room with Cousin Danny and informed Aunt Cathy, “Something doesn’t smell good downstairs.”  She sent him back down to smell Danny’s diaper and his report was, “Yep.  He definitely needs his diaper changed.”  He’s growing up too fast!


And for all of those who think my boys all look alike, which one is which?




Ow ow ow-ow-ow!

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. . . is the sound macaroni and cheese makes as it is being squished in Billy’s fingers! (At least that is the sound effect Billy made for them.)



Aunt Wendi came to visit this week.  The boys have adored having her and her skills here — her story reading skills, her train track building skills, her hugs when they get disciplined . . .  Let me correct myself, RICKY has adored having her here.  RUSTY has enjoyed taking naps with her.  BILLY has finally stopped ignoring her, but is still slow to do more than smile in her direction!



Yesterday morning, Billy caught a glimpse of Wendi heading into the shower while he was still in his crib.  He hadn’t accepted Aunt Wendi’s presense yet and was a little confused.  He started calling, “Sizzy, Sizzy, Sizzy.”  I had to explain over and over that it was not Aunt Suzy, but Aunt Wendi.  When she came out of the bathroom and he got a good look at her, I think he finally believed me!  (Hey, Aunt Suzy, I think you need to visit more often!)

Got Croup?

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We do.  Or at least Rusty does.  We’ve had a few rough nights but he seems to be getting better.  Still no smile on camera (little bugger fell asleep!) but here are some attempts:





Today Rusty wore jeans for the first time!  Many days of his life are going to be spent in denim, but not many in these itty bitty adorable jeans!



The boys had spaghetti last night.  Billy wanted to share with Duchess.


I love having cats!


Boogie Art

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Billy is a budding artist.  His nose has been very runny this week and he has made me a beautiful mural on the wall by his bed!  I caught him in the act after naps one day this week.  Wipe, paint, wipe, paint.  If it didn’t disgust me so, I’d take a picture and frame his first masterpiece.  Ew, ew, ick!!

Last Sunday Ricky shared a scripture in Primary (church). We worked on it all week and he had that puppy memorized (it was all of 15 words).   Sunday came and he was sick, but I couldn’t deny him the pleasure of sharing what he’d worked on so much, so I took him just for the opening exercises of Primary.  His turn came and he stood up at the microphone.  The woman conducting started to prompt him (I sent him with the scripture written out–he could read it himself, but she didn’t know that or that he had it memorized), which threw him off a little bit.  Once he gave her a look of “I’ve got it,” Ricky rolled right through with no problems.  Kevin and I beamed from our seats at the back of the room!  His teachers were so proud of him and, as we found out today, his teacher from last year was so proud too.  After he shared his scripture, the lady conducting thanked him and said what a good job it was and Ricky looked right at his former teacher and gave her a great big wink!  She’s been chuckling about that with her family all week.

Have I mentioned how cute Rusty’s smiles are?  I’m still attempting to actually capture one on film.  Hopefully tomorrow!

One more tid bit.  Ricky had been warned to be nice to Billy or he would get grounded.  Ricky heard the term on a movie and so I’m taking advantage of it.  If there was a problem, he’d lose his tv priviledge for a day.  So, Thursday night, shortly after I left for a meeting there was a dispute over a toy and Ricky bit Billy.  Kevin handled the situation by letting Ricky know he was grounded from tv the next day and sending him immediately to bed.  Our usual bedtime routine includes milk and stories, but Ricky didn’t get those.  That isn’t the noteworthy part.  What was cute was Billy’s reaction.  He wants to do what Ricky does so much that he wanted to go to bed RIGHT NOW too.  Billy refused milk.  He refused stories.  Kevin had Ricky bedded down by 6:55 and Billy, who wasn’t in trouble at all, down by 7:00!

"The leprechauns know I'm in my pajamas!"

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That was Ricky’s reasoning for why he couldn’t be pinched this morning for not wearing green!


For dinner I made a leprechaun meal.  Ricky took one look at his plate, stuck out his tongue and made a horrible face!  Billy wasn’t too interested either.



Rusty was bummed that he didn’t get any!


Ever have one of those days with just a few too many oddities in it (good and bad)?  Let’s look at the twenty-four hours starting Sunday night, about 10 pm (these are in no particular order):

10.  Billy ran a fever just under 101 degrees and had a bout of coughing induced up-chuck.  Miraculously, he only used the up-chuck bucket and not his bed!


9. Ricky cried for 15 minutes Monday morning after I announced that he had a dentist appointment that day.  When I finally got him to explain the problem with the dentist, he told me he didn’t want to go because, “dentists take your teeth!”  I comforted him that the dentist would not take his teeth and he had a good, cavity-free visit.

8.  Rusty has not been a spit-uppy baby UNTIL I was feeding him just before taking Ricky to the dentist.  I’m talking projectile all over me!  We ended up being a few minutes late since I had to change every article of clothing I was wearing.  I think Rusty gave me one of his adorable grins right afterwards!


7.  We want to have some work done in our backyard and the landscaper came to give us a quote late yesterday afternoon while I was away.  Kevin took all three boys outside with him (the big boys would NOT stand to be left inside) and they were all swarmed with mosquitoes!  On March 16th!  It barely got above freezing several days last week!

6.  (This one is just about me, but it was an oddity for me)  I was gone to my OB/GYN for my 6 week post-partum check and I was in and out of the office in 35 minutes!   I have never, ever been in and out of that office in less than an hour.

5.  Ricky cried and cried when he had to come inside after the landscaper left.  We assumed he just wanted to keep playing outside, which was partially true.  When he calmed down enough to tell me about it, he explained that he had planted a honey pot and if he came inside he wouldn’t get to see his honey tree grow!  Okay.


4.  We are getting a new roof done (we had some leaky issues).  For all the pounding and banging, 2 of the three boys napped wonderfully yesterday.  Ricky, who opted to just rest and not sleep, opened his door and asked if it was time to get up yet at exactly 3 pm (which is the designated wake-up time).  He had no clock and no way of knowing the time.  Ricky’s internal clock amazes us sometimes.

3.  Rusty had his first bathtub bath.  I’ve just been sponge bathing him before this, but after the projectile incident, I decided it was time to get him in the tub.  For his safety, I put the big boys in my bathtub with Kevin in charge so Rusty could have some peace.  He seemed to quite enjoy it and looked perfectly content the whole time.


2.  Billy loves his bedtime stories.  One of his current favorites is “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.”  Now, usually, if I’m singing, he’ll put his hand on my mouth and/or yell at me to stop (I don’t think I sing THAT badly), but last night he was pointing to the pictures and he actually turned and in his gravelly, sick voice said, “Sing!”

1.  I can’t seem to come up with a tenth one.  It was just a day.  I was thankful to go to bed last night.


I do have to add this, even though it happened Saturday morning.  Ricky went with Grandmama to get his hair cut at the barber’s shop.  He usually sings songs for the barber, which he did again, but he also shared a joke.  If you read the post about the family of ducks, it was the same joke but he’s finally getting it.  “There was a daddy piggy bank, a momma piggy bank, and a baby piggy bank walking along.  The baby was slow, so the daddy went back, stepped on him and said, MONEY!”  Ricky was so proud of himself!

Here are the boys playing in the chair and blanket rocket I made for them.


We made individual sized pizzas on Saturday.  The boys LOVED it.  They got to put all the toppings on, but I think Billy ate more of the cheese than he actually put on any of the pizzas!  Here he is eating the stragglers.


And the Mickey Mouse hat was a find I made in a box last week.  Isn’t he adorable in it?

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