Swimming Lessons & The First Supper

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Ricky and Billy started swimming lessons today.  Since Kevin is the swimmer and the pool is close to his work, he is taking the parent and child class with Billy and Ricky is in the preschool B class.  Billy was a little timid at first but quickly became comfortable.  (sorry these pictures are so bad – I was sitting pretty far from the pool)


Ricky is the only boy in a class of five.


He’s also the only Albino (and I don’t know what the deal is with his trunks).


Rusty had his first taste of food today — yummy rice cereal!


Well, maybe not so yummy . . .


And since we were taking pictures of Rusty eating, the big boys wanted Kevin to take pictures of the rest of us eating too.




Ignore the ugly lady in this one – I don’t know who she is . . .


Rusty is already helping to clean himself up.  He’s such a good boy!


Great Grandparents

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Last summer we had the chance to spend a week in Washington and let our boys meet Kevin’s Grandpa and Grandma Pendleton (affectionally called Grandpa Dick and Grandma Evelyn).  Ricky has not forgotten them and was thrilled when we got a phone call last Monday saying that they were in town and going to stop by our house that evening.


Ricky did run to hide his stuffed cat, Max.   He remembered that last summer Grandpa Dick tied Max’s tail into a knot.


It was fun introducing Rusty to Grandpa and Grandma.  Both commented that it had been a long time since they’d held a baby.




Billy was his usual wary self, but warmed up enough to give Grandpa Dick a kiss before they left.


A very sweet moment was when Grandma Evelyn read Ricky his bedtime story.


Thanks for visiting, Grandpa and Grandma.  We hope to see you both again real soon!

Baby Cate turned One

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A year ago, we went to Lehi to meet tiny, 4 pound Baby Cate.


Last Sunday we celebrated her first birthday, however, I did not get a good picture of her!  Here she is loving Rusty, though!


It was also Father’s Day, so in honor of the two special days, everyone got together (minus Andrew who had a better offer).



Aunt Cathy made adorable lady bug cupcakes that the boys devoured.



Uncle John got some new legos and the boys had fun cheering him on as he built things . . . their favorites were the airplane and the temple.


And a few cute pictures of cute Rusty.




More kids say the darnedest things

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Two little boys are running back and forth from the front room to the dining room.  They think they are racing.  Ricky gets there first and says, “I won!”  Billy shows up a few seconds later and says, “Me won!”  Ricky lovingly says, “It was a tie!”

For a fun treat, occasionally we use cookie cutters to make their bologna into cute shapes.  Kevin made the boys’ lunch and used the mini-gingerbread man cookie cutter on Billy’s bologna.  I came into the kitchen and there was Billy talking for his lunch meat,  “My turn.” “No, my turn.”  “Okay.”  And then he ate them.

Billy was playing with toy figures this morning.  The conversation I overheard was, “‘Pankin.  ‘Pankin.  Bad choice.”  I’m not sure who got all the spankings for bad choices, but his toy ended up being lasered with a gun for his bad choice.

Bye, bye California

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Last Saturday was our last day in California.  After all the excitement at Disneyland, we made it a slow day.  We played with Aunt Wendi and Aunt Sheri, Ricky and Kevin went to a piano recital for a couple of cousins, and that evening we roasted marshmallows.  Ricky and Kevin were also very brave and went to an evening dip into a very cold pool . . . thus the need for a fire and the subsequent marshmallow roasting!

The next morning we reminded Ricky that we were going home that day.  He started to tear up at having to say good-bye to so much — Aunt Sheri, Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt Wendi, the bunk beds!  Ricky got to sleep on the top bunk and that was almost as fun for him as the rides at Disneyland!

It really was a great trip and has given us a wonderful set of memories!  Thanks for letting me share!



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