Things I should have pictures of …

January 27, 2011 on 5:18 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

but both of my cameras have dead batteries.

Tommy can push himself up to sitting now.  He is so much happier!  He still does his worm crawl, but now he can sit up and enjoy the view.

Tommy is getting all four of his front top teeth … at once.  He despises having us look in his mouth.  He clamps his jaw and then raspberries/spits at us while we try to look.  But they are there.

Ricky found a cavity in his tooth with his tongue!  We assumed it was a chipped tooth, but the dentist says cavity.  We took him to a different dentist this time.  Having this cavity filled will NOT be a repeat of last time.

Rusty is also cutting teeth – his two year molars.   And Ricky is cutting his 6 year molars.  Billy isn’t letting us near his mouth!

Ricky calls Billy “Bill” … a lot, maybe even more than he calls him Billy.  It is cute, but weird at the same time.

Billy’s latest stall tactic for bedtime is to come out of his room, stand at the top of the stairs, and say, “I have a question.”  This week his question has been, “I forgot to do my homework!”  Maybe his homework should be learning what a question is!

Rusty’s  birthday is next week.  He’s going to be two.  He’s such a sweet thing.  I just had to throw that out there.

"What could be worse?"

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Ricky was a bit disgruntled when Kevin told them that the tv was distracting them from cleaning up their toys before bedtime. He said,

“First he turned our show off, then he took Rusty away!  What could be worse?”

I focused on just being thankful that Ricky liked Rusty so much tonight.

Another Christmas

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After a long dry spell, we finally have snow again this morning.  Billy was very excited to show it to Kevin and said,

“Poppy, soon there will be snow over the whole town of Hooper!  And after that there will be ANOTHER Christmas!”

Anybody out there want to break the news to him?

It's a boat, it's a chair, no … it's an ottoman!

January 22, 2011 on 3:52 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

Why wouldn’t you take the top off and sit inside a storage ottoman to play video games?

The poor ottoman is getting stretched and bent but, boy, is it loved.

Disney's CARS

January 19, 2011 on 3:20 pm | In The Boys | By Cindy | No Comments | Add a comment

I would like to thank the makers of the movie CARS.  Without them and their rusty tow truck named Mater, I would never have heard my Billy say this morning,


So, thanks.  We appreciate you.

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