Anybody see any cute kids?

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I do!   I get to see them every day!

Here is Ricky’s Kindergarten picture, taken in late October.


I took Billy and Rusty to a photographer for their birthday pictures a week or so ago.  I got a few poses of each, but I’ll only share a couple here.


Billy and I went to church alone today (Ricky had a cough, so he stayed home with Kevin and Rusty).    As we walked into the building hand-in-hand, Billy looked up at me and said, “We go to church ourselves!   No Poppy.  No Ricky.  No Rusty.  Just us!”   Yes, my little boy, we had some “just us” time today!


A friend of ours came up to our van where Rusty was all buckled in and could not restrain herself … she had to squeeze his cheeks!   Since she usually says she wants to “just bite those cheeks,”  I was happy to let her just squeeze.  Rusty wasn’t so sure about it though!

Libdy Bell

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Ricky brought me a piece of paper the other day very excited to tell me the story he’d written about the “Libdy Bell.”   I had to question him about the “Libdy Bell.”  He told me that they rang it so hard that it broke.  Ahh, I saw the light.  I told him that it was the Lib-er-ty Bell.  He added the -er- but left the d and I didn’t complain.  I asked him where he learned about it and Ricky said he watched a tv show about it with Uncle Tony.  I guess I should pay better attention to what they watch on Sunday afternoons!

Today as I unloaded the paperwork from Ricky’s backpack, there was a little book he’d colored called the “Symbols of America.”  He quickly flipped past pictures of the bald eagle and the stars and stripes to the very last page and happily said, “See!  The Liberty Bell!”   Maybe he and Uncle Tony did watch a show about it, but it came to his mind again from learning about it at school.  Sometimes it is very difficult to figure this kid out!  And why is he so excited about a broken bell?

A Birthday For Billy

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Saturday night, we were sitting around and enjoying some pre-birthday pizza, when Billy was asked what he wanted for his birthday.  His answer took about ten minutes and most of it was about who knows what, but, the gist was that he wanted Samuel and Steamer and the Ghost Tunnel from GeoTrax.  There was no doubt in Billy’s mind that that was what he was going to get.  Of course, he only started talking about this desire a week before his birthday and I had already purchased his gift way ahead of time …


but I won the “best mom of the year” award because I’d gotten him Steamer the train, Samuel the driver, and some track with a tunnel!


His third birthday was made!


We visited at Grandmama’s house after church where Billy got another favorite meal for dinner – spaghetti!


Billy’s cake was not all that wonderful this time, but I was so sick, he was lucky to be getting anything creative at all!  I thought he’d be so excited to see his Thomas train on the cake, but I was wrong.  I lit the candles and he nearly started crying because he was so concerned that Thomas was going to be burned up!   We sang fast …


He blew the first two candles out with ease, but that last one just wouldn’t go out for him.  He blew and spit and blew some more (Ricky started helping from across the table as well).


Billy finally conquered that candle!  Then he ate his big piece of cake as all three year olds should — frosting first!  Rusty just went for it by the fistful.


Happy birthday to my blue-eyed, train-loving, pasta-eating, good helping, cranky-face-making, teasing, gabby, bossy, funny, little charmer.  We love you, Billy!


David & Goliath

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For family night this week, we taught the boys the story of David and Goliath.  They listened intently to the story of a little boy defeating a great big man.  Then they got really excited when I told them we were going to use sling shots just like David.  Okay, so ours weren’t just like David’s and they were given 5 pom-poms instead of 5 stones, but they had a great time figuring out how to fire them around the kitchen (although I think Kevin might have had even more fun).



Birthday Doors

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I like to decorate the boys’ bedroom door for their birthday.  I hope it makes them feel a little more special on their day.  Plus, it provides an easy photo op for documenting how they look on their birthday (or during their birthday week, since it is possible I forget on their actual birthday – shocking, I know).

Rusty didn’t get his door decorated last year … you come 2 weeks early and I got nothin’ for ya!

rusty 1

But this year I was more on the ball…


Billy 2009 …


This year I heard Billy open his door when he woke up.  He paused and then said, “That’s right!  It’s Sunday!!!”  And he KNEW that Sunday was his birthday!


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