It's getting better

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Ricky told me that he played with a new friend at last recess today.  I asked what his new friend’s name is and he said,

“I don’t remember, but I think he’s a boy.”   Huh?

Ricky went on, “He has springy curls like the girl who sits next to me but it isn’t as long.  So I don’t think he’s a girl.  Yeah, I think he’s a boy.”

I tried, but I couldn't resist

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Rusty has entered his vocabulary explosion (is that the right terminology, Tim?).  Just this last week he’s doubled the understandable words he says.  Granted, he won’t say them on command, but he says them just the same.  Let’s see how many I can remember:  duck, stuck, truck, car, go, kitty, dog, done, please, muah (for a kiss), hug, cup, snack, hi, that, no … I know there are more than that.   Rusty is also very good at pulling me places and pointing to what he wants.

Rusty thinks he’s 6.  We went to the park one day this week and he would have nothing to do with the small slide, he wanted the tallest one.  He wants to eat what his brothers eat and do what they do.  He’s observed the olders wrestling enough that today, while Ricky was building a tower of blocks, Rusty came up behind him, grabbed him around the neck and flung himself backwards … in essence, taking Ricky down.  Rusty didn’t just do it once.  Over and over again he’d grab Ricky and fling him down.  Thankfully, Ricky was good natured about it.  He was also good natured when every time he’d finish his tower, Rusty would come running from across the room and with an evil smile, knock it down.  The best part was Rusty’s happy clapping each time the blocks fell down.  The stinker!

9 Lives and a Roll-over

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I’m hoping Billy has some cat in him.  He’s going to need at least 9 lives to get through the one the Lord has given him!

He apparently knows how to open carabiners.   We use them to keep the gates closed around the yard.  Originally it was to keep our dog, Trouble, from opening the gates and then they came in handy for the kids.  I was outside with Billy and Rusty the other day and Tommy was chilling in the house.  I decided to check on the baby and had no worries about the two others outside since they’ve played out there a lot and it is a safe place.  When I came back outside, I couldn’t see them.  I called.  No answer.  I went around the house and saw Billy in the front yard.  He hustled back and answered that, yes, he’d opened the gate.  Then I realized Rusty was missing.  I called his name just as I saw him getting near the road – the road with a speed limit of 50 mph.  Thankfully, he turned and came to me when he heard his name.  Life #1.

Tonight, Kevin and I went out for a drive while my mom watched the boys.  When we returned home, we noticed a window screen on the garage roof just outside the boys’ bedroom window.  I suddenly remembered that after Billy’s “nap” (no sleeping actually happened) his bedroom blinds were crooked.  That generally means he was on the window seat peeking out.  When asked, Billy hesitantly admitted that, yep, he’d been looking out the window for the “white thing on the roof.”  He got a very stern lecture about opening that bedroom window.  Life #2.

That’s just two examples of what this boy survives.  Glad the Lord is watching out for him!

The roll-over is Tommy.  That baby rolled from his back to his belly today.  He wasn’t too happy about being on his belly, but when I flipped him over, he went right back to his belly.  He’s trying to do it on the changing table as well and is going to end up in the sink if he isn’t careful (we change diapers on our bathroom counter).

Not enjoying it so much

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The adjustment to first grade isn’t going as smoothly as I’d hoped.  And he hasn’t even gone a full day yet – this week was all short days!

Kevin’s been taking him to school in the morning.  I’m thinking that is a good arrangement because I had to take him this morning and it broke my heart.  I parked the car and made a light-hearted comment about it being the last day of school this week.  Ricky came back with, “The last day of first grade.”

I laughed it off and said there were many more days of first grade to which his forlorn face replied, “No.  This is the last day of first grade.”

He finally climbed out of the van and walked all of 10 steps before he turned around and came back.  Ricky chastised me for not dropping him off where Kevin does, but since it is where I pick him up after school, I didn’t feel too bad and sent him on his way again.

This time he made it through the gate and SLOWLY halfway across the playground before he turned around and flagged me not to leave.  He came back and tried to tell me that it wasn’t time for classes.  Again I sent him on his way with an “I love you.”

He made it to the doors where kids were congregating.  I watched him stand off to the side.  Alone.  He looked so small with all those bigger kids.  His backpack kept falling off his shoulders under the weight of his lunch, I knew, but I felt like it was the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He looked so lost.

Ricky turned and saw that I was still there and he ran back to the van.  He told me that he didn’t think this was the right place or the right time.  If I’d opened the door, I know he would have crawled back inside.

Just then the whistle blew and all the happy schoolers ran for the doors and their classrooms.  Mine walked slowly, with his head down, and his backpack slipping off his shoulders.  I waited.   I needed to see him make it inside.  Eventually he did.

First it was the disappointment of not being able to get even one thing from the cafeteria food, then yesterday, he tore the top of the baggie with his cookie in it and couldn’t get the cookie out.   When I asked him why he didn’t ask the lunch lady to help him, he told me, “There’s only one lady in the whole world who can open that bag and that lady is you.”  And now this.   He LOVED kindergarten.  His first day there he ran in ahead of me.  He never looked back.  Today was hard.  I know he’ll learn to love first grade too, but it looks like it is just going to take some time.  Darn it.

First Day of First Grade

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Ricky hadn’t been excited about starting school.  He even started to cry a little at church when his teacher asked him about it.  He told her how much he was going to miss his brother (I KNEW he liked Billy).  But, finally, this morning, he seemed excited.

It is very difficult to catch a good picture of this kid.  He does not like to hold still.

When I picked him up this afternoon and asked how he liked his day, Ricky told me that he liked all of it except the first part of lunch.  He then went on to tell me that he didn’t get a tray or a drink or the chicken nuggets or even a cookie!  “They wouldn’t even let me have one thing!” he said.  We’ve opted to send Ricky with home lunches, due to his particular tastes, and I guess that was really hard for him today.  Kind of broke my heart.  Hopefully that will get easier with time, poor kid.

Billy and I survived without Ricky.  Billy was a bit lost at times and as soon as he woke up from his nap he asked, “Where’s Ricky?”   After Ricky was born and we weren’t sure if we’d be able to have any more, I remember being kind of sad for Ricky.  I wanted him to have a sibling who could be his friend and I wanted him to know that sibling love … it is fun to see those wishes fulfilled!

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