"Jackson's here!"

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Yesterday afternoon, Ricky did a mad dash around the house after spying visitors in our driveway.  “Jackson’s here!  Jackson’s here!” he yelled.  Yup.  Jackson was here.

Kevin’s brother David and his family stopped by for the evening.  They are visiting from Indiana.  The kids all played great together and got along.  Jackson turned 4 this summer and Megan will be 2 in December.

I’m not sure who had more fun during the hide-and-seek-in-the-grapes game – the kids hiding or David picking and eating the grapes as he searched for them.

What did you say?

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Ricky, tonight:  “Poppy, you’re so strong you could lift up a buffalo!”

Billy, in the car to Grandmama’s (after seeing too many episodes of McLintock):   “Ha ha.  Very funny.  Joke’s over.”

Ricky, while introducing his sidekick:  “S is for assistant!”

(Detective Ricky and his Assistant Billy)

Billy, while looking at a picture of me dressed up like a witch:  “Look, Momma!  You’re a cowboy!”

Billy, at about midnight during a backyard campout:  “Poppy, can I see the stars again?”

A Talk with a Teacher

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Ricky missed a couple of days of school last week.  He was sick.  And dramatic.  But that’s another post for another day.

He was concerned about his homework.   I was able to slip over to his school just after classes got out on Friday and pick up his work.  I also got to gab with his teacher for several minutes.  It was enlightening.

She told me several things about Ricky.  She called him darling.  She commented on how many emotions his face can show … all at once!  She told me how wowed she was with his reading.  Ricky has only finished 2 of the 3 assessment tests so far, but on the one that tells their reading level it showed him as reading on a fourth grade level.  The other test was for fluency.  The goal is for first graders to score 60 by the end of the year.  Ricky was at 80.

Then she told me a few of her experiences with my boy.  For the students to go out to recess, they have to finish their work.  One day Ricky didn’t have his ready and when she told him he couldn’t go out yet, she said, “…his face!  He just … his face.”  She went on to tell me that all these emotions were flashing on his face.  She asked if Ricky was “going to cry?  There is no crying in first grade, you know.”  Ricky then informed her, “Oh, this isn’t my crying face.”

Another story she shared happened after she had given the class some directions.  She wandered around the room to observe the students working and as she passed Ricky, she had to say, “Ricky, remember the directions, please.”  The teacher did a lap around the room and passed Ricky again.  He still was doing his own thing, so she said, “Ricky, you need to follow the directions.”  Ricky looked up at her and said, “My ears aren’t on today.”

Oh, my boy!  How I love you!

And now what do I hear?

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Yesterday’s miracle is over.  The puppy magic is gone.  Garfield isn’t as hypnotic, I suppose.

Today I hear,


“Blah, blah, blah!”


“Blah, blah, blah!”

That would be Rusty practicing his new favorite word, no, and Billy blah-blahing  him.

It is loud but it is good to have things back to normal.

Last Spring

Late last spring

Hear that?

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It is the sound of quiet!  Really.  That’s what it sounds like and I heard it today.

Ricky stayed home from school, taking his turn with the yucks, and I’d been hearing a lot of whining.  Some from Ricky (he’s a horrible sick person), some from Rusty (Billy’s love can be overwhelming) and some from Tommy who isn’t 100% yet.  My ears hurt.

I finally got Tommy to sleep and I realized that the house sounded wrong.  Yep.  It was quiet.  I went to find out what was wrong and found my 3 boys all in a trance.

What hypnotized them?

Air Buddies. A cute little puppy movie.  It’s my new best friend.

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