We are fam-i-ly!

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We like our family.  We like our extended family.  Perhaps we spend too much time with them …

the nose flute




the totally relaxed baby on his big cousin’s lap


the play set at Cousin Danny’s house


Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


Grandmama (who wants any of the kids looking at the camera anyway)


Cousins (here are Cousin Danny and Cate with their other Grandma)


We had 7 little ones with us at Dan and Cathy’s Monday morning.  My three, Cathy’s two and her two nephews.  In all one 6 year old, one 5 year old, one 4 year old, two 2 year olds, a 1 year old, and Baby Rusty.  A good time was had by all and most of the dirt actually stayed in the backyard!


Space Invaders

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The boys like to dress up in costumes.  I like to shop online.  When I found these costumes for a steal, I had to have them.  The boys thought they had died and gone to heaven.  Kevin came home from work and thought he’d landed on another planet.  I know there are a lot of pictures but none of them did real justice to how dang cute the boys look in them!




Rusty wasn’t quite sure what to think about his brothers.





These are alien costumes from the movie “Toy Story.”  They are from Pizza Planet.  The boys call their alien antenna their horn and Ricky likes to pull Billy around using it as a lead.  Billy growls a lot in the costume.  I didn’t know aliens growl, but that boy won’t be convinced otherwise.

FHE and a really short visit

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Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and Ricky was adamant that I take him to the store to get her a present.  He told Kevin that I was going to take him to the toy store and Kevin said that Grandma didn’t want toys for her birthday.  Ricky responded, “Poppy!  We’ll get a GIRL toy!”  Well, he tried to get her a Transformer, but when I discouraged that he found the next best thing – Transformer Band-aids.  As soon as he gave them to her, he suddenly had an owie on his knee and was asking Grandmama if she had a band-aid for him.   We’re working on his gift giving skills, slowly but surely.

Monday, for a bit of a family night, the boys did a service without knowing it!  My mom’s next door neighbors are elderly and have an early ripening apple tree that was ready to be picked.  Ricky remembered picking apples there last year and had just asked me a few days before when he could do that again.  Monday he got his request.


The neighbors put out an offering for anyone who wanted apples, which also means, “Hey, we don’t want these apples and need someone to take them before they all fall off the tree and make a mess of our yard.”  We heard and answered.


Since we have an early ripening tree ourselves, we had no need for more apples, but it gave the boys the chance to help the neighbors out and have some fun with Grandmama at the same time.


We had a very, very short visit from my friend Shelly and her family last night.  They were driving home to Montana from Arizona and needed a place to rest and sleep.  We were more than happy to accommodate.  They arrived very late and left very early, but we had a few moments to coo over each others’ baby (my Rusty is just 6 weeks younger than her Millie).


Ricky came out of his room just as they were leaving this morning.  Since I wasn’t sure if he’d see them at all, I had not told him we were having company.  He looked very confused and as they drove away he said to me, “Hey, did they have some kids?  When are they coming back so I can play with those kids?”  Some day, Bud.

Friends since 1991

Friends since 1991

Uh-oh, Dusty!

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Billy has a thing about hair.

It needs to be flat.

Don’t spike it.  No mo-hawks.  Even parting it and combing it to the side bugs him.

He will start hitting his hair and smoothing it down if you try.

Since his hair only wants to lay flat, this works.

Rusty isn’t so lucky.  His hair naturally stands on end.  Try as we may, it won’t lay down.

(okay, I don’t try TOO terribly hard).


After baths tonight, Billy came to where I had Rusty and was playing with him when he suddenly stopped and said, “Uh-oh, Dusty!  Hair up!  Comb it!”  I tried to explain that I HAD combed it, but who can reason with a 2 year old?

Life with the boys

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My mom had five children.  The first 3 were boys.  So far, I have 3 boys.  This takes my mom down memory lane a lot and my boys get to recreate a lot of her moments.  This week they got to try on sweaters that belonged to my brothers.

My dad bought this outfit for my third brother to wear home from the hospital after he was born.  It fits Rusty perfectly and he is 5 1/2 months old.  I can only imagine how big it was on my brother.






My mom made these sweaters.  I know the red one was made for Tim, but I don’t remember about the white one.  Billy wasn’t fully recovered yet and not overly cooperative!



A couple of times a year, I like to take a trip to Logan.  We hit the cheese factory and a few other stops.  This year we added the Willow Park Zoo to our list.  Aunt Suzy and Grandmama came along as well.  It is a small, inexpensive zoo, but perfectly cute.  They had monkeys and bald eagles and even bobcats (the big cats are always my favorite).  There were lots of turtles and birds, birds, and more birds.

the monkeys

the monkeys

But the boys favorite part of the zoo was feeding the ducks.  We could have spent all day doing that.

Ricky and the greediest duck of the bunch

Ricky and the greediest duck of the bunch

A handful of feed was only 10 cents!

A handful of feed was only 10 cents!

Feeding through the fence wasn't good enough for Billy.  He wanted to be UP!

Feeding through the fence wasn't good enough for Billy. He wanted to be UP!

There is just something better about the A&W restaurant in Logan and that is where we got lunch.  The boys got a kids meal and one of their prizes was a wind sock.  As soon as I told them the name, out came the foot, on went the “sock.”


My friend Shanae invited us over for a game of Sponge Ball last week.  The rules are simple:  buckets of water, enough sponge balls to go around, and everyone fends for themselves!  It was when the hose came out that things got really fun!  Shanae has no mercy and it is all good because neither do any of the boys!  Here are some pictures of our fun with her and her boys.  Rusty was the free zone – no water around him!  So I was safe while taking these pictures.






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