"That's what the rule says!"

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I mentioned our House Rules the other day and I had no idea the entertainment I would get from these simple phrases!

After Billy’s nap today, he sat by me on the couch and I was tickling his foot.  He told me not to and I asked why not.  He got off the couch, marched over to where the House Rules are hanging on the wall, pointed to some selection of words and said, “Tickling is not for the house.”  Then he turned to me with his hands on his hips and brows furrowed and said, “That’s what the rule says!”

If only we actually had a rule about tickling!

Jamaica, November 2009

Jamaica, November 2009


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As we were driving home from Grandmama’s house tonight, Ricky and Billy sang a beautiful duet for Kevin and I.  Rusty was completely silenced by its beauty.  It was a combination of “I am a Child of God” and the “Scooby-Doo”  theme song.  It went something like this: (sung simultaneously)

Billy:  Chi-i-ild of God.  Chi-i-ild of God.  Chi-i-ild of God.

Ricky:  Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?  Ba ba ba, shakes and shivers!

Then Billy took over and sang his solo:

Billy:  Scooby-dooby-doo, doo, doo, doo.  Cakes and kivers!

Their talent really is overwhelming!

Bunk Beds

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For the last few weeks, Billy has been unhappy with his bed.   Some nights it was too bouncy.  Some nights it had a monster.  We figured it was time to get the bunk beds.

Kevin put them together this morning with a little bit of help.


Ricky made himself a comic book called “Save Rusty from Space” which he read to Kevin.  I’m sure it inspired the building.


Rusty tried reading to Kevin too.


Then he took a pony ride.



I love Billy in the background of this one (no animals were hurt in the taking of this pictures).


With all that help, the beds somehow managed to be finished.  And the piling on of their favorite stuffed friends began.


Even our cat Linus was thrilled.  He climbed onto Billy’s bed and meowed at me until I put him up on the top bunk.  Then he curled up and enjoyed himself.


Ricky is a little hesitant climbing up the ladder, but I think he’ll get over that pretty fast.  He isn’t afraid, just slow and cautious.


Don’t they look happy?


Billy’s first nap didn’t seem successful at first … he fell asleep on the floor.  But I found him later sleeping on his bed.  Ricky came home from school and couldn’t wait for Billy to wake up from his nap so that he could play on his top bunk.  For Ricky, it is outer space (his new blanket does have rockets and planets on it) and Billy’s bed is the road.  They have a blue bean bag (the fish) which is the pond and a green one that is a hill.  He’s got it all worked out.  Then he reached over and touched the top of one of the ceiling fan blades.  Ricky had to inform me that it felt dirty and “we” should clean it more often.  The twerp!


You can do hard things!

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I heard a church talk a year ago that mentioned a family slogan of “you can do hard things.”  It kind of hung around in my head and when the boys started whining about the chore of  picking up their toys being too hard a couple of months ago, I pulled it out.  When we sat down and made our House Rules for the year, the first one on the list was “you can do hard things.”  So the boys hear this … almost daily.

The other night, as we were driving home, Billy dropped his toy and wanted me to get it for him.  I told him I couldn’t reach it while I was driving and he said, “But, Momma, you can do hard fings!”

Today, as I was preparing a mini-lesson for my church meeting tonight, Billy came up and wanted help putting his train tracks together.  Now this is a task he can do just fine and does by himself frequently, so I felt no guilt in telling him to do it himself while I finished up.  He put on his poutiest face and told me, “I can’t do hard fings!  I can’t do hard fings!”


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Grandmama and Ricky had a cooking date today.  They made lip mints.  Together they figured out how to use the microwave to melt the chocolates and put it in the molds.  They made pink and red and white lips.  Ricky was fascinated with the white lips, for who knows what reason!


Ricky loves helping in the kitchen.  He stood on our step stool next to Grandmama.  She teased that he was getting tall to which he said, with that how-do-you-not-know-this tone, “It is just the stool, Grandma!”

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