Halloween Sneak Peek

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Halloween Build-up

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We’ve done a lot of getting-excited-for-Halloween stuff this year.  In addition to the Halloween Village, we’ve had spooky dinners and nightly scavenger hunts sponsored by Wilameena the Witch!  The boys play monsters and ghost … so I know I’ve done my duty as a Halloween loving momma.

Last Saturday Kevin took the big boys to the city’s pumpkin walk.  The elementary kids make luminaries to light the way, but because it was such a rainy day, the luminaries were a bit soggy and they weren’t able to find Ricky’s.  They had fun anyway.  Can you really go wrong with cookies and cocoa?

Aunt Suzy decided to help the boys decorate some pumpkins this year (all straight from our garden, thank you very much).  She brought over some very fun pieces and let the boys build away.  They all turned out pretty boo-tiful!

And I worked on my witch’s cackle as Aunt Suzy tried to get a picture with all three of them looking at the camera at the same time …

Halloween Village

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A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I took the boys to Old Deseret Village.  They had it all decorated for Halloween and there were a bunch of activities for the kids.  They even had the chance to go trick-or-treating to several of the old houses.

We started off with a train ride.  You can’t go wrong on a train.  Grandma and Ricky checked out the town map.

Trying to take a picture of yourself with a toddler on your lap on a moving train is more difficult than it sounds.

We checked out the pioneer school.  I think the boys would have stayed and played on the slates all day.  Rusty tried to eat the chalk.

Then on to a pony ride.  Ricky was hesitant for some reason, but we used the “buck up and set a good example for your little brothers” line and he finally got on.

Billy was all for it and was perfectly content on his horse.

Rusty loved petting the corralled horses while we waited our turn, but was a little wobbly in the saddle.

The petting area was a big hit with our kids.  You’d think we didn’t live in the country with all these animals around us!  Rusty walked up to all the sheep and said, “baa.”  He also neighed at the donkey who in turn gave him a not-so-friendly look!

Our next big stop was the play area with cute little play houses and a tepee for kids to run through.  And run through the boys did.  Grandmama had a hard time slowing them down enough to get any pictures for me (Tommy needed a snack).

We stopped and listened to a witch share a story in the town square, rode the train some more, and did a bit more trick-or-treating.   A few of the houses made the boys do a trick for their treat.  One home made them throw bean bags at a target and at another they had to tell a joke.  Ricky’s joke was “Why did the garbage can cross the road?  Because that’s where his trash was!”  The man with the candy didn’t find it nearly as funny as my boys did!

After our Halloween fun, I walked the boys around the “This is the Place” Monument and told them a little about the pioneers.

I think Tommy got the most from my lesson.

Thanks for going with us, Grandmama!  It was a good memory making day!

Just Because

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These pictures …

are just because …

I know all of you …

wanted to know …

that Tommy drools.

Zen Sleeping

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Tommy is a short sleeper.  A 30 minute nap totally rejuvenates him and seems to make him a very pleasant baby, so we’ll take it.  His nighttime sleeping is getting more consistent, so we are all resting better.  Whew.  It was about time!

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