What the heck?

October 27, 2009 on 9:34 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | 1 Comment | Add a comment

The phrase “what the heck” is common.  We have tried to not use it much at home after Ricky said it a few times and we realized it wasn’t something we really wanted our 5 year old saying.  Enter Billy.  It isn’t something we want our 2 year old saying either, but he does and the problem is this … it is so funny when he says it!


Last night we had soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Billy’s bowl of bean and bacon soup was placed in front of him and out comes “what the heck is that?”  Stifling laughter while trying to reprimand is not exactly successful.

So what the heck do you do to get a 2 year old to stop saying what the heck?

Sick Talk

October 22, 2009 on 8:55 am | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

We’ve been a house of sickness the last week or so.  Everyone is on the up and up finally, but here are a few of my favorite quotes from fevered and sick boys:

Ricky:  One of my nostrils doesn’t work!

Billy:  Oh, I spilled it!  I spilled it!  (he was still asleep, but Kevin gave him a sip of water and a drop fell on his pillow)

Ricky:  I have a boogie in both of my noses!

Billy (with finger and voice shaking):  Get dressed first!  Get dressed!  (when asked if he wanted breakfast)

Ricky (while stifling a cough):   I am better.  I haven’t coughed since Maggie walked past me!


The Land of the Crawling … Almost

October 17, 2009 on 2:30 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Rusty has been really good at moving himself around for a couple of weeks now.  He rolls and twist and gets himself pretty much wherever he wants to go.


Today we are one step closer to the Land of the Crawling.  He’s getting up on his hands and knees and thinking really hard about moving forward.  But the real step is that he army crawled!  Those little arms and toes worked together and propelled him forward!  Who said he was allowed to get so big so soon?


He scray-atched my hay-er!

October 15, 2009 on 4:09 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Billy.  Listening to him talk sometimes leads me to think, “Hill Billy.”  Lately, he has begun to add syllables to words.  Some of the most often heard are:

cay-at (cat)

quay-a-ack (quack)

woo-ord (word)

to-ool (tool)

The list could go on.  He hasn’t seemed to do it with names, but I’m sure it is just a matter of time before he pops out of his room and says, “Mornin’ y’all!”


A little after 6 this morning, Billy started his day by yelling and crying.  Kevin jumped to his rescue and suspected the problem had to do with the big orange cat that darted out of the bedroom when he opened the door.  Once Kevin had Billy calmed down enough to explain the problem, Billy said, referring to the cat, “He scray-atched my hay-er!!”  (translation:  the cat was in bed with him and began licking Billy’s head which act Billy absolutely HATES and thus the resulting yelling and crying)



October 12, 2009 on 9:20 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

I don’t check pockets when I do laundry.  I empty my own when I put my clothes in the hamper, but I just don’t even think to check Kevin’s or the boys’ pockets.   You would think it would cross my mind after washing a check for a couple hundred bucks that Kevin left in his pocket several years ago.  Nope!  It doesn’t.  You would think it would after washing rocks, toy cars, stretchy bunnies, crayons, various other toys, and most recently a small flashlight (yeah, it doesn’t work anymore).   Still, nope.


Today as I pulled the load of jeans from the washing machine, I found out what the boys have been stashing in their pockets this last week.  Tissues.   Lots and lots of tissues.  There must have been at least 2 tissues in each pair of pants for all the pieces that came out!   How old are they when they learn to check their own pockets?  Wait, how old is Kevin?  Oi.

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