Christmas 2009

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We had just the best Christmas at our house.  The big boys loved their gifts and shared nicely (most of the day, anyway) and Rusty … well, Rusty was just as cute as always.

The boys waited as patiently as they could for it to be 7 am and for Grandmama to come so we could go down to the family room and see what Santa had brought them.


The boys spent a lot of time just playing with their toys from Santa before we even worried about opening presents.  We grown-ups just enjoyed their pleasure!   The big boys got a GeoTrax remote control train and airplane set and Rusty got a little doorway house.








After about 30 minutes of play, we started unwrapping presents.  Rusty started getting into it, but he was more interested in the torn paper than the gift inside.


After gifts, we had a breakfast … well, the grown-ups and Rusty did.  Ricky and Billy were not to be torn away from their new gifts for something as mundane as food.


The rest of the day consisted of playing new games, more trains and planes …



… naps for the little boys, and then family dinner at Grandmama’s house.  We didn’t pull the camera out much there, but the boys had a fabulous time playing with Uncle Tony.


Grandmama knitted each of her grandkids a hat and Billy immediately put it on (and is quick to remind me since then everytime we go out that he needs his hat).


Rusty wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about his hat, but he still wears it with pride!



It was late when we got home, but we still slipped the boys into their new jammies and had them gather up a few of their favorite things for a Christmas picture.  Rusty did not make this easy.  The boy wiggles and moves and rarely sits still.  Here are the best two, one without the Wiggle Monster and one with Kevin trying to control him!



One special event of the day was a letter that Santa left in my stocking.  A little background, in his letter to Santa, Ricky had asked for a little sister.  So, Santa left me a letter telling us that Heavenly Father thought our family needed another baby brother and would be sending us one in May.  I read the letter to Ricky who was silent only a moment before he jumped up and shrieked, “WE NEED TO BUILD MORE BUNKBEDS!”  (I hated to be the one to tell him this, but we don’t have any bunkbeds)  We were all pleased with how he took the news.  Today he started coming up with names for his “baby brother who hasn’t been born yet.”  Since the names were things like “oompy doompy” and “piddly diddle,” we don’t think we’ll leave the naming up to Ricky!

My 3 favorite things

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christmas collage-p001

It is a scrapbook page, so a bit hard to see online, but these are the boys’ favorite Christmas present pictures since we’ve had the boys!  We try to take them on Christmas night, although it looks like we missed a couple of years, so I snagged pictures from those Christmas mornings.

Billy-isms for Today

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This morning Billy woke up before his allowed time to get up.  Kevin was helping Rusty, so I tried to keep Billy quiet by laying on my bed with him.  I kept telling him that he had to stay there until Poppy came back (knowing that Rusty would never go back to sleep if he saw or heard Billy).  Billy didn’t like being told that he had to wait for Kevin so he told me, “Momma!  That’s not the truth!  That’s not the truth!”

A bit later, Kevin was blowing his nose and Billy watched.  “Poppy?  No boogies are coming out!”  Then Rusty let out a squawk and Billy said, “Ah oh.  Poppy woke Dusty up!”

A few sad words

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I was once told that the odd years were full of tears.  I’m beginning to believe it.  My poor Ricky struggles to control his emotions many days.  Tonight, he had a disagreement over a toy and started to cry.  When my mom asked him why he was crying, Ricky answered through a screwed up red face and big ole tears, “I don’t know!”

Sadly, we all started laughing because it was just too funny.  Poor boy!

Family Christmas Party Favorites

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Today we had our family Christmas party.   The boys were very excited about having company and as soon as people started showing up, they ran up and down the stairs screaming in delight.  The excitement did get to be too much for a tired Ricky, but in all it was a lot of fun.

As I read the boys their bedtime story tonight, I asked them what their favorite parts of the day were.  These were their responses:

Billy – “When I ‘panked Uncle Tim!”

Ricky – “When Uncle Tony poured water down my megaphone.  But my unfavorite part was when Uncle Tony pulled my pants down!”  (things might have gotten a little crazy towards the end!)

Pictures to follow.

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