Christmas 1.1

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Our Christmas day was great.  I have lots of pictures to share, but for now I’ll just say … it was  great day.  The boys were happy with their presents.  The family time was fun.  The boys were very well behaved.   We had a nice time at church remembering Christ.  Great.  Day.

By the time bedtime arrived, the boys were all pooped.  And they got to wear their snuggly new pjs to bed.

To be continued …

Best Friends

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It wasn’t that long ago that Rusty called this brother his best friend …

But lately he’s had a change of heart.  No more is Tommy the top dog, Billy is now Rusty’s best friend … and don’t try to argue with him about it.  He’s adamant.

Rusty wants to do everything that Billy does and that is who he looks for first thing in the morning.

Of course, Tommy still plays with Rusty, but they spend most of that time screeching at each other and stealing each others’ toys and having a hard time sharing a bag of crayons.

And then there is this kid …

They all love Ricky.  Billy wants to play with him.  Rusty wants to know where he is all the time.  And Tommy gives him a hug almost every time he walks by.

Carolling. Trick-or-Treating. Whatever.

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For a family night before Christmas, Kevin took the older boys with him to deliver some goodies to our neighbors and friends.  Tommy was greatly disappointed that he couldn’t go, but it was just too cold.  To add to the fun (and cuteness) of the activity, the boys were to sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” as they handed over the goodies.

Billy loved this idea and apparently his voice was the bulk of the singing.  At one friends’ home, Billy was belting it out so much that our friend was speechless.  A week later our friend was still in awe about it.

When they came back home, Rusty was a bit disappointed.  He said, “No!  More trick-or-treating!  More trick-or-treating!”

There you go.

Family White Elephant Party

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The Sunday before Christmas, we host a Family White Elephant Party.  There is lots of finger foods, sometimes games, and always good times with family.

This year Ricky wanted to show off his new piano playing talent.

Once Tommy was distracted, Ricky did a good job playing Jingle Bells and Jolly Old St. Nicholas.  He was pretty proud of himself (despite the cranky looking face, I was proud, too).

I’m not so sure how Cate felt about it though (hee, hee).

Behind Cate there you can see the remains of our presentation of the Nativity.  Ricky handed out a stuffed animal to people and he and I read the story from the Children’s Bible while everyone added their piece to the scene.  You gotta throw the real reason for the season in there somehow!

Exchanging white elephant gifts is always entertaining – some are good, some are okay, some are bad.  Billy’s first choice was a ball.  He wasn’t interested in trading or having it stolen from him, so he left the room.  Smart kid!

The boys adore the attention they get from the family, especially their uncles …

And Uncle John even taught them some new tricks on the DS … they were in heaven!

Tommy was in good spirits for the most part, although he kept his distance.  He’s warming up to people … slowly.

Christmas and its parties are good.

Future Occupation

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As we went to pick up Ricky from school today, the pooper scooper pulled up to our house.  (Yes.  We pay to have our dogs’ waste picked up and removed.  Try having 2 big dogs and 4 little boys and you, too, will see it as a necessity and not a luxury.)

As we drove away, Billy said,

“I’m going to be a pooper scooper.  Then I can drive a truck and go anywhere and play on toys all day long.”

Good to have a goal, son.

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