End of First Grade – for Kevin

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Per Kevin’s request (even though he hasn’t made it yet, I know he will), here are the pictures of Ricky from the post End of First Grade side by side.  It is easier to see his growth this way.  I love my husband.  🙂

End of First Grade

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Ricky finished first grade last week.

His report card was full of almost all of the highest marks they give.  He was rewarded for being one of the top readers in first grade.  He came home telling Billy how he can’t wait for him to be in first grade so that he can have Mrs. Child because she is the BEST teacher.

I thought he might be a little sad about the end of the year, but he wasn’t.  It helped that they already got their class assignments for the fall and a couple of his closest friends will be in his second grade class (including Audrey … the girl with a crush on him – woo hoo).

Ricky really had a good experience this last year…

But when did he grow up?  Just nine months ago he looked like this …

And just 21 months ago, he looked like this …

Seriously?  When did he grow up?

Remembering Grandpa Chet

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In honor of Memorial Day, we talked about Grandpa Chet a little bit.  I pulled out a picture book about him and told the boys a few stories.   They seemed somewhat bored.  There are a lot of black and white pictures in the book.  Ricky’s ears totally perked up though when I mentioned the Navy and that Dad served in the Philippines.  Ricky said, “Hey I’ve heard about them!”

I was kind of surprised but said okay and was ready to go on.  Ricky needed to elaborate though, “Yeah!  In the Bible!  That guy David and the giant.  The Philippines.”

The three older boys colored flags so we could decorate Grandpa Chet’s headstone.

It was quite chilly and rainy today so Kevin stayed home with the two babies and I took Ricky and Billy to the cemetery.

Ricky kept telling me that he was freezing and Billy wanted to go around and “look at some more rocks.”

An Ordinary Saturday

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Other than it being awfully chilly for the last Saturday of May, yesterday was an ordinary Saturday.  The boys did ordinary things.

Ricky complained about doing his 6 chores.  He did them and did them well…eventually.

Billy was excited to do his chores and kept asking what was next.  He did his chores as well as a 4 year old can.

Rusty created his own chores.  He wanted to change the sheets on his bed, too.  This would have been very helpful if I hadn’t just put fresh sheets on his bed.

Tommy crawled around a lot.

Ricky collected worms outside and washed them in the dogs’ water bowl.

Billy spent as much time outside as possible.  He played in “Daisy’s Forest,” swung on the new swing set, buried toys in the sandbox, and helped Poppy do his outside jobs.

Rusty tripped and bumped his way around outside all afternoon.  He was splattered in the face with mud.  He went down the slide.  He finally came inside after one too many falls.

Tommy screamed “Da da! Da da! Da da!” at Kevin through the deck doors until Kevin finally came in and took him for a ride on the lawn mower.  Tommy didn’t want me, a snack, his brothers … he could see his dad and that is what he wanted.

Ricky was busy reading a book and nearly missed his chance to take a bath.

Billy was so tired he could barely hold his head up to eat his pizza and “cabbage” (ranch dressing) for dinner.

Rusty had mystery chocolate down his back when we undressed him for his bath.

Tommy squealed and giggled at the opportunity to splash in the tub.

Then they all went to bed.  Without complaint.  And slept all night long.  And woke up around 6:30 am.

Pretty ordinary.

Chocolate Fridays

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My sister occasionally mentions how when she was a girl, Fridays were PBJ Days.  They always got peanut butter and jam on Fridays and that made the day special.  I had a different childhood and didn’t have PBJ Days, but I liked the idea.  One big problem … my eldest doesn’t like peanut butter and my second isn’t crazy about jam.

I put on my thinking cap and created Chocolate Fridays.  It isn’t really chocolate.  It isn’t really healthy.  But it is one lunch a week and the boys love it. 

Almost every Friday the boys get a tortilla smeared with Nutella spread and then rolled up.  That’s it.  No mystery recipe.  No fabulous preparation necessary.  Tortilla.  Nutella.

I chose this in the hopes that Ricky would one day be won over to peanut butter – after all, Nutella comes from nuts like peanut butter.  It’s just a hazelnut spread .  My evil plan hasn’t worked.  We’ve been doing Chocolate Fridays for many, many months now and Ricky still won’t touch peanut butter.

What I didn’t realize was the reaction Chocolate Fridays would cause at school.  I’ve been told about a teacher frowning on Ricky’s lunch choice and encouraging him to eat some of the more “healthy food” in his lunch.  I’ve heard of kids being totally jealous of Ricky’s lunch.  And, in just the last couple of weeks, I’ve been confronted by mothers of three other first graders wanting to know what the recipe is for this great lunch Ricky gets every Friday.

Chocolate Fridays.  They are such a big hit, Billy asks for them on Tuesdays.

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