Kindergarten Round-up Time

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Do they call this a “round-up” in non-rodeo country?

Today was Ricky’s Kindergarten registration day.  I told him that we were going to go look at his new school for Kindergarten and he said, “But, Momma, I’m not 5 yet?!”  He had a fabulous time.  He saw some of his friends from church and pre-school and afterwards asked me, “Momma, can I go to Kindergarten again next Wednesday?”

"Quiet. QUIET!"

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No, that isn’t me yelling at the boys during dinner when they are quacking at each other and getting progressively louder and louder and louder!  That is the sound of Billy, yes our sweet Billy, hollering at the dogs when they start howling at passing sirens.  It doesn’t matter that Trouble and Daisy can’t hear him through the closed doors and windows or that he is in his room at the front of the house and they are out back–Billy scolds them anyway!  And, no, he did not learn this from me!  Blame that on the other parental unit.

Just this week Billy has learned to say his name.  You have to ask the right question and he has to be in the right mood and then you get the priviledge of hearing his sweet, “Bee-y.”

Camera Dump

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Sometimes a few too many pictures build up on the camera and I just need to to unload the cutest of the cute here.

Last Saturday, Kevin built a new swing set at my mom’s house.  He had a few helpers.



Billy grew tired of the work and was ready to play.


Grandmama treated them to a nice lunch break.


Rusty received these trucks in his Easter basket and Ricky thought he needed to play with them right NOW. He didn’t care that Rusty was sleeping.


Rusty with the train of the same name. (I think Ricky set up this shot)


One day last week, the big boys went on an adventure (their bedroom can be an exciting place) and both had to have their back packs.


The boys were a bit messy after dinner at Grandmama’s last night (Billy was painting his tummy with ketchup), so we threw them in the tub. They didn’t have any clean clothes to wear home, so we borrowed a couple of tee shirts. The boys called them their “capes” and Ricky had to put his on over his regular clothes again this morning.



Have I ever mentioned Billy’s love of all things Thomas?  Thomas the Tank Engine is currently his very favorite.


What do you get when your 2 year old has flat feet?  Blisters.  They look painful, but Billy didn’t complain.



And here are the many faces of Rusty.  He’s such a good, good baby.  Happy, too.






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I know it has been a while since my sister Wendi was here, but better late then never. When she was here, she got to participate in the ever popular activity of drawing on the windows. Cindy pulls out the dry erase markers and let’s the boys draw with the markers on the windows. At least she hopes that’s where they draw. We have to keep an eye on Billy since he thinks that he should draw on the walls, toys, himself, Ricky, Rusty, and anything else he sees. Ricky was in a storytelling mood, so he convinced Wendi to write his stories on the window. Here they are…

Once there was a rocket ship
that flew up up up to the stars
and to the moon. The astronaut was
lonely by himself in his rocket ship
so he wrote “Hi” up in the sky so his
family and friends could see it.

A snowman was climbing
up to the balloon factory.
When he came down he was scared
and he was sad, because he was
about to melt. Then he melted. And
then he went back to himself again and
he was happy to be back together.
After he threw away some recycling
he went back to his house.

One week later

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Well, it’s been one week now since we took Billy’s crib down and switched him over to the toddler bed. When we switched Ricky over from the crib to the toddler bed, it took him quite a while to get used to his new found freedom and learn to stay in his bed and go to sleep. So we knew what to expect with Billy and had been delaying it as long as possible. Billy is still having a hard time staying in his bed – both at nap time and night time.

Tonight I was trying every way I could think of to get him to stay in his bed.  I even took away their nightlights, thinking that Billy wouldn’t walk around if he couldn’t see.  Well, Ricky really did not like that and asked to have them back.  Cindy recommended putting up the baby gate in the doorway since it had worked fairly well in the past.  So I consented, returned the nightlights, and put up the gate.

Ricky sat up in his bed and said,

“Good thinking, Poppy.  Good thinking.”

P.S. (by Cindy)  Shortly after Kevin posted this, I went to check on Billy.  He finally fell asleep 3 hours after being put to bed.  When we put him to bed, he did have pants on (I looked around and I still don’t know what he’s done with them!).


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