WA Trip 6: Ricky's Birthday

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We spent Ricky’s birthday driving toward home.  Not the most exciting way to spend your seventh birthday.  To try and make it a bit better for him, we did a little celebrating the night before we left.  A favorite meal (baked ziti), a bit of cake (decorated with Angry Birds), and a few gifts.

We tried doing his birthday cake outside.  Ricky was ready to make that wish …

But there was just enough of a breeze that I couldn’t get the match to the candle so it would light.

So he hurried and made a wish and blew out the match.  He might have blown it out before the breeze did … we’ll never know.

It was silly, but it worked and he didn’t seem to care …

Next it was time to open a few gifts.  We gave him a few books and a new Nintendo DS game for the ride home …

And the knew-they-would-be-fabulous-if-only-I-could-finish-sewing-them-in-time set of stuffed Angry Birds.

His aunts also gave him some fun gifts, too.

It was only part one of his birthday, but I think Ricky was pretty happy with it!

The Wading Pool

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The weather feels like summer and that means the wading pool.

With a cool and wet spring and an extended family trip, we haven’t had a chance to pull out the $10-old-fashioned-plastic-wading-pool-from-Kmart this summer.  That is … until last week.  The boys were thrilled!

Okay, Tommy wasn’t thrilled.  He wouldn’t go near the thing.  He preferred the mini-trampoline.

Billy was a big fan of the belly flop.  8 inches of water … hard plastic bottom … not my idea of fun, but he did it over and over.

The belly flops made Tommy giggle.

Ricky played for a while and then decided to catch some rays.  He spread out his towel and laid right down.  All that was missing was a aluminum covered board.

It was tempting to turn the hose on and tell Tommy to go find Ricky, but I resisted the urge.

A good time was had by all.

Front Teeth and Caterpillars

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Ricky’s top two front teeth have been loose for months.  He doesn’t wiggle them.  He doesn’t touch them.  He pretends nothing is different with them.  He smiles with them.

Until a couple of weeks ago …

One morning I was in the kitchen, just doing my thing, and I heard some bumping and meowing from upstairs.  In my head I thought, “Boys … leave that poor cat alone!”  Ricky and Billy are determined to catch our black and white cat, Linus.  Linus is determined to be captured by no one.

It wasn’t long before I heard a louder bump and then Frantic Billy rushed into the hall.  He was talking so fast that I had no clue what he was saying.   His hands were waving in the air and his face looked panicked.  I made him repeat himself a few times before I caught something about Ricky bleeding.

By that point, Ricky came crying into the hall holding one of his front teeth.  I gave him a wet towel to chew on and got the story from a more calmed down Billy.

Apparently, Linus had darted under my bed.  Ricky tried to dart under my bed, misjudged the height of the bed and whacked his face.  He bumped his tooth really loose and so he reached up and pulled it out.  This is what freaked out my poor four-year old.  Ricky got over it and was kind of excited for another visit from the Tooth Fairy.

That afternoon we did a craft.  We painted styrofoam balls, glued them together, added googly eyes and antennae, and ended up with caterpillars.

Billy really gets into painting.  He likes to mix colors.

Ricky finished painting and was anxious to start gluing.

They did turn out pretty cute …

Ricky isn’t the only impatient one … that night Kevin “helped” Ricky’s second front tooth out.  It was hanging a bit weird …

Two teeth, two bucks from the Tooth Fairy.  Pretty good day.

Dinner with Rusty

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We had mini-corn dogs for dinner with root beer float popsicles for dessert.  Just so you know.

Mid-way through the meal, Rusty started pointing, “Want some!  Want some!”  Kevin asked what he wanted, to which Rusty replied, “More eggs!”  Those are actually mini-corn dogs, son, but if you’ll eat more by calling them eggs, be my guest.

Once Kevin dished him up a few more corn dogs, Rusty didn’t say thank you.  He said, “That’s what I’m talking about!”

When he had the first bite of his popsicle, Rusty said, “Hmmmm, de-wicious!”

Then as Kevin helped clean the sticky popsicle off him after the meal, Rusty was hollering, “Stop it, Poppy!  Stop it!”  I guess he wanted to save some of that de-wiciousness for later.

Never a dull meal around here.

WA Trip 5: Kayaking

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This post is not about the kids.  I apologize for that.  But since Kevin and I had so much fun kayaking, I didn’t want to leave it out.

The boys were all perfectly safe and mostly happy back at the vacation house in the trustworthy hands of their aunts and grandmother.

Kevin and I went down to the harbor in Gig Harbor and rented a couple of kayaks.  Someone in the family assumed we would get just one with two seats.  I was quick to correct them.  Kayaking is something we do together … but separate.  It is more enjoyable for both of us that way!

We figure we went about 5 miles round trip.  We paddled through the harbor and out into Puget Sound.  We mostly stayed near the shoreline checking out the scenery.

It was an overcast day with a bit of a chill in the air.  Perfect kayaking weather.

It was a bit intimidating in the harbor with all the big boats, but we got along just fine.

Kevin and I were hoping to see some wildlife, but our biggest sighting was a huge flock of geese hanging out around the lighthouse.  There were a ton of them!  We paddled right up close hoping wondering if they’d fly away en masse.   A few got up and moved farther inland, but that was about it.  I guess we didn’t appear too scary.

There was evidence of several landslides and the damage they caused.  There were several homes right on the water that looked no better than shacks.  We also saw the remains of where there must have once been houses or docks.  We both thought this long wooden staircase was cool.  It wasn’t just falling down, it looked like someone had twisted it around a few times before knocking it over.

A great big thank you to those who watched our kidlets so Kevin and I could have a couple of hours adventuring on our own … it was incredibly fun!

And we didn’t completely deny our children an opportunity to be in a small boat … Kevin rowed them around the pond at the vacation house.

The three big boys thought that was pretty nifty!

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