Professional Billy and Double Chins

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We had a family get-together at my mom’s home on Sunday.  A few gifts were exchanged, some chit-chatting happened, some food was eaten … and Billy got his hands on the camera.  After safely securing it with the wrist strap, we turned him loose.  Some of his shots aren’t bad at all …

Then, as I’m sure all good families do, we had a double chin contest.  What?  You don’t?  Well, you should.

December Odds and Ends

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When I took Ricky Christmas shopping for his brothers, I asked him if there was someone else he wanted to buy a present for.  His answer was, “Grandpa Chet.”  I gently reminded him that my dad was dead.  Ricky didn’t care.  He said, “We could get something for his tombstone.”  So we did.

Billy went with us to take Grandpa Chet his Christmas present.  It is a small blue fake Christmas tree.  Blue because, as Ricky informed me, that was Grandpa Chet’s favorite color.  Okay, son.

The other day I asked Rusty if he wanted to take a bath.  He used his favorite word, NO, so I went upstairs without him.  I started the tub and then went to get pjs and towels and whatnot and then I came back to the stairs to call for Rusty.  Kevin told me that he was upstairs.  I hadn’t seen him come up, so where was Rusty?  See for yourself …

Tommy has never been very fond of his bumbo chair.  We tried using it as a feeding chair but it wasn’t working.  I decided to put him in the high chair and Rusty had a very strong opinion about that.  One morning last week, I went to put Tommy in the high chair and from down in the family room, Rusty started yelling, “NO!  No, Momma, no!”

Rusty bolted up the stairs, started pulling on me and Tommy, and repeated, “No!  Mine!  No!”  Kevin was sent to the store and brought home a new little seat for Tommy.  Rusty doesn’t have to share and Tommy is eating easier.  We are all happy.

I was sewing Christmas pajamas and Rusty was just playing around near me.  I heard him grunting and looked around.  This is what I found … (at least Tommy wasn’t in it)

A few years ago, someone asked who belonged to my mom … me or Kevin.  The lady just thought Kevin looked so much like my brothers that he was one of them.  Really?

Maybe when they are standing up and he’s a good 3 or 4 inches shorter than these 2, he looks more like them?

Christmas Favorites

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Under my tree

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All sorts of things have been under our Christmas tree this month … wrapped gifts, trains, cats, Baby Jesus, Scooby Doo … but this was my favorite:

Okay, this was pretty cute too:

Happy Christmas, friends!

Jingle bells, Batman smells …

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As all good kids do, Ricky has learned the alternate version of Jingle Bells.  We aren’t sure where he learned his version, it certainly wasn’t from his parents.   Ricky’s goes something like this …

“Jingle Bells

Batman smells

Robin laid an egg

The Batmobile lost a wheel

In 1981 … “

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