Random Rusty

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Rusty is a pretty typical two year old.  He has learned new skills and tries them out regularly.

One of these skills is knowing that standing on stuff makes you taller.  He moves stools, chairs, books, and boxes all around to reach things off of counter tops and dressers.  Occasionally when his first choice doesn’t make him tall enough, he comes up with a plan B.  The funniest plan B is pillows.  He hasn’t figured out yet that no matter how tippy-toed he gets, that pillow is not going to make him tall enough to reach the light switch!

He still loves to color but, thankfully, he pretty much sticks to paper now.  Whew.

He loves to crawl in and out of the play pens.  In and out, in and out.  If Tommy happens to be in one, that just makes it more fun.  This skill led to learning to crawl out of his crib.  A few times of doing that, though, and we made the change … Rusty is in a toddler bed now.

He’s been doing pretty well.  He understands to stay in his room, even if he doesn’t understand to stay in his bed.  He has yet to fall asleep anywhere else though.  Bedtime has been the hardest adjustment since Tommy is usually already in the room sleeping.  More than once we’ve found Rusty doing his best to wake Tommy up.  The most creative way was tossing all the stuffed animals he could find into the crib on top of the sleeping Tommy.  It’s been a week.  It’s getting better.

Rusty was also an expert at standing up in his high chair.  This skill (and the fact that Tommy’s high chair was horrible at trapping food and smashing it into his bum every time he ate resulting in way too much laundry for me) led to Rusty being moved to a booster seat.  He loves it.  He sits next to Billy and thinks it is so much fun.  That transition was easy.

Disciplining Rusty is tricky.  He’s two and doesn’t understand reasoning, however, when you tell him not to do something, he immediately says, “Why?”  He’s done this for a while, but because he’s stretching his independent arms, I’m hearing a lot more whys.

Rusty wants to go outside.  He grabs his shoes and asks several times a day.  He gets a very sad face when told no, especially if the big boys have their shoes on and are going somewhere.  Just last night the big boys went with Kevin to a movie night at the school.  Rusty didn’t get to go.  Rusty’s face was very sad as he watched them drive away and he said, “why?”  Thankfully, he’s easily distracted!

Dining Room Train

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One morning while Tommy was busy making himself look like this …

(and that was a mild meal), Billy was busy doing this with my chairs and stools …

Can’t you tell?  He made a train for all his stuffed animals.

Billy was the conductor and Tommy in his high chair was the caboose.

Dishwasher Help

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I have lots of helpers when it comes to the dishwasher.  Of course, if they have a better offer, that help often disappears, but …

Ricky almost always has a better offer.

Billy likes putting the silverware away.  He thinks it is fun to match the forks and spoons and he gets to touch the knives (butter, thank you), which is exciting, you know.

Rusty likes putting the silverware away, too.  His method is to just barely open the drawer and chuck the pieces in.  He doesn’t care where they land … he’s helping!

Tommy likes everything.  He likes to inspect the dirty silverware to make sure it is dirty enough to be washed.  He likes to cart off silverware to other places to give me more exercise while loading or unloading.  He tries to get the plates or pans out, but he doesn’t have enough height to get good leverage.

He found a solution to the height problem.  He just climbs right on in when my back is turned.

I don’t mind so much when I’m unloading the clean dishes, but when I’m loading it and all the yucky water and other droppings are on that dishwasher door … I shudder.

Musical Expressions

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Music is often said to evoke emotions and feelings that we don’t even realized.

Billy’s emotions were pretty much right on the surface.

A Visit to the Park

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We had a warm spell a couple of weeks ago and I took the boys to the park.  They were so excited you would have thought we’d just pulled up to Disneyland!

Rusty just ran from place to place.  Our park is pretty safe for my 2 year old, but since he doesn’t realize he’s smaller than his brothers, he gets a bit too close to the fireman pole and the steep slide for my tastes!  Bucket swings – bucket swings are good!

Tommy thought it was fun swinging next to Rusty.  One would start giggling and then the other would start and then it was my turn.  Oh, how these boys make my day!

While I was busy with the babies on the bucket swings, Ricky and Billy were being spies.  There was a man at the park with a metal detector and the boys were sneaking around following him.  Billy told me they were going to swipe his treasure when he found it.  That would make you pirates, son, not spies.  The man didn’t seem to mind the boys – they weren’t very good at sneaking!

The boys were just happy to be at the park.  They just kept smiling.  Such a simple thing, like going to the park, had made their whole day!

I guess I’ll be adding park visits to our list of things to do this summer!

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