Rusty Sits & Eats

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While he still reminds me of a Weeble Wobble, Rusty can sit up and stay up for quite a while.  That is until a toy just out of his reach lures him too far and he tips over.  Or a cat walking by can excite him enough to just plunk right down while he tries to reach it.  Enjoy the world of Billy [please really read Rusty.  Thanks, Cathy!] sitting:





Rusty is branching out into all sorts of foods as well.  One night it was the delicious combination of prunes and green peas.  He loved it!



Billy and Ricky had some fun that night with their pudding.



Have I mentioned that Rusty rolls everywhere?  The boy is fast AND determined.  He really tries getting to the cats!  The stairs make me nervous, but I have developed a few strategies to keep him away for now.  I was all ready to take this first picture and he unexpectedly showed me his new skill.


His smile in this one makes me think that he purposefully rolled out of the last photo.


Lehi Park Date

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Last Friday, Kevin had the chance to get together with some of the missionaries he served with on his mission.  The gathering was at a park in Lehi, which was perfect because the boys and I could visit with Dan and Cathy and Kevin could rehash Russia.  The boys loved it!  This first picture is fuzzy, but I liked it too much to leave out!


Little Cate was crawling around the playset and Ricky found her …


She needed a cousin kiss …


I had Dan hold both little ones for a Kodak Moment and this series of pictures is what followed:





Not exactly sure what her folks are teaching her, but it was cute!  Thanks for meeting up with us, you guys!


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Today was the day.  Ricky entered the big world of further education … kindergarten.  He’s been excited about it for weeks and making me review how many more days he had until he could start.  Did I mention he was really excited?


Billy got really excited too.  If I hadn’t found it so sad, I would have thought it was too cute!  Ricky got to put on his new socks and shoes and Billy ran to find his socks and his shoes.  Ricky got out his backpack and Billy had to find his own little back pack.  Ricky wanted to do some practice homework before going and Billy wanted to do some too. (notice Billy had to hold a paper too)


Ricky was an excellent big brother though!  He tried to help me explain to Billy that he couldn’t go and when that didn’t sink in for the little guy, Ricky told him that Billy could go to school when Ricky got home.  The house was then decorated with pieces of paper taped to the wall showing arrows pointing to this:


Lunch was finally finished and it was time for Kevin to take Ricky to kindergarten and the tears started.  Surprisingly, none from me.  I was too busy consoling my sweet 2 year old who just could not understand why he couldn’t go too.  It really was sad.

Ricky had a fabulous time and is ready to go back tomorrow!  He was so excited to see Billy and tell him about his day and then he became Billy’s teacher.  They went up to their room and had learning time and story time and then popped out to go into the back yard for recess and then came asking for crackers for snack time.    My Ricky is getting grown up!


Four Quotes

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1.  “Momma, I made a sweet house for you!”

(Ricky was building with blocks)

2.  “Momma, would you stample this for me?”

(Ricky made a book of Ninja Turtle pictures and wanted me to staple the pages together.)

3.  “Where are the structions?  Need structions!”

(Billy very concerned about the instructions for some toy)

4.  “Yippito!”

(Billy’s latest affirmative response.  It comes from the Skippyjon Jones books.  Haven’t read them?  My boys would love to let you read one to them!  Imagine Billy saying it like a chihuahua with a phoney Spanish accent.)

A bit of this and a bit of that

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Ricky starts kindergarten next Monday.  This Tuesday he goes in for his assessment test and I am so excited to see how well he does.  When we met his teacher this last week, Ricky looked at the wall where she has a big tree full of parrots of different colors and he quickly rattled off the name of each color.  She seemed impressed but moved on to the business at hand.  I smiled to myself because I’m fairly confident that she thinks he just new the colors of the birds, but I know he probably didn’t even see the parrots and was actually reading the color names labeling each bird!  It should be fun!

The camera has been sleeping a lot lately, but it has been pulled out on a few occasions:

1.  To demonstrate proper eating etiquette.


2.  To show Ricky that Momma climbed all the way to the big Y on the mountain. (I did that with our church youth group during our recent Youth Conference.  It was the last day after camping and not bathing.  Pretend like I smell good in the picture.)


3.  To let Rusty get some photography practice in.  He was holding the camera for this one.


4.  To get Billy to stop saying, “Momma!  Take a picture of me!  Momma!  Take a picture of me!”


5.  To show the world the infamous and terribly happy Spider-Batman!


6.  To show that all three boys can like each other when they want to.


7.  And, to show that you can pick your nose and you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your friend’s nose unless that friend is your little brother who has no say or control over the situation!


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