Play Mat

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I remembered to pull out the baby play mat this week.  Among all of our baby paraphernalia, this is the one probably enjoyed more by the older siblings than the baby, yet I still pull it out.  Tommy does seem to like looking at the dangling bugs … but Ricky is right there moving the bugs and redoing the links.

Ricky is very creative.  When I first pulled it out, I couldn’t find the links we use to attach the bugs to the crossbars (not that any of my boys would ever move something from where I put it!), so Ricky came up with a solution that would prevent him from having to go and find said links … tinker toys sticks!

It worked pretty good too, the stinker!

Taking these pictures of Ricky with Tommy …

Reminded me of taking these pictures back in April 2007 …

That’s Ricky with Billy.  They have gotten so grown up!

And then I remembered these pictures from May last year …

That’s Billy with Rusty.

And remembering all those pictures has me hanging on to this random and not really necessary piece of baby gear a bit longer.

Grandmama's Birthday

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My mom had her birthday last week.  Since we know her fondness for a good deal, the boys and I took her shopping at Ikea.  We met up with Uncle Dan and Cate and enjoyed a few hours looking, shopping, and eating lunch.  Mom seemed to enjoy her birthday.

On Sunday, most of the family got together to celebrate.  Family is nice.

Uncle Tim gave Ricky a belated birthday gift – a Toy Story motion video game.

They plugged it right in and Ricky got to work mastering it.  All the little cousins were interested … and Uncle Dan made a great seat.

I guess not all the little cousins … Tommy fell asleep.

Rusty was particularly interested.  The poor boy thinks he’s 6 too and gets sad when he can’t keep up.  Ricky took a break and Rusty grabbed the controller.  He knew to take the cord to the tv and plug it in somewhere, but when he couldn’t find the right holes, he walked away with his head down and lower lip out!

Bright Eyed

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My friend (Shelly of tie-dye shirt fame) commented on how alert Tommy appears.  He is!  He gives me smiles all day and is down to 3 or 4 naps a day.  He is even starting to laugh.  Ricky and Billy are so proud of themselves  when they can get a smile out of Tommy.  Unfortunately, they try so much that I have to remind them to get out of his face!

Here’s Tommy …

Hip … or was that hip-pie?

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My dear friend Shelly made tie-dye shirts with her own kids and decided to do some for my kiddos as well!  It was a fun package to receive in the mail from Arizona.

The big boys fit in theirs right away … (sorry – fuzzy cell phone picture)

But Tommy had to grow into his.  (this is also his first time in hand-me-down jeans)

All he needs are some baby Birkenstocks and he’s ready to go!

Thanks, Shel!

A bit of everything, yet nothing

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1.  We went to Grandmama’s the Sunday after Ricky’s birthday.  Uncle Tony asked Ricky what presents he’d received.  Without looking up from whatever it was he was playing with, Ricky said, “Did YOU give me a present yet?”

2.  This same post-birthday Sunday included some balloons.  Uncle Tony was blowing them up and showed the boys how fun it is to blow them up with things inside … a smaller balloon, small toys, Rusty’s pacifier.  Ricky wanted him to put Rusty’s Baby in a balloon, but it was a bit too big.  At one point, Uncle Tony wanted to show Billy something so he simply said, “Hey, Billy!  Come here!”  to which Billy went running away declaring, “Don’t put me in a balloon!!!!”

3.  Same Sunday – Uncle Tony did have a gift for Ricky.  It was some old coloring books that his boys had never used and he had a huge stack.  He offered Ricky 6 since that was how old he turned.  Billy came right up after Ricky was finished, holding up three fingers and said, “I want 3 coloring books!”  Uncle Tony complied.

4.  Still the same Sunday – Rusty went to the Nursery class at church for the first time.  The teachers welcomed him with a hug.  Billy bossed him around and showed him what to do.  And Rusty never looked back.

5.  One day shortly after that same Sunday – Billy was walking through Grandmama’s house and there were several balloons on the floor.  He stomped through kicking them and repeating, “Get out of my sight!  Get out of my sight!”  (um, where did he learn that one?)

6.  The Monday after the Sunday after Ricky’s birthday – Ricky was playing with some toy he’d gotten for a present and Billy wanted a turn.  After Ricky told him no, Billy declared, “Today is a day to share!”  Ricky didn’t have to share his brand new toys on his birthday if he didn’t want to and I guess Billy was declaring Ricky’s birthday officially over.

7.  Naps rule at our house.  I am somewhat of an ogre about them and bedtime, especially for Rusty.  During Ricky’s birthday week, Rusty’s schedule was all off and we had major issues at bedtime.  He would scream and scream and scream.  Not just when we put him to bed, but after we’d get him to sleep (which took a couple of hours), he’d wake up in the middle of the night and do it again!  When your child rarely cries, this is even harder to hear.  I’ve read books about letting your child cry it out and we tried that with Ricky – worked fine.  Billy and Rusty though are not interested!  Kevin and I had to take turns going in and calming a near hysterical Rusty down. Thankfully, he stopped the screaming about a week after he started it and we are back to happy dream land again.

8.  Rusty has a thing for burp cloths.  We have them stashed here and there so that one is never too far away should a spit up happen.  When Rusty sees one, he grabs it and usually toddles over and drops it on Tommy’s head.  Unless he happens to be stealing it from Tommy in the first place.  Then he just takes it somewhere and chucks it.  Funny little thief!

9.  I was working in the kitchen one day last week and heard the following conversation between my two big boys.  I’m glad they communicate so well.

Billy:  Ricky!  Ricky, where are you?  Ricky!  Ricky?

Ricky:  Billy!  I’m going pooh-pooh!

Billy:  Why?

Ricky:  Because I just have to!

10.  Scooby Doo is reigning in our house these days.  The boys can’t get enough of him, especially Ricky.  I’m happy about it since playing monsters is less dangerous with Billy than playing Ninja Turtles was!  Here is Ricky giving a couch potato lesson to Rusty.  He looks like a quick study.

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