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My aunt was over and visiting with me.  After visiting for 15  minutes, Billy interrupted her and said, “Hey!  You haven’t talked to me yet!”

What did he say?

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As much as he makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes, I adore our little Billy!  And the things that come out of his mouth are just so funny …

A few days ago, Billy was asked if he was a monkey and he said, “No!  I Billy!  A child of God!”  Today, trying to get him to repeat that, I asked him who he was and Billy said, “I Billy the kid!”  (no, we’ve never had an Old West lesson around here)

Billy was playing with a train at Grandmama’s house and Rusty started crawling towards him.  Billy said, “NO!  Rusty Alert!”

When asked how old he is, Billy said, “Three.  No!  Twelve!”  (he’s been stuck on being 3-no-12 for the last couple of weeks)

Today he wore some cute argyle socks to church.  When Uncle Tony saw his socks, he complimented Billy by saying that they were good looking argyles.  Billy became adamant saying, “They not argyle!  They feet!  Those socks!”  A couple of hours later, I asked him about his argyle socks and he grunted before saying, “They my feet!  Not argyles!”

Uncle Tony knows the art of cracking knuckles, especially toes and a couple of weeks ago, did this to Billy.  Tony called it “popping your toes” and Billy was not thrilled about it.  When we came home that night, Billy took off his socks and said, “Look!  They not popped!”  (I guess he was thinking popped like popping a balloon or bubble wrap)

Photoless Snippets of My Week

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, than if I write a thousand words it is as good as if I had a picture, right?  No photos were taken of these moments, but if I close my eyes, I can see them all over again.

1.  Ricky remembered about his video game joystick thing (the one with Pac-Man on it).  He convinced Kevin to put in new batteries and he’s been so happy with the time he’s been allowed to play.  After a good afternoon spent outside, he was ready to come in and “play some video games.”  As Kevin and I visited, we looked at the little man … he was sitting on the ottoman with the joystick held between his legs and both feet in the air.  With each jump or hit, those feet would do some sort of dance all around the air.  Who taught this guy how to play Centipede?

2.  I have often said that if someone else will do it for him, Ricky is perfectly content to let them do it.  I dropped him off at school one day and waited as he entered the school doors as usual.  He almost always uses the automatic door button (the kind for those in wheelchairs) … he pushes the button and waits for the door to open for him, but this day he didn’t.  Ricky actually opened the door himself.  However, he only opened it a crack and squeezed himself in not allowing for the backpack on his back.  The door closed and there he was trapped with his backpack stuck in the door and his arms still in the straps.  True to form, he didn’t do anything … he just hung out and waited until the next kindergartener arrived and opened the door for him to be freed (so no one questions my mothering, the next child arrived faster than I could have hauled this fat body out of the van and to the door, so there was no neglect).

3.  Yesterday was a warmish day but very windy.  The boys were banished to the backyard for some much needed fresh air.  Billy found his toy lawn mower and was having a great time pushing it around the yard … doing his “vacuuming.”

4.  Rusty’s new found mobility has led to the inevitable bumps and falls.  One was quite bloody as he tumbled onto his face and bit his lip.  It has also allowed him to get places he couldn’t before.  Rusty is not our first baby in this house … Billy was born after we moved in as well, but he is the first to get his head stuck in the railing twice in two days.  The little one doesn’t even cry about it, he just kind of whines until I find him and maneuver his head back to the widest part where it easily slips back out.  If he would stop sitting in the cat beds, he wouldn’t be so close to the railing!

5.  The big boys have been playing with their Tinker Toys this week and aren’t always picky about picking them all up.  Rusty thinks they are fabulous … especially the long stick pieces.  He finds one and immediately pops it into his mouth and goes about doing whatever he was doing before.  It looks like a little old man with his cigar!  A drippy, slobbery cigar!  (I really should get a picture of this one)

6.  On the subject of slobber … this morning as the big boys were coloring, Rusty discovered a crayon on the floor.  Now, I could just remove this from his hand myself, but in an effort to make the boys more aware of themselves, I always ask them to do it.  Ricky had no problems hopping down to retrieve the crayon, but when he saw that Rusty had put it in his mouth, he changed his course.  Ricky first stopped at the tissue box for a tissue so that he wouldn’t have to touch the crayon with his bare hand.  He then asked me “What should I do with this crayon?   It is all slobbery!”  He answered his own question by deeming it too disgusting to go back in the crayon box and instead threw it away.  Have you seen this kid eat spaghetti?  Or ice cream?  And a little baby drool causes this reaction?  Sometimes I just wonder …

7. I had been threatened against mentioning a particular incident on the blog, but when the following happened, I just didn’t want to lose the memory of such early sarcasm (besides, sleeping in the LazyBoy might be more comfortable for me than the bed tonight anyway).  Saturday, a yard clean up project got away from Kevin and a bit of burning grass got a lot too close to our shed.  Ricky was outside to witness the frantic, yet successful, attempts to prevent the shed from being scorched.   So on Thursday when Kevin was heading out to do some more yard work, Ricky’s quirky little self said to his dad, “What?  Are you gonna try to burn the shed down?!”  He got a stern look and then Kevin had to turn his head so Ricky wouldn’t see the laughter that followed!

8.  We stopped by Kevin’s work today just before lunch so Kevin could show the boys off to his coworkers.  Then Kevin followed us home for a lunch break.  As Billy was climbing out of the van, he triumphantly told his father, “Poppy!  You loseded the race!”

To which he said …

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We were kneeling down for family prayers and Kevin told Billy to get on his knees and not his bum, to which Billy said,

“I have a special bum!”

The boys have a new chore chart and all Billy had left yesterday was to comb his hair (it was 7 pm, but you know …), to which Billy said,

“I have to brush my fur!”

Grandmama gave Ricky a new shirt and asked him if he liked it, to which Ricky said,

“I do love it, but I don’t like it very much!”

Play-Doh, Happy Meals, a "Stor List," et al.

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The play-doh came out of the cupboard last week.  Even though all the colors were mashed together in one big ziploc baggie, the boys were tickled.  Each got to work on his creation.

Ricky used the cookie cutters and made name cupcakes, complete with toothpick candles with little bits of play-doh on top for the fire.



Billy made a birthday cake for Kevin.  I wouldn’t taste this one though … there are cookie cutters and toothpicks hidden inside!


Rusty had his first Happy Meal last week.  It was pretty much by accident.  The big boys weren’t hungry for the hamburger, so I put half on Rusty’s tray to see what he would do … he wolfed it down and then whimpered for the second half!



He already knew the joy of French fries.  Sigh.



The toy in these Happy Meals were Star Wars related, so Ricky wanted to understand the show.  He found a book about the movie in our bookcase and promptly made himself a list of toys he wanted me to get for him. (Rusty crumpled it nicely for him)


We hope to have finally beaten off the germs that have been invading our home the last couple of weeks.  The big boys both had ear infections and Rusty had a possible sinus infection.  Ricky still wasn’t feeling well after his first day on antibiotics.  How did I know?  It is rare that he naps any more and even more rare for him to nap on the couch AND even more rare for him to permit a cat to sleep so close …


This was one of those “I love being a mom” moments.  All three boys were happily sitting together playing legos … and it lasted about 10 minutes.  I love being a mom!


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