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I’m sitting on my front room couch trying to decide if anything fun happened today worthy of blogging about, when I hear Billy scream,


I then watch him run from his bedroom to the hallway with an almost scared look on his face and twitchy legs and squeal to Kevin,

“There’s a BUG in the house!”

Being the good mom I am, I continue to sit on the couch and watch this unfold.

Kevin comes out of our bedroom, walks into Billy’s room with Billy still quivering along side him.  I then hear,

(Kevin) “Where is the bug?  Over here?”

(Billy almost crying) “Yeeee-ay.”

(Kevin) “That.  That is NOT a bug.  That is fur from one of your stuffed animals.”

(Billy)  “Oh.”

2 Year Old Giggles

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Rusty laughs.  A lot.  He isn’t a big talker.  Oh, he can say lots of things and he does, but he prefers to laugh.  Or scream.  He’s a good screamer.  Or a bad screamer, depending on where we are or what we are doing … Outside playing – good screamer.  Sitting in church – bad screamer!

Mostly he screams at Billy.  They play together but they both want to play their own way.  When Rusty disagrees with Billy (or if Billy looks at him wrong), Rusty screams.  Sadly, this gets Billy into a lot of trouble.  I try to be fair, but the gut instinct when Rusty lets this scream go is to scold whoever is closest.

But all those screams are worth it when he starts giggling.  The giggles turn into can’t-catch-his-breath laughing and that can make anyone smile!

This is a horrible picture, but it shows his laughing face.  It also shows his half nudity and the line-up of cars on the window sill that he insists NO ONE touch (or you’ll hear one of those screams).

My favorite Rusty laugh is when he gives me a hug and I tickle his ribs without breaking the hug.  He squirms and giggles and asks for more.  I love my third baby!

Veggie Straws

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Tommy is … how do I put it?  Very stubborn.  Yeah.  That’s it.

He refuses, absolutely REFUSES anything resembling formula.  He’ll think about regular whole milk, IF it is in a certain kind of sippy cup and IF he is allowed to dribble it down his chin.

He has refused any pacifier but the one given him at the hospital.   The same brand doesn’t even cut it, it has to be that ONE.  The evil-demon-bouncing-impossible-to-find-in-a-dimly-lit-room pacifier.

He likes me best.  Unless it is Kevin that he likes best.  Or if Grandmama comes over, then she is his favorite.  That about sums up his people.  He doesn’t think others should really touch him or, gasp, hold him!  Church is interesting.   There are a few exceptions to this rule (hello, Aunt Nancy!), but not many.

He wants to be picked up when he wants to be picked up.  My other boys wanted to be picked up too, but not like Tommy.  For example, my mom came over yesterday.  She was on one side of the playpen and he was on the other.  He was practically ripping through that playpen trying to get to her just so she would pick him up.  If she had dared to walk past and ignored his pleas, Tommy would have dropped his forehead to the ground and started wailing.  Not just whimpering or sobbing, full on wailing.  Until the instant he was picked up – then he’d be all smiles.  The little faker!

And food.  Tommy is picky about his food.  He generally wants whatever it is anyone else is eating.  He flipped over me not sharing a salad with him the other day.  Thankfully, his “flipped over” never lasts long, but he is adamant about it while it lasts.

I believe he can somewhat tell time – an internal clock or something – because he knows when it is lunch.  And lunch means veggie straws.  Veggie straws are these snacks that I get from Sam’s Club that somewhat resemble potato chips in that they are kind of salty and crispy, but they aren’t as bad for us.  Tommy thinks they are his.  All of them.  As long as Tommy has some on his tray, he’s okay, but if Tommy’s are gone and Rusty has some … Tommy lets you know.  He’s loud.  I’ll just leave it at that.

I did a Sam’s run on Saturday and Kevin was unloading the car for me.  He’d set the groceries on the floor inside the door and I’d put them away (nice teamwork, huh).  As soon as Kevin set down these two bags of veggie straws, Tommy bee-lined.  He was trying everything he could think of to get that bag opened.  He knew they were for him.  He was ready for them!

This stubborn little face might squawk like a bird and “ba-ba-ba” loudly when he doesn’t get his way, but he more than makes up for it with his smiles and giggles and rolling around with his brothers.  His goods outweigh his bads (most days) and he is most certainly my favorite fourth baby!

Blue Mouth

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Tommy loves to put things in his mouth.  He is by far the worst of the boys at this.  Toys, crumbs, door-stops, crayons … Oh, how I despise the crayons these days.  Between Rusty coloring on everything that does and doesn’t move and Tommy doing this …

How can I help but abhor them?

At least they are non-toxic and washable.  Sigh.

St. Pat's Day

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We had a fairly mellow St. Patrick’s Day.  The boys had made practice leprechaun traps for a couple of weeks (I know it looks like a train track, but it is their trap)…

but we all forgot to set one the night it counted!  Maybe we’ll catch one next year!

We had corned beef sandwiches (which Ricky actually loved – go figure) and coleslaw (that’s a form of cabbage, right?) for dinner.  We all wore our green … but somehow, I kept getting pinched!  Ricky liked the rule about getting pinched back 10 times if you pinch someone wearing green.  The stinker!  And we played Hide and Seek with a lucky shamrock.  It was a fun little day!

(The black on Ricky’s cheek was a pot of gold.  They had a party at school that included face painting.)

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