Billy the Entertaining

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At church today, Billy made the pew behind us nearly guffaw!   He loves his Nursery class and is anxious to get there every week, but we have our main meeting (Sacrament Meeting) first.  As the closing song came to an end, you could just see Billy getting more and more excited.  Then was the prayer.  As soon as “amen” was said, Billy threw his fists into the hair and shouted, “YES!”  He was ready for Nursery!

Last night we took the boys to a church picnic with my mom.  Billy got himself a cup of water and came back to join us on the blanket.  He was drinking as he walked and continued drinking from that cup as he sat down.  His little bum hit the blanket and then he fell onto his back . . . with the cup still at his mouth!   Billy was nicely doused in water and I laughed and laughed!!

Billy is getting good at speaking in sentences, although his grammar is atrocious!  When we get to my mom’s house, he calls for her “Gwandma!  Gwandma!”  and if she doesn’t answer, he asks, “Gwandma is?”  It is his way of asking where she is.  I also hear, “Ricky is?”  “Truck is?” and “Bo-fires is?” many times a day.  (bo-fires is what he calls the blasted pacifiers!)

Who needs a Jungle Gym when you have an Uncle Tony?

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The boys have been playing hard with their Uncle Tony this week.   It is all about the rough and tumble, the spinning, the upside down hanging.  The boys come home nicely tired!





Attempting to Recreate

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About 38 or 39 years ago, one of my favorite pictures was taken.  It is my three brothers and I just find them all perfectly adorable in it.


On Sunday my mom found the shirts from the picture and had to try to recreate the moment.  Ricky is a bit older than my oldest brother and my boys were not nearly as cooperative as this picture makes my brothers appear, but it was fun anyway.





I love his face in this one!




Memorial Day

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Ricky’s getting it.  Last night as part of his prayer he said, “Please bless that we get
Memorial Day to remember Grandpa Chet . . .”


"Hey, Momma! A trampoline!"

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I heard those words tonight as I was putting on my pjs.  My first thought was to kick into Sergeant Mom mode and tell them to stop jumping on the bed.  Then I decided that their giggles were something I wanted to hold dear and remember — so I grabbed the camera instead!

Two little monkeys jumped on Ricky’s bed . . .


One fell down and protected his head . . .


Momma grabbed the camera and said in her head . . .


It’s all right to jump on the bed . . . tonight!


And this is Ricky begging to see the pictures on my camera . . .


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