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I may be stoned for saying this, but … I don’t really like s’mores.  Even camping.  They don’t taste nearly good enough for the mess.

This isn’t new.  Even as a kid I wasn’t big on them.  I do, however, enjoy roasting marshmallows – especially if someone else will eat them after I start them on fire.

Sunday night we used the grill for dinner and I decided to let the boys make s’mores.  I can’t let my prejudices stand in the way of what they might consider tasty.

Billy kept holding his marshmallow way high because “I don’t want it to turn black!!”

Rusty immediately scraped his marshmallow all over the grill and then lost it down in the burners.

Ricky kept talking with his hands – including the one holding the hot dog stick.  He was reminded that the stick was sharp and he needed to stop it!

Billy and Ricky weren’t ready to be finished when I called it quits.  They are s’mores fans.  Rusty took a bite and then set it on the table.  He was done.  We gave Tommy one … then we had to give him another.  He’s a fan now, too.  I guess we’ll have to do it again.

Early Steps

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Tommy is walking.  I am still trying to catch a good picture of it though.  He walks with both arms up and hands spread … waddle, waddle, waddle, plop.

It is so fun to watch him get more and more brave each day.  Sunday night he was so busy practicing his walking in his crib that he kept poor Rusty awake way past bed time.

Since I haven’t gotten a good walking shot yet, here is a good post-eating shot of him.  Tommy likes to hook his toes on this bar under his high chair tray and as soon as the tray comes off … up go the feet!

Man, we love this little face!

Field Trip 2011: Aquatic Center

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Poppy came along for our second field trip of the summer … and Tommy stayed home with Grandmama.  Our real estate agent rented out the local pool and invited all of his clients to come for a BBQ and a swim.

It was almost the perfect pool party … there were very few people there (especially considering how big the place is), so the boys had plenty of room to play.  There are a couple of really tall slides that we usually say no to because there are always lines.  This night, they climbed the stairs and got right on the slide.  The big boys rode down with Kevin and it was fun watching them shoot out the bottom.  They were flying down pretty fast!

Rusty spent plenty of time on his own little frog slide in the kiddie pool.  This boy has no fear and was soon ready to move up to the bigger play set slides.  You can see the two tall slides in the background of this next shot.

It was a bit chilly though.  I found a hot spot near the play set and hung out there with Rusty trying to warm him up for a while.  He wasn’t interested in that … he wanted to swim with his brothers.

The big boys didn’t notice the cold at all.  They were having a blast and would go swimming every day if I’d let them.  Maybe someday when I don’t have babies to stress me out at the pool …

Once Rusty was a lovely shade of blue, we finally forced the big boys out.

Second summer field trip  … good!

Field Trips 2011: Union Station

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In an effort to force us out of the house a few times each week (we have a tendency to be home-bodies), I set up a few mandatory activities each week this summer.  Mandatory meaning I’ll kick myself if I let them slide and the kids know to expect them therefore pushing me to do them.

A weekly field trip is one of these mandatory activities.  So far, so good.

Our first field trip of the summer was to the train museum at Union Station.  The boys love trains and were very excited to be there.  The big boys had been once before, but it was a first time visit for the rest of us.

Rusty’s favorite part of the museum was a room filled with train pieces.  Bad description but about as good as I can do.  There was part of a locomotive that they could climb in and push buttons and make the train honk, as well as other train parts.

Rusty climbed in and out and push and pulled to his heart’s content.

Grandmama even got in on some of the action!

Some of these pictures are awful because my camera battery died and I had to use my iPod.  It doesn’t always take great shots.

There was an area with a train table set up  and the two older boys entertained themselves while Rusty continued his exploring.

We missed it the first time through, so we had to double back … you can’t leave without playing in the caboose!

(Grandpa Brent, this caboose was green – not red, sadly!)

Billy was very proud of himself for climbing up to these seats all by himself.  He wasn’t too proud to ask for help down though.

Tommy hung out in the stroller the whole time.  He didn’t mind.  He quite likes going for stroller rides.

After exploring the train museum, we stopped in at the classic car museum.  The cars were pretty cool and the volunteer lady was adamant about not touching ANYTHING.  She kept talking to me about keeping an eye on my children for so long that they made it through the whole museum before she was finished … it isn’t very big.

At the end of the row of cars, Ricky said, “The cars keep going, but how do we get to the other side, Momma?”  It did look like the cars went on farther, but there was no other side … it was just a big mirror behind the last car.  Even after I explained it to Ricky, it took him a few looks to believe me.

Outside the museum there are more trains to climb on and explore.

The boys recognized several trains from watching Thomas the Tank Engine.  I don’t know if they were right or wrong though – I don’t pay as close of attention I guess.

As we walked down these paths between the trains, Tommy would start giggling and lean way out to touch these cement pillars.  He did this to every single one.  I never did figure out what he thought was so fun about the game, but he loved it.

It was a great field trip to start our summer off.

A Churchy Lesson

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Last week we had a family lesson on the Plan of Salvation (if you don’t know what that is, ask a Mormon friend or go here).  We got to the part about how after the final judgement day there are different kingdoms to which people are assigned and that we were striving for our whole family to be together in the Celestial Kingdom.  Ricky and Billy totally got it – they liked the picture, they could answer questions, they knew where Grandpa Chet is hanging out right now … They even understood that at the Resurrection, everybody will be made whole and perfect.  I explained that by saying, “Poppy will even have hair after he is resurrected!  Won’t that be fun?”  To which Ricky remarked, “Yeah.  Then it will start to fall out again.”

The next morning at breakfast, Ricky showed that he’d been stewing over this Celestial Kingdom and resurrection concept.  He asked, “Momma, in the Celestial Kingdom will our stuffed animals come to life?”  He was a little bummed when I explained that no, they wouldn’t.

Billy also demonstrated his understanding of The Plan.  We were going to go swimming but hadn’t told the boys about it yet.  I asked them to get their swim trunks on and they naturally asked if we were going to the pool.  I was in a playful mood and told them, “Nope.  We are just going to sit around the house in our swim trunks today.”

Billy looked at me and in all seriousness said, “Momma, don’t lie.  Do you want to go to heaven or to Satan?!”

I apologized and told them that, yes, we were going to the pool.

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