He means it!

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Billy has a bit of a cold.   I have a long list of things to accomplish today.  So, after dropping Ricky off at school, I went back to my list knowing I had 15 minutes before lunch and then Billy’s nap.  Billy wandered in to where I was and said, “Momma, me getting tie-red!”  I told him I loved him and that we’d have lunch soon and then he could take his nap.  I guess I wasn’t taking him serious enough because when I looked for him just 5 minutes later, the sweet little thing was sound asleep on the floor in his bedroom.  Yep, Billy was tie-red.

Around Here

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Around here, Ricky doesn’t call shirts with hoods “hoodies.”  Instead, they are “shirts with helmets.”

Around here, when a two year old goes missing at the children’s museum, you can bet that he’ll find his way to the room with all the trains … every single time!

Around here, when you go to your kindergartner’s parent/teacher conference, you get to hear him described as “scary smart.”

Around here, you might get a two year old latched on your leg , dragging along the floor and calling, “Me stop you.  You no go!”

Around here, when boys are playing dinosaurs you might hear a conversation like this:  Billy- “Time to sleep!”   Ricky- “No, Billy!  It isn’t time for the dinosaurs to sleep!”   Billy- “Yes, lights out.  Sleep.”  Ricky- “No, Billy!  The dinosaurs are at church!  We don’t sleep at church!”

Around here, a 9 1/2 month old crawls and sits himself up and gets onto his knees.  And he looks way to little to be doing it all!

Around here, when two cousins disagree over sharing toys, Billy is likely to scrunch up his nose, put his fists on his hips and give a look of death.

Around here, several pews of church-goers will laugh after a pacifier is dropped and our two year old loudly declares, “Don’t worry, Dusty Guy!  Me get it!”

Me love haw dogs!

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I was in my room the other day and it was not quite lunch time when in walks Billy.  He was hugging something very close to his chest and I couldn’t quite make out what it was.  Then he let me know, “Me love haw dogs!”  The dear child had gotten the bag of hot dogs (the big bag from Sam’s Club) out of the fridge and was walking around loving it.  Sweet boy, huh?!

Thanksgiving List

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In honor of the month of giving thanks, I thought I would list a few things for which I’m thankful.

1.  That Kevin is such a great dad!  He does more than his fair share of story reading, tucking in, worrying, teeth brushing, diaper changing, teaching, imagining, etc.  And, in return, the boys love him best.  I’m okay with that — he works hard for it!


2.  That Rusty is such a happy baby!  None of my boys have been unpleasant or difficult babies, but Rusty is so easy.  He is just pleasant and giggly and just plain happy.  We seldom hear him cry and when we do, it doesn’t last long. (Admire how cute the drool dripping off his chin is, too)


3.  That Ricky is so stinkin’ smart!  I get to have my first parent/teacher conference this week and I’m excited to hear what she has to say.  This week Ricky surprised me by using a new word.  We were getting the boys ready for bed and he told us that he didn’t need to go to bed.  When we asked why, he replied, “Because I’m nocturnal!”  Today was the Primary program at our church (the children ages 3-12 provide the service) and Ricky had his line memorized.  However, the leader had a script on the podium and when Ricky got up for his turn, he chose to read it.  He started by asking his leader if he was supposed to read his name, to which she said no, then he read his line and asked if he could keep reading the rest of the lines too.  I think he earned the most chuckles from the congregation of all the kids.


4.  That Billy is such a little helper!  Now, he does have selective hearing, but when he listens, it is so cute!  Yesterday I was working on some church things, but could tell his pull-up needed to be refreshed, so I asked him to go get some clean underpants and I’d change them for him.  He disappeared upstairs for a bit and then reappeared holding a pair of Kevin’s underpants that he had retrieved from the hamper and said, “This what you talking about?”  I told him no and that his underpants were in the bathroom drawer.  He came back with the right undies this time and a “Oh, THIS what you talking about!!”


5.  That Rusty is mobile!  I’m not so thankful for the fun of baby-proofing again, but I love that he is healthy and strong!  He took his first real crawling motions last Friday and this week has just gotten better and better.  I’ve tried to capture it on camera, but it is like he KNOWS and immediately drops to his belly and rolls around or army crawls.  I should also add that with this mobility, I’m thankful our big orange cat, Hunter, is so good with Rusty!






Rusty's First Hair Cut

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Since it is time for his second hair cut, I figured I should finally put the pictures up from Rusty’s first hair cut.  We cut his hair on September 27 when he was not quite 8 months old.

Day Before


Just before cutting


An attempt to measure the height, but he wouldn’t let me hold the hairs straight.  You can see one hair at 3 inches and it isn’t even fully straight, so you can imagine how long this hair was!


During the cut



Not quite finished, but the last picture before the camera’s battery died.


And here is a picture a couple of days later.  I don’t know if it was from shortening the front hairs or if they would have just started laying down on their own, but Rusty now has bangs in front and the rest still mo-hawks.  We have tried, but it still stands up on its own.


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